Militants of 2018-2019

Moviegoers who prefer the exciting scenes and unpredictable outcomes are unlikely to give up the opportunity to watch the militants of 2018-2019, which are available in the Russian box office. Given the large selection of pictures presented, each fan of such a filmmaker will be able to choose a film for himself, based on his preferences and interests, in order to enjoy his free time.

Balkan line

Premiere: March 12, 2019.

Genre: Action, Drama.

Director: Andrey Volgin.

Cast: Gosha Kutsenko, Anton Pampushny, Milosh Bikovich.

Russian fighter, which will be released in 2019, will tell about the bitter conflict in Kosovo, NATO troops and Albanian terrorists. The plot is centered on 200 Russian paratroopers who landed in Kosovo in 1999 on a mission to save Serbian prisoners of war. The budget of the Balkan Frontier was about 230 million rubles, and the shooting took place not only in Russia, but abroad.

John Wick 3: Parabellum

John Wick 3: Parabellum

Premiere: May 16, 2019.

Genre: action, crime, thriller.

Director: Chad Stahelski.

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Asia Dillon, Halle Berry, Ian McShane, Jason Mancukas.

Having committed a perfidious murder in a hotel and being “outlawed,” John Wick was forced to change his life and go on the run, as his former colleagues, born and experienced killers, opened the hunt for him. The continuation of the story of an assassin, whose role, as in previous films, played Keanu Reeves.



Premiere: September 19, 2018.

Genre: adventure, thriller, fantasy, horror.

Director: Shane Black.

Cast: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes.

The film "Predator" from American film director Shane Black is considered to be one of the most anticipated fighters of the new products of 2018-2019. The protagonist of the plot is a former marine, who accidentally discovered an alien race on Earth. But no one has long believed his stories about terrible creatures, considering them to be fiction. A key figure in the battle becomes an autistic boy who has managed to quickly learn the alien language and can understand the newcomers.

Chronicles of predatory cities

Chronicles of predatory cities

Premiere: December 13, 2018.

Genre: Adventure, fiction.

Director: Christian Rivers.

Cast: Hugo Weaving, Frankie Adams, Stephen Lang, Robert Sheehan.

The basis of the plot was the famous work of Philip Riva on the post-apocalyptic future. The filmmaker invites the viewer to plunge into the world after the end of the global military conflict, as a result of which the cities turned into terrible cars devouring each other in the struggle for endangered resources and technologies.

Alita: battle angel

Alita: battle angel

Premiere: January 3, 2019.

Genre: fantasy, adventure, romance, thriller.

Director: Robert Rodriguez.

Cast: Rosa Salazar, Jennifer Connelly, Asa Gonzalez, Christoph Waltz, Michelle Rodriguez.

The action of the action movie, which viewers will be able to see in 2019, takes place in the 26th century of our era after the global war that divided the world into a Heavenly city and a city-dump. The main character of the film is the cyborg girl Alita, restored after a breakdown, masterfully masters the martial arts, but does not remember her past.

Captain marvel

Captain marvel

Premiere: March 7, 2019.

Genre: action, fantasy, adventure, romance, thriller.

Director: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck.

Cast: Gemma Chan, Brie Larson, Lee Pace, Samuel L.Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn.

What will happen if an ordinary earthly woman collides with representatives of an alien race? It is not excluded that, unexpectedly for herself, she will get incredible superpowers, at least the creators of “Captain Marvel” are sure of this. This film kinozhanra fighter can be viewed in 2019.

Liquidation decision

Liquidation decision

Premiere: June 7, 2018.

Genre: action, military, drama.

Director: Alexander Aravin.

Cast: Igor Petrenko, Ivan Shakhnazarov, Alexey Vertkov, Ayub Tsingiev.

The elimination of the terrorist Shamil Bazgayev - this is the special task the special group of the FSB receives. Despite the fact that all previous attempts to destroy the fighter were unsuccessful, the security services no longer have the right to make a mistake: Bazgaev was able to get a powerful weapon with which he plans to carry out a large-scale terrorist attack. The “liquidation decision” is one of the best Russian militants of 2018-2019, as indicated by high ratings from viewers and film critics.

Great leveler 2

Great leveler 2

Premiere: September 6, 2018.

Genre: thriller, crime.

Director: Antoine Fuqua.

Cast: Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders, Orson Bean.

The film “Great leveler 2” is a continuation of the action, which was released in 2014. In the new episode, Robert McCall, a former CIA agent, will again have to return to his difficult mission to protect the humiliated and insulted. But how far can he go if he knows that he can get revenge on the criminals with whom he entered into open war?



Premiere: 2019.

Genre: drama, crime.

Director: Martin Scorsese.

Cast: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Jesse Plemons, Bobby Cannavale.

“Irishman” is a gangster blockbuster whose filmmaker was the inimitable Martin Scorsese. The film is based on the plot of the book by Charles Brandt “I heard you paint the house” about the world of American organized crime. The film tells the story of the killer Frank Shiren, nicknamed the Irishman, who is rumored to have killed more than 25 gangsters.

Hellboy: The revival of the bloody queen

Hellboy: The revival of the bloody queen

Premiere: January 10, 2019.

Genre: action, fantasy, adventure.

Director: Neil Marshall.

Cast: Milla Jovovich, David Harbor, Ian McShane, Sasha Lane.

The fantastic story takes place in England, where Hellboy is sent to stop Nimue, the Blood Queen and Merlin’s spouse.If this mission ends in failure, mankind will cease to exist, because this is what the dark forces that feed on black energy conceived. Despite the great danger, Hellboy fearlessly engages his opponents, desperately risking his own life.


Premiere: January 18, 2018.

Genre: history, drama, fantasy.

Director: Rustam Mosafir.

Cast: Alexey Faddeev, Vitaly Kravchenko, Alexander Kuznetsov, Alexander Patsevich, Yuri Tsurilo.

Numerous wars did not pass for Eurasia without a trace: global changes occurred in this territory, which affected all its inhabitants. But the protagonist of the film will not stop it from a dangerous task. With a small group of soldiers he will have to go on a hike to save his loved ones from certain death. But not all of them will manage to stay alive and return home ...

Mission Impossible: Consequences

Mission Impossible: Consequences

Premiere: July 26, 2018.

Genre: Adventure, Thriller.

Director: Christopher McQuarrie.

Cast: Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Henry Cavill.

Ethan Hunt again to take part in a dangerous mission.After the operation of the special services fails, they begin to suspect him of dishonest play and collusion with criminal groups that threaten national security. To restore his reputation, Hunt will have to go on the run and hide not only from hired killers, but also from former colleagues. Will he be able to uncover another conspiracy, when there is not a single person who can be completely trusted?

Retiree. Call sign "tramp"

Retiree. Call sign "tramp"

Premiere: February 24, 2018.

Genre: thriller, crime.

Director: Alexander Yakimchuk.

Cast: Igor Bochkin, Anna Tabanina, Leonid Voron, Alexander Aravushkin.

Among the films of criminal militants, which were shot by Russian filmmakers in 2018-2019, a special place is occupied by “The Retiree. The call sign "tramp", where the main role was played by Igor Bochkin. The action takes place during the investigation of the resonant death of an ordinary soldier, led by retired lieutenant colonel Yury Zhukov.

Death thirst

Death thirst

Premiere: April 5, 2018.

Genre: crime, drama.

Director: Eli Roth.

Cast: Bruce Willis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Mike Epps, Melanta Blethorn.

Saving people is a familiar job for the surgeon Paul Kersi.But when his family needed help from the police, he was never able to get it and punish the ruthless street hooligans. Then Quersey decides to do justice with his own hands and begins to avenge the criminals who prevent ordinary citizens from living. So the former surgeon becomes a national hero, the role of which was played by Bruce Willis.



Premiere: July 12, 2018.

Genre: crime, drama.

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber.

Cast: Duane Johnson, Niv Campbell, Chin Han, Roland Muller.

Will Ford no longer rescues the hostages and does not participate in military operations. Rejecting a dangerous career because of a serious injury, he began to assess the safety of skyscrapers and was very successful in this matter. But an unexpected offer from China almost turned to him the loss of people close to him: a skyscraper, the safety of which was invited to evaluate Will, is seized by dangerous and ruthless terrorists. Will the hero be able to catch the main villain and save all the hostages?

Purple mint

Purple mint

Premiere: September 13, 2018.

Genre: action, thriller, drama.

Director: Pierre Morel.

Cast: Method Man, John Ortiz, John Gallagher Jr., Pell James.

Waking up in a hospital ward after a coma, Reilly North learns the terrible news: her daughter and husband were killed by criminals, and she herself miraculously survived. But the heroine’s hopes for justice broke about the cruel reality: the murderers were left free and did not receive the deserved punishment. Then Riley decides that only she can find the perpetrators and avenge the death of people dear to her, without relying on corrupt judges and the police.

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