Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell 2017 hydrogen crossover

Next year, the German manufacturer Mercedes will officially present an off-road car.GLC F-CellThat will work at the expense of the hydrogen power plant. This was learned in an interview with the head of the development department of the company Thomas Weber.

Brand representative noted:

“Our entire team expects that the supply of fuel cells and battery capacity will be enough for the new product to cover about 600 kilometers. The fuel tanks will be sent to the maximum mark in just three minutes. ”

Apparently, the new car will be called GLC F-Cell. European media reported that the global presentation of the hydrogen SUV will be held in the second half of 2017 at the Frankfurt car show.

If you believe the rumors, the implementation of this new hydrogen from Mercedes will be established in those countries where the infrastructure of hydrogen fuel stations is already well developed. It is also rumored that the novelty will be offered at a price of 70,000 EUR.

I would like to say that the German brand already has an experimental hydrogen model that operates on fuel cells. Earlier it was possible to learn that such machines use an electric motor, which receives energy from the chemical interaction of oxygen with hydrogen.

Honestly, the B-class F-cell hydrogen car will not be mass-produced, as the manufacturer explained that such a solution is not advisable commercially.

hydrogen cars 2017

Currently in the global automotive market there are hydrogen models of Japanese production - Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. Fuel cells that convert hydrogen into steam and electricity produce the same dynamics as cars with a conventional powertrain. Unlike electric cars, vehicles on hydrogen can be refilled much faster.

Most of the automotive manufacturers are engaged in research activities in this area and are going to bring into the light of their hydrogen creations. One of them is the BMW brand, which uses similar technologies on GT 5-Series and i8 hybrid concepts. The manufacturer plans to ship such a car into mass production in 2020.

Car exterior design

Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell 2017 photo

The machine was developed on the platform of the recently presented conceptual model “GLC”. The appearance of the car will have much in common with the concept, but will receive modern aerodynamic elements, as well as a lightweight body.

The design of the exterior also traced the features that were previously used in the Mercedes-Benz GLE, GLA, as well as the new S-Class and C-Class.

In the front area is a fairly large bumper with large vents and a massive grille, on which the company's own label is beautifully located. Facial optics look compact and very attractive.

Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell 2017 price

The profile of the machine looks harmonious. Distinctive features are the bonnet and huge wheel arches, in which 20-inch rims can easily fit.

The rear area is distinguished by a beautiful tailgate and exclusive lighting.

Features of the car interior

If we compare this model, for example with the Mercedes GLK, then the hydrogen novelty has a large amount of free space. The creators reported that the new product received 58 mm more free space in the area of ​​the passengers' rear legs.

The capacity of the luggage compartment of the car is 580 liters. If you lower the rear backrest, the capacity of the cargo compartment will increase to 1,600 liters.

mercedes hydrogen crossover

The design of the interior decoration is very nice, considering the solutions used by the developers of other crossovers in this segment. The quality of finishing materials is simply amazing, the ergonomics has been worked out very seriously, and the list of basic equipment will be pleasantly pleased.

The car will be equipped with the following systems:

  • Nine airbags;
  • All-round cameras;
  • Multimedia complex with high-quality touch screen 8.5 inches;
  • A system that recognizes pedestrians with emergency braking;
  • Interior elements of wood and genuine leather;
  • Electric front-row seats with heating and ventilation functions;
  • Backlight.

The manufacturer plans to offer this hydrogen cross only in selected markets. In this case, the car can be leased with monthly payments.

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