Milan form for the season 2018-2019

The 2018/2019 season for the Milan football club is marked by a change of form design. On July 1, 2018, the team ends a contract with the concern Adidas, with which it has worked for the last 20 years. New technical sponsor is Puma. What will he offer to football players and their fans?

FC Milan

Home option

Red and black are the dominant colors, in which football fans will recognize the Italian team. The 2018/2019 Milan home-style kit will consist of a polo shirt, while last season it was a regular triangular tee shirt. Such a cut is considered to be a classic for the Italian club, because the first uniform of the players was developed taking into account the strict English fashion of gentlemen.

The central logo remains unchanged - the name of the main sponsor of the Fly Emirates club. On the left is the team emblem, and on the right and on the sleeves is the Puma logo. Red and black stripes arranged vertically. The width of the bands on the back and the shelf is the same. The sleeves become an accent: a wide black lower part and a red strip on the shoulders.The principle of putting the player's name and number on the back remained in the tradition of Milan: it was he who first wrote the name above the number. Shorts, like leggings, remain dark with red accents.

Home kit form FC Milan 2018-2019 year

Guest form

The first design is a white T-shirt with a black stripe on the chest and sleeves, which distinguishes between the name of the main sponsor and the emblem of the club and Puma. Cut - raglan. The gate with black and red edging is the business card of the team. To keep the classic colors, all the inscriptions are made in red. Kept white is the back side.

Why was white chosen as the base color? This is the hope of winning the new season! It was in this form that Milan won the Champions Cup in 1963 and became the first Italian team to achieve such heights. By the combination of colors, this design is compared with the uniform of the London Arsenal.

Guest form kit FC Milan 2018-2019 year

Backup option

The second design of the new guest form in Milan in the season 2018/2019 is a black and red raglan t-shirt with a round neckline. The back and the shelf are plain, and the sleeves are melange. Sponsor logos are bright. On the chest is a big inscription Fly Emirates, on the sleeves and on the left on the chest - Puma.

Reserve kit form FC Milan 2018-2019 year


The form of Milan for training in the year 2018/2019 is presented in three options: black, white and red. On the sleeves of each of them is a contrasting band. Black looks especially stylish: the inscriptions on it are painted in gold, and a golden stripe passes in the upper part of the back of the collar, imitating a fastener.

Training kit form FC Milan 2018-2019 year

A red T-shirt with black stripes and white logos, and a white one on the contrary - with red symbolism.

Training kit form FC Milan 2018-2019 year

Fan opinion

The change of the technical sponsor instilled hope that in the new form the team would play on the rise. But as soon as the announcement was made, it became clear that there would be no changes. Fans have severely criticized the new uniforms. The first thing you noticed was the stiff English collar in the home form. In this shirt, you can only play golf! Guest designs have also been criticized. Fans see nothing good in the black band, passing in 6/7 of the T-shirt. This is a sign that their idols will not rise above this season.

The only thing that got approval was a black training shirt with gold decor. Here she looks stylish and raises the status of the team.

The contract with Adidas ended with a bold experiment to change players into green and white kits.The new technical sponsor, as it should be in the first year of the contract, decided not to deviate from the traditions and gave preference to the classic shades for the team.

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