Mavka. Forest song - cartoon 2019

  • Premiere: during 2019 (in the world)
  • original name: Mavka. Лісова пісня (name for international rentals - Mavka. The Forest Song)
  • Country of Origin: Ukraine
  • Genre: cartoon, fantasy, comedy, drama
  • Producer: Alexandra Ruban
  • Cast (voiced): will be approved later

In 2019, the cartoon “Mavka. Forest song. This is an expected Ukrainian project based on the work of Lesia Ukrainka of the same name. Interesting?

Mavka. Forest song

The original name of the project is: “Mavka. Lisova pіsnya. For international distribution, the authors of the cartoon came up with the following name for their brainchild: Mavka. The Forest Song.

The upcoming film was based on the drama-extravaganza of “Lisova Psnya”, which appeared in the head of Ukrainian writer Lesia Ukrainka more than a century ago. Her play in three acts was released in 1911, whereas for the first time it was staged at the theater in 1918 - at the Kiev Drama Theater.

Today, this work, which has already turned more than 100 years old, is considered one of the first types of fantasy story in Ukrainian literature.

Forest song

“Forest Song”, as the Ukrainian name of this drama extravaganza literally translates with a fantastic fairy story, invented by Lesia Ukrainka more than one century ago, into Russian, brought real immortal love to Ukrainian literature. Simple guy Lukash, who manages to skillfully deal with such a musical instrument as “sopilka” (can be translated into Russian as “pipe”), with his amazing game literally fascinates Mavka, a girl who appears before him as a magical forest creature. Naturally, for a number of reasons they cannot be together, but still they continue to reach out to each other.

This immortal composition by Lesja Ukrainka can easily be called a kind of Ukrainian Shakespearean tragedy in the spirit of "Romeo and Juliet."

Lesya Ukrainka in “Forest Song” conveyed all the wealth of Ukrainian culture and traditions of her beloved country, which she very much dreamed of as a writer. She succeeded: the play is still being staged in theaters, therefore, to many they are deeply sunk into the soul.

In the early years, based on the classic Ukrainian drama extravaganza, two feature films were shot at the studio to them.Dovzhenko and one animated film at the Kiev film studio GCC.

The development of "Mavki" for the new generation is being done by the staff of the studio Animagrad. The presentation of the future project, held in Bordeaux at the Cartoon Movie event in early spring in 2017, caused an incredible sensation among the public. He became one of the best shown by the public at the largest animation forum in Europe. With such a phenomenal success, finding investors, which the authors actually hoped for, turned out to be a feasible task.

Note that Disney representatives also attended the show. They also liked very much the spectacle presented by the Ukrainian authors of cinema.

It is now known that the production of the cartoon requires only some $ 5 million, although additional investments here will clearly not be redundant, and they are possible. Soon we will definitely find out the exact production budget of the project.

Earlier it was planned that “Mavka. Forest Song "will be released in 2018, but the development of the cartoon demanded from its authors much more time than the period for which they originally counted.The transfer to 2019 is primarily related to improving the quality of the finished product.

Director and other important people associated with the project

Directing the long-awaited animated Ukrainian fantasy entrusted Alexandra Ruban.

Alexandra Ruban

For her, this experience will be the first in her own career as a film director.

She will have to work together with Yaroslav Wojcieszek, who transferred the immortal love story of Ukrainian Romeo and Juliet to the big screen. Behind the screenwriter is experience in working on the big-budget Ukrainian fantasy "Watchtower." He is also involved in the development of another Ukrainian cartoon - “The Stolen Princess”, which is scheduled for 2018.

Producing "Mavki" are engaged in:

  • Irina Kostiuk (previously she was in charge of creating the Ukrainian fantasy melodramatic thriller “Split”),
  • Yegor Olesov (previously had a hand in the development of the drama by Alexei German Jr.
  • and Anna Eliseeva (in the past - a creative producer of channels INTER and TET; in the present - a creative producer of the company FILM.UA Group).

Note that it was Anna Eliseeva who was one of the main participants in the project presentation in France. She noted that even for such a case, she and the team had to think over every two steps on the stage in advance for about two months: from the clothes and ending with the words and gifts, while demonstrating all the existing wealth of Ukrainian culture accumulated in the past and improving in the present in order to back it up in the near future.

The cast is currently approved. That is: the actors who will later be voiced by the main characters of the cartoon (Lukas, Mavku, etc.) will be made public a little later, so stay with us to learn important news about the project first.

The plot of the Ukrainian fantasy cartoon

The plot of the cartoon can be known in advance if you are familiar with the original work. If not, then nothing holds you alone to read the play by Lesia Ukrainka, which is translated into Russian.

Forest song

We just say that in the center of the plot are Mavka and Lukas, which are simultaneously shared and united by the beyond feeling of love.They are drawn to each other, but they understand that they are not destined to be together.

At the same time, it is impossible not to say that in her drama-extravaganza Lesya Ukrainka conveyed not only the feeling of love that arose between the simple Ukrainian guy and the magic girl from the forest, but also the fascinating customs of Ukraine, which literally everyone for the first time to visit this beautiful European country.

Naturally, no one can yet reliably say what specifically from the book original will end up in the cartoon. It remains only to believe that the film version of an immortal fantasy work, illuminating all the richness of Ukrainian culture, will please us with familiar elements from the play and something new that will allow everyone without exception to the modern generation of viewers to accept it with phenomenal success.

Release date cartoon

The release date of the cartoon "Mavka. Forest song "in the world hire - during 2019. The exact number of premieres will be set later, so stay tuned to the site.

It is expected that the demonstration of the project will be carried out in both 2D and 3D format, which will allow any viewerwho visited the cinema, fully immerse himself in history and experience all the hidden wealth of Ukrainian culture and indescribable love among every person who was lucky enough to feel the outstanding local customs.

A phenomenal story worthy of an exceptional finale. A simple pitching of the Ukrainian fantasy cartoon, as you see, is gradually turning into a mega-anticipated cine spectacle of the near future.

Teaser trailercartoon, see below.

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