Mazda RX9 2019

Today, this concept has become not only an exclusive novelty that can anticipate all possible wishes and demands of consumers. This is a truly revolutionary solution that has undermined all ideas about the traditional classic version of passenger cars. The car of the RX series as the first timid steps in the application of the latest technologies and the fundamental evolution of the aerodynamic parameters was presented at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Today, he is increasingly taking on real traits. Photos of spies spotted the Mazda RX-9 test mule, which looks somewhat unexpected, but for now the basic data on a fundamentally new car are fairly transparent. As usual, the Japanese keep the secret to the end, the raised curtain only increases interest in the Mazda RX-9.


General information about the new product

Some quite substantial Asian web resources with full confidence say that the Mazda company team intends to present a debut version where the bundling and prices in the full sense correspond to the promising direction.

  • This is a hybrid that allows you to assess the future of sports cars, where the power of the rotary engine is carried out in a fundamentally new way.
  • Almost all innovative technological ideas of the Land of the Rising Sun are embodied in the new body.
  • To date, the direction of the introduction of rotary power plants is the starting point, which allows the Mazda group to confidently move forward.

Mazda RX9 2019

Fans of modern passenger transport are well aware of how productive the cooperation of Japanese and German design and engineering associations is. Fruitful cooperation continues, the updated version of the power system is considered as a conceptual solution of Wankel - the engine proposed by the alliance of Audi and Mazda. If recently, most manufacturers of sports cars around the world have been actively looking for a radically new method for improving technical and technological indicators for sedan vehicles. Thanks to the cooperation of the two automotive giants, the solution was found that made it possible to bypass a long technological evolution and make a revolutionary breakthrough to future technologies.

About the cost and prices

The price category is not currently the main evaluation criterion, but for most fans it will be interesting to know that the concept is positioned as a much more expensive car than previous generations. The release date of the Mazda RX-9 on the world market is planned by the concern for the last month of the future, 2019, the cost starts in the range of 90 - 92 thousand dollars. USA. The direct start of sales in Russia is not currently being considered, but given the current exchange rate, Russians wishing to possess a novelty will have to invest a significant amount - from 5, 5 million rubles and more. In spite of the information that was previously received by the network that the design work on the RX-9 was frozen, today it is already possible to evaluate the capabilities of the future model from the photos presented on the official websites.

Mazda RX9 2019

Details of the exterior and design, what is the highlight?

True Japanese taste and style are the determining factors in consumer demand for Mazda cars. Thanks to the stunning appearance and unique technological equipment of the model Mazda 6, Mazda RX-9 and Mazda 3 attract the attention of professional experts and motorists.Spy photos that have become publicly available make it possible to get a general idea of ​​the concept of the Mazda RX-9:

  1. A unique solution in the field of geometry, an order of magnitude more streamlined and aerodynamic coefficients;
  2. The outlines of the body, which judging by the reviews, are increasingly approaching the interpretation of the RX Vision concept;
  3. The ability to change the position of the exhaust pipes, auto 2018 model year equipped with a system that is regulated by the sensor on the steering wheel.

New Mazda RX9 2019

Data on the design of the cabin is quite scarce and does not allow to make a complete picture, as the Japanese have decorated the novelty inside. Recent news on the dimensions allow you to get an idea about the cabin.

Length cm 444, 0
Body height cm 120, 0
Width cm 191, 0
Total weight m. 1, 3

Power system

The test drive carried out in quite serious climatic conditions showed that the equipment was brought to perfection in this situation. Fully technical specifications are not covered. But the fact that thanks to 1.6 l. turbocharged rotary engine capacity of approximately 450 liters. from. auto RX-9 will give new speed sensations, of course.

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