The movie "Extinction" 2018

The fantastic movie “Extinction” in 2018 will show viewers that hell on Earth was only the beginning. Humanity faces complete destruction. Of course, if the main characters of the new action movie fail to cope with the salvation of the whole world. On the wide screen "Extinction" is released in the autumn of 2018, the release date is scheduled for November. A fantastic project is at the stage of development, there is no video on the network so that one could imagine what is waiting for the viewer.


Country of Origin: USA
Screenwriter: Maurice Vaughn
Genre: genre fiction, action, post-apocalypse
When released: November 25, 2018

The film has a high rating of expectations, despite the fact that it does not involve actors with big names, and the composition of the crew is not all clear. Such a high rating of popular fantastic themes is substantiated, such action films always attract the attention of the viewer. The threat to humanity comes from the robotic form of life, many fiction writers and fans of fiction are interested in the study of such prospects.The trailer in Russian has not yet been released, but the summary of the entire film is well known.

The movie "Extinction" 2018

What will the movie be about

The plot takes the viewer of the “Extinction” into a dark future, where a computer world was created by a robotic alien race. The protagonist of the film, the captain of the spacecraft Steve Colossus, is forced to leave his team to its fate in this terrible world. The mission of his ship failed. The race plans to destroy all of humanity, the invaders are about to invade our world and carry out their terrible venture.

The fate of all mankind is in the hands of the brave Colossus, who will again return to the computer world. This time he is more prepared. He needs to find here the mysterious black box. Inside this black box is the key to saving both the team and all of humanity. Will the brave captain succeed in saving his people and preventing the invasion of robotic aliens? When the movie comes out, we will definitely find out! It is expected in Russian cinemas in the fall of 2018, and will appear online after the end of film distribution.


The main roles in “Extinction” will be performed by actors:

  • Richard Break ("Batman Begins," "Game of Thrones").
  • Roberto Lombardi (Kruger: The Story from Elm Street, 2011, and other short films about
  • Freddy Krueger).
  • Samrat Chakrabarti (Clan Soprano, New York).
  • Kredondra Denyo ("Man-porridge", "Night of Silence, Night of Zombies").
  • Mike Marino ("Checkpoint", "Mr. Silence").
  • Andrew Harris ("Racing With Death").
  • David Supulveda ("Shadowman").
  • Sean Gordon ("Man-porridge").

The cast is not the most remarkable, but the film and the budget for such a project is relatively small: it will not work to attract top stars. But this is not a reason to write off the fantastic fighter from the accounts, because all the top stars were once little-known performers. Perhaps in this film we are lucky enough to see the beginning of someone’s large-scale career! And what the film is about, I wonder, such an idea can shoot, especially in the heyday of technology and robotics.

The film "Extinction" 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

Film crew and production details

The composition of the crew has not yet been fully determined, despite the fact that work on the creation of the film is already underway. Neither the operator, nor the composer, or the art director has been attached to the project.Now in the crew:

  • Roberto Lombardi (producer).
  • Maurice Vaughn (screenwriter and producer).
  • Ty Curtis King (director).

Director Ti Curtis King has not yet presented a single project to the audience court. "Extinction" can be his full-fledged film debut. On account of Maurice Vaughn, only one scenario project, a little-known film "Jackpot the Movie". And Roberto Lombardi mostly starred in short projects.

For the production of the film is expected to allocate 15 million dollars. Watch "Extinction" in the movie will be in the autumn of 2018. The project is ambiguous, but by that it is most interesting to the sophisticated viewer.

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