Modern landscape design

This selection is compiled from the works of the Australian firm Rolling Stone Landscapes, specializing in landscape design. They see a symphony of stone, water, greenery and lighting.

The compositions are so elegant that they can be compared with real works of art. There is nothing there to take away or add - all this is in perfect combination. Based in Sydney, Australia, a design studio works closely with customers and provides the most efficient use of external space in conjunction with the house.

A beautiful garden, garden or plot in the country or in a country house requires a lot of attention, but what surrounds your house is no less important than the living space itself. Beautiful landscaping of the garden in modern style with your own hands is able to emphasize your individuality, and the lawn, lawn, alpine slide or flower beds with various colors will add to the space brightness and color. If you have not yet decided on the overall concept of a garden plot, the collection of selected garden photos and landscape design on Houzz will help you find inspiration and new ideas.

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