Meat mincer "Supra": models, characteristics, reviews

Currently, many household appliances have been produced,which greatly facilitates life. Such devices include electric meat grinders. Their advantages are obvious. It is no longer necessary to make great efforts to turn the handle, chopping the meat. Thanks to the new devices, literally in a few seconds one kilo of fine stuffing will be ready.

Those who have not yet acquired a meat grinder of this kindtype, it is recommended to pay attention to the inexpensive brand "Supra". Previously, it belonged to a Japanese company, but now it was bought by Chinese manufacturers. In Russia the meat grinder "Supra" is represented by a large assortment. Virtually all models have high power, enough baits. Their pricing policy is acceptable to all segments of the population. This, of course, can not but rejoice. On average, the cost of the instruments of the trade mark "Supra" varies within the limits of 3000 rubles. It is worth saying that the functional, quality and price are fully consistent with each other. Acquiring a budget model, one must understand that it is not designed for long-term continuous operation. The bundle and performance parameters will not be too impressive. Compare this device with similar meat grinders of such brands as Philips, Bosch, Kenwood, not worth it, because they are in different price segments.

So, let's look at the potential of the supra meat grinder.


Short review

All products of TM "Supra" on external designabsolutely not inferior to dear "colleagues". The main unit has small dimensions, streamlined shapes. The control buttons are quite comfortable. Models are equipped with rubberized legs, which allows the machine to not slide over the surface during operation. The body can be made of both plastic and stainless steel. For convenience of loading of products in the top part of the case there is a tray, and the complete set includes a special pusher, thanks to it the mincer "Supra" becomes as much as possible safe. In some models there is a nozzle for vegetables, it has a square shape. Many buyers have noticed that the manufacturer does not provide for it a separate pusher, which causes some inconvenience.

Knives, graters, grills and auger are made ofmetal. To disassemble the main block of problems does not amount, it is enough just to arm with a screwdriver. If you look in the middle, it immediately becomes clear where the device was made. It can be safely said that the reducer in the plastic casing and the gears made of the same material have long been a visiting card of the Chinese manufacturer.

meat grinder supra reviews


I want to pay special attention to instructions,which is included. It is printed on a thin enough paper format A-5. The information is provided only in Russian, which is convenient for the domestic buyer. Now it is worth analyzing what it says. The first thing that a potential buyer will face is a mismatch between the pictures of the build process. The mincer "Supra" and its details are not very well represented.

Also, it is mandatory to have a warranty card and a list of service centers where you can contact in the event of a breakdown.

Many housewives will be able to assess the availability of the book withrecipes. It presents a large number of dishes that can be prepared from ground meat. This and baking, and soups, and side dishes, and much more. In a word, the information is more than enough.

Supra MGS-1850

Meat mincer "Supra 1850" has a compact size: 43.2 x 22.6 x 28.2 cm. The weight of a small one is only 3.8 kg. The meat grinder stands firmly on any surface thanks to the suction legs made of rubber. Equipped with an engine that produces a power of 2000 watts. The manufacturer installed a reverse, thanks to which the operation is much easier. However, this device, like other models of this brand, is not designed for continuous continuous operation. Therefore, the instruction contains information that the maximum operating time should not exceed 10 minutes. The following parameters testify to the efficiency of the meat grinder: for one minute it is able to process up to 1.8 kg of meat. If the raw materials are too hard, you can apply the "reverse" option. The material of the case and the tray is stainless steel.


  • for sausages;
  • for the kebbe;
  • for stuffing perforated disks in an amount of three pieces.

meat chopper 1850

Supra MGS-1401

Meat grinder "Supra 1401" is a deviceweighing almost 3 kg. Its dimensions: 16.4 x 25.5 x 21.2 cm. The tray and the casing are made of plastic. Continuously can be used no longer than 10 minutes. The engine installed on this model generates a power of 1400 watts. There is a "reverse" mode. The kit includes a pusher and three nozzles: two discs for stuffing, for kebbe and cooking sausages. The legs of the device are rubberized.meat chopper supra 1401

Supra MGS-1350

Meat mincer "Supra 1350" has a beautiful moderndesign. The block is made in white, the corners are streamlined, the shape is rectangular. Power - 1400 watts. The productivity is 0.8 kg per minute. There is a "reverse" mode, which significantly speeds up the processing process. The feed tray is made of metal. The body and pusher are made of plastic. The weight of the device is 3.7 kg. The manufacturer installed a protection system against overheating. Included are three perforated discs and a kebbe nozzle. The cord can be stored in a special compartment. A distinctive feature of this device is the low noise level during operation.meat chopper supra 1350

Meat mincer "Supra": reviews

The main advantages of these models, according toconsumer opinion, are small dimensions, low cost, easy assembly, decent length of the cord. But on the downsides it is worth to stay in more detail. The first thing that buyers encountered was a dull knife. He does not twist the meat at all, but just crushes it. This problem is easily eliminated after buying a new knife. Sometimes this part is quite bent. Many noticed that there is a distance of almost one millimeter between the disk and the knife. While this is not eliminated, the meat grinder will not qualitatively grind the minced meat. It is recommended to purchase a new knife or align the old one in the workshop.

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