Metal additional elements for the roof

The roof will fully function, it will become a complete and complete construction only when it is fully equipped with complete roofing products. Today, these accessories are presented in a wide range, they are not only beautiful, but also perform a number of important functions:

  • allow difficult areas of the roof to make airtight;
  • provide a secure attachment to the crate of appropriate materials;
  • ensure ventilation;
  • provide an opportunity to properly organize the removal of rain masses;
  • copes with the delay of the snow masses;
  • provide a high level of safety of the repair personnel.

Usually they are located in the most "difficult" places of the roof. For example, the places where the pipes go, the junction is concentrated, there is a ridge, a gable. Due to the sealing of difficult sections of the roof, it is possible to significantly extend the service life of the entire structure, as well as to make it not only maximally protected, but also aesthetically attractive. This is the main task of the additional roofing elements.

Basic additional roofing elements

Thanks to these accessories, the finishing touch in the design of the roof is created. Some elements perform only a decorative function, but most of the complementary products seal and protect the roof - they perform their primary functionality. These include:

  • skates,
  • Endovy,
  • strips - curtain, end, abutment, wind,
  • bed holders.

The ridge prevents moisture, dirt, debris, dust from entering the roof. The metal element is mounted at the junction of the upper edges of the roof covering, connecting them. Along with this, it is also a decorative element. There are several types of this product - simple, semicircular, figured, with special plugs that block access to the inside of the roof of insects and birds.

Endowing provides for the removal of water masses from roof slopes. These elements are surely equipped with roofs of complex construction. They are mounted between the slopes in precisely those places where the greatest likelihood that moisture will accumulate here. Lower endova more functional, and the upper - decorative.

Safe and slow descent of snow masses during heavy snowfall can only be provided by snoderzhateley.They share a snowy stream, which begins to move much slower, in small portions. Accordingly, the descent of snow is safer. There is no falling of snow and ice from the roof in large masses, which can significantly harm the surrounding objects, injure people, damage the facade.

Usually, all joints, seams, and various kinks, which inevitably arise during installation, are drawn up with slats of a corresponding purpose. They protect the roof from strong wind, penetration of precipitation, dust, mud masses, various debris. If the elements are selected high quality, they guarantee the integrity of the entire structure, as well as significantly increase its insulating ability. The slats are also decorative elements, therefore they decorate the roof, making it unusual and individual.

Installation of additional products

Various seals and mounting tapes are necessarily involved in this process. Do not do without thermal pads. Installation of additional elements is carried out only according to the established rules by a professional team of craftsmen, since the violation of technology will lead to the fact that their functionality will not be fully utilized, the operational period of the roof will be significantly reduced.

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