Mercedes bikes: a characteristic

Mercedes bicycles are the embodiment ofinnovation and the introduction of advanced technologies in the development of two-wheeled vehicles. In 2012, the German company introduced a new line of bikes for consumers, which sometimes change the car towards more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Developers of Mercedes-Benz could not offerespecially a wide selection of individual bike models. However, motorcycles from the manufacturer that are present on the market represent the directions most demanded for the consumer.

Distinctive features

bikes are a Mercedes price

Mercedes bikes are a modelqualitative implementation of the technical side of the issue. Such tales are the ideal option for those cyclists who practice regular walks in the fresh air and neat high-speed ride. Among the main advantages of two-wheeled vehicles from a reputable manufacturer is worth noting:

  1. The choice between a budget steel and a more expensive, lightweight aluminum frame. In the first case, Mercedes bikes are approximately 4-5 kilograms heavier.
  2. Selection of a specific number of velocities according to one's own reasoning. All bicycles Mercedes are produced with original switches of the famous brand Shimano.
  3. Complete with front forks with the possibility of adjusting the preload and the function of blocking the stroke.
  4. The widest choice of cast aluminum magnesium discsunder the cassette. If previously used in most bicycles discs under the ratchet, today this drawback is a thing of the past. Especially the bicycle "Mercedes" on cast discs gets a more unusual, futuristic look.

The above advantages are onlya small list of the distinctive qualities of the products from the German manufacturer. Light and at the same time extremely powerful bikes of this brand are able to satisfy the needs of the most spoiled consumers. One can not but appreciate the practicality, quality and design of such products.

Fitness Bike

bicycles MercedesThe model is a classic examplebike for cross-country. The feature of the bike is the demanded wheel diameter of 29 inches, which makes it easier to overcome obstacles on the road.

Attention deserves a reliable, functional amortization forkSuntour NRX-D from the top price category. Timely shutdown and sensitive gear shifts are provided by Shimano components.

A successful combination of white basic color and an additional silvery hue accentuates the sporting character and attractive design of the popular model.

Unfortunately, Fitness Bike is rarely seen indomestic stores. Therefore, it is not so easy to determine how much a Mercedes bike costs. The price of the bike in terms of foreign currency is about 60,000 rubles.

Mercedes-Benz Mountain Bike

bicycle Mercedes on cast wheelsDid not leave in the offense the German manufacturer and those cyclists who prefer bikes, designed for high-speed driving on rough terrain and descent on steep mountain trails.

Components with which Mercedes-Benz is completedMountain Bike, specially designed to provide a confident ride in difficult off-road conditions. As a shock absorber, the front fork of Fox Racing F32 RL, the course of which is 120 mm, is used here. The rear suspension is represented by the shock absorber DT M 210 Swiss. The total weight of the mountain bike is 12.8 kg.

Users can estimate the advantages of the Mercedes-Benz Mountain Bike model for about 250,000 rubles.

Racing Bike

children's bicycleThe road bike is released rather limitedcirculation. The main advantage of a racing bike is a structure based on a carbon frame, thanks to which the weight of a two-wheeled vehicle is only 6.9 kg. Smooth shifting is provided by SRAM Red. The model has lightened wheels of the brand DT Swiss RR 1450.

The cost of the bicycle is more than 300 000 rubles.

Mercedes-Benz Kids Bike

One of the most reliable, durable models developed by the manufacturer for kids aged 3 to 6 years. The advantage of a children's bike is the safe, high-strength frame design.

At the request of the consumer, a children's bicycleThe Mercedes can be equipped with small additional wheels of small diameter, which are located on the sides and facilitate the learning process of riding for kids. However, the manufacturer does not recommend resorting to such a solution, since movement with a safety gear against falls affects the convenience of movement. According to the manufacturer, in terms of developing technology the best option is the classical teaching of driving immediately on a two-wheeled model.

As can be seen, regardless of the category, bicycles"Mercedes" is a reliable two-wheeled vehicle, which has a high-quality assembly, stylish design, and can rejoice its owner for many years.

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