Mini table for a sofa


From this master class you will learn how to make a small wooden table for the sofa with your own hands. We have prepared for you step by step instructions and useful tips that will help you decorate the craft, make it original and cute. The table will be very comfortable, beautiful and reliable.

cup stand
This homemade mini-table can be used as a convenient stand for a cup or a plate of food. It will be removable and compact enough, so if you wish, you can use it not all the time, but, for example, only during meals. However, if this wooden table will be permanently on the sofa handle, it will not spoil the interior and even, on the contrary, will decorate it. In short, this is a matter of taste for everyone.

cup stand

What do we need?

  • wooden plank
  • sandpaper
  • glue for wood
  • acrylic paint in a can
  • furniture lacquer
  • narrow tape or duct tape

necessary materials

How to make a table?

First you need to remove the dimensions from your sofa handle. The width of the table should be such that he sat tightly on it and did not slide too tightly.The length of one of the side faces must not exceed the height of the sofa handle, the length of the second is three times the first. When constructing the scheme of the sofa table, consider the thickness of the tree and leave a gap the size of a centimeter.

Saw a tree in accordance with the parameters of the sofa handle. Make cuts at a 45 degree angle. Be sure to sand the parts with sandpaper to ensure that the paint lies flat on the shelf.


Glue the main and side of the table. If you do not have wood glue, use self-tapping screws.

cut down 45 degrees

We proceed in a similar way with the second side face. Then we stick on the table strips of tape or tape at regular intervals. We do it both from external, and from the inside. This is necessary in order to perform an interesting design.

table design

Place the future table on a newspaper or cardboard and paint it with spray paint on the inside. Then let dry and turn the design and paint with paint on the other side.

painting the table

When the paint is completely dry, remove the scotch tape. We have a nice sofa table with an interesting striped design. We only need to cover the craft with varnish.This is necessary to protect the structure: liquid can spill on our homemade cup holder, and the circles from the cups and glasses will spoil its appearance from time to time, so this moment is crucial.

cup stand

By the way, you can make the table not striped, but checkered - Scotch will also help you with this. Also with the help of a thin electrical tape or adhesive tape, you can lay out some nice drawing.

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