March 2018 in Russia: calendar, holidays, weekend

The third month of the year March marks the beginning of spring. In 2018, March begins on Thursday in the Gregorian calendar and ends on Saturday.

March 2018: how much to work and how much to rest?

The calendar that has already been drawn up today makes it possible to calculate the number of working days in this month - there are 21. It is not difficult to mark the days off in March 2018 in Russia - there will be 10 of them, respectively.

Guided by Article 112 of the Labor Code, as well as by the Order of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development under the number 588n, you can even find out the number of labor hours in March 2018. If a worker works 40 hours a week, then in March he will have 167 working hours. If the week is 36-hour, then the monthly amount of work hours will be equal to 150.2. And if a person works 24 hours a week, then in March of the next year he will have to work 99.8 hours.

March 2018

The biggest holidays that occur in March 2018

Surely the holidays in March 2018 in Russia will be celebrated in a big way and will delight many fellow citizens.

First of all, it is worth mentioning on March 8 - International Women's Day.It will fall in 2018 on Thursday and traditionally will become non-working. Initially, the holiday arose as a day of solidarity for women in the struggle for emancipation. He was proposed to establish the famous socialist Clara Zetkin in 1910. Zetkin believed that on this day women would go to marches and demonstrations, drawing attention to their actual problems. Now this holiday is celebrated by almost all the representatives of the weaker sex in our country, and not just supporters of feminism and emancipation.


In addition, March 18, 2018 will officially celebrate the Day of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. The holiday appeared in connection with the famous events of 2014. In 2018, it falls on a Sunday.

Professional and astronomical holidays

The calendar for March 2018 will please us with a considerable number of professional and just curious dates, which are not days off, but are marked by certain categories of people. We name just a few of them.

  1. Theatrical cashiers day - March 5th.
  2. Land Surveyors and Cartographers Day - March 11th.
  3. Employees Chopov - March 11.
  4. Day of the worker of drug control - March 11.
  5. Consumer Rights Day - March 15.
  6. Day of trade workers - March 18
  7. Submariner's Day - March 19th.
  8. Cultural Worker's Day - March 25th.

Moreover, the March Equinox Day always falls on March (it will be the 20th). On the days of the equinox on the entire surface of the Earth, with the exception of the poles, the daytime is almost equal to the dark. This day marks the onset of an astronomical spring.

Exotic holidays scheduled for March 2018

In March 2018, very exotic holidays will also be celebrated. They do not have state status in our country and become an occasion not for large-scale celebrations, but for funny news.

For example, on March 2 every year in many countries of the globe celebrates Match Day. The purpose of the holiday is to recall the meaning of this inalienable attribute of our everyday life.


Interesting for anyone who loves numbers, can be the Day of the number "Pi" (3.14 ...). For the first time this holiday was celebrated on March 14, 1988. This day was chosen for obvious reasons (the third month, the fourteenth number). One of the official goals of this holiday is to draw attention to the importance of mathematical education. Traditionally on this day round cakes are baked with the image of the number "Pi" in its center.

Writer's Day is another interesting solemn date, falling on March 3 of each year.This holiday was invented by representatives of the public organization “PEN-club”, which unites a huge number of writers all over the planet, a branch of this organization exists in Russia. In our country, this holiday is usually the occasion to pay homage to the most visible and distinguished masters of literature.

And on March 20, the Day of Happiness is celebrated in the world. It was established by an organization such as the United Nations in 2018. She called on state leaders, international organizations, civil society, as well as private individuals and enterprises to devote their efforts to making better the existence of humanity and the life of each person individually. The holiday, by the way, was established not long ago - in 2012.

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