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Managing anger ...


When a really bad day is issued, and you are simply drawn to someone to break, do not do it with those you know, choose a stranger. One day, sitting at my desk, I remembered that I had to call someone. I found a number in the directory and dialed it.

- At the other end a man answered: "Hello!".

“I politely said," This is Chris. Can I speak with Robin Carter? "

- Suddenly, in a mad voice, a man shouted into my ear: "First dial the correct number, goat!" and hung up.

I could not believe that anyone could be so rude. When I found the correct phone number for Robin, I found that I accidentally misled the last two digits in places. When I spoke with her, I decided to dial the "wrong" number again. When the same guy picked up the phone,

- I yelled: "You're an asshole!" and hung up.

I wrote his number on a piece of paper next to the word “Asshole”, and hung it not far from my workplace. Every couple of weeks, when I paid bills, or I just had a bad day, I called him and shouted: “You're an asshole!”.It always encouraged me.

When the phone companies introduced the caller ID service, I decided that my therapeutic calls to the asshole would be forced to stop. So I dialed his number and said, "Hi, this is John Smith from the telephone company. I’m calling to see if you are familiar with our caller ID service?"

- He shouted: "NO!" and hung up.

- I quickly called him back and said: "This is because you are an asshole!" and hung up.

Once I went to the store, and when I was ready to park in the vacant parking space, a guy on a black BMW cut me and took the place that I waited patiently for. I signaled to him and shouted that I shouldn’t do that, but this idiot ignored me. I noticed on the rear window of his car the inscription “For Sale” with an indication of the telephone number that I diligently wrote down. A few days later, when I phoned the first asshole (I put his number on the quick call list), I thought it would be nice to call the asshole on a BMW now.

- I said: "Are you really the one who sells black BMW?".

- He replied: "Yes, it is."

- I asked: "Can I examine him?".

- He said: "Yes, I live at Green Boulevard, 34. This is a yellow mansion, the car is parked right in front of it."

- I asked: "What is your name?".

- He replied: "My name is Don Ansen."

- Then I asked: "At what time you can exactly catch, Don?".

- He said: "I appear at home every day after five."

“I said," Listen, Don, can I tell you something? "

- He replied: "Yes?"

- I said: "Don, you asshole!"

Then I hung up and also added his number to my shortcut list. Now that I had a problem, I had the opportunity to call two assholes. Then an idea occurred to me.

- I called asshole No.1. He said: "Hello."

- I replied: "You're an asshole!", But did not hang up.

- He asked: "Are you still on the line?".

- I said: "Yes."

- He shouted: "Stop calling me!".

“Make me,” I replied.

“Who are you?” He asked.

- I replied: "My name is Don Ansen."

- He said: "Yes? And where do you live?".

- I replied: "I live on Green Boulevard, 34, this is a yellow mansion, a black Boomer is parked right in front of it."

- He said: "I'm going right now, Don. And you better pray for it."

- I said: "How terrible I am, asshole!" and hung up.

Then I called asshole No.2.

- He said: "Hello?".

- I replied: "Hi, asshole." He yelled: "If I ever find out who you are ...".

- I said: "So what?".

- He exclaimed: "I will hope your ass!".

- I: "Well, asshole, you will have a chance. I'm going to you right now."

I hung up and immediately called the police, informing them that I live on Green Boulevard, d. 34, and that my lover was coming to me to kill me for sleeping with another. Then I called the local news channel and reported on the upcoming gang disassembly at the same address. I quickly got together and headed there. I had time just in time to watch the two assholes knocking the crap out of each other in front of the six police cars standing there, the news service helicopter and a whole group of journalists.

NOW I felt much better. Anger management really works.

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