Lunar haircut calendar for January 2019

Lunar cycles affect our lives much more than skeptics think. The motion of the moon in the sky obey all biological processes on our planet, from the smallest to large-scale, such as the ebb and flow in the oceans and seas.

The human body also feels the influence of the Earth satellite. Someone, for example, does not sleep well in the days of the full moon, others feel a surge of energy during the new moon phase.

The moon affects the metabolism, so it will not be superfluous to check with the lunar calendar during the diet or to schedule sports loads. Finally, the Moon will help support not only health, but also beauty - if you do cosmetic procedures on the right, favorable days.

One of the main points of our ideal appearance is hair, which means that caring for them is especially important. Especially, at the very beginning of the year, in January, the month that can determine the whole further year.

Every month there are days that are good for haircuts, grooming or wellness treatments. Success lies in the lunar phases and the aspect of the satellite in relation to the Earth and other planets. To find out what day you need to rush to the hairdresser, and which one - limited to a hair mask at home - will help the calendar haircuts for January 2019.

General characteristics of the month

January 2019 haircut calendar

January is hardly an ideal month for dramatic haircuts. Really successful days for a visit to the stylist will be only three - 7, 9 and 16 January. The remaining days are mostly neutral when haircut is possible, but will not benefit your body or your mood. Astrologers do not advise you to practice hair on the 4th, 20th and 27th - these days will adversely affect the growth and condition of the hair.

In general, January 2019 is good for easy care with natural products, as well as prophylactic, but not fashionable, haircuts.

Daily recommendations

1st of January

On this day, you can cut your hair only if you want to strengthen the hair roots, and make the hair structure thicker and denser. It is undesirable to be painted today, especially with chemical paint.The result will not exactly please you, and the health of your hair will have a negative effect. In addition, coloring will lead you to conflict with a loved one, and cardinal haircut - to negative criticism from your loved one.

January 2

A good day for a mild health care for thin and weak hair:

  • it is very useful to make a nourishing mask that you need to keep on your hair for a long time;
  • It is possible to carry out a complex of medical procedures aimed at strengthening the hair, as well as at increasing the density;

A haircut on this day will significantly ruin your mood, even to depressive states.

January 3

The haircuts made on this day will quickly lose their shape, besides, initially they will not particularly meet your expectations. Difficult manipulations like “chemistry”, staining in a new color (especially, associated with strong lightening), lamination will not last long either, no matter how expensive the salon is. Doing styling today is undesirable, but if you really need, choose a master with positive energy.

4 January

Astrologers do not advise on this day to do hair or styling. Loose hair will help you recharge positive cosmic energy and build relationships with people around you.

5 January

haircut for problem and brittle hair

Great day for a haircut, especially for those people who are faced with the problem of hair loss or brittle hair. Haircut will serve as a split-tip prevention, and in general will give hair shine and strength.

6th January

This day is suitable for hair coloring, incl. for complicated. Chemical effect will be "painless", the hair will not deteriorate even after aggressive dyes. Today is a good time to decide on an unusual haircut - you will not only like it, but also switch your energy to a positive direction, attract success to you.

Jan. 7

On this day, it is necessary to have a haircut for those who prefer creative haircuts, fashionable colored staining - this is an hour of bold experiments. Extraordinary hairstyle will attract financial success to you. At the same time, ordinary haircut (trim the tips, trim bangs), on the contrary, will scare away your source of money, and adversely affect the appearance of hair.

January 8

Today is an unfortunate time for a haircut, you risk staying with dull and volume-free hair. On the other hand, it is on this day that it is worth renewing your hair color if you are beautiful in color close to natural.Coloring will go smoothly, and the shade will turn out to be surprisingly rich and interesting.

January 9

Positive day for blondes. Any operations with lightening and toning in light shades are successful. If you do not have enough ideas, inspiration and energy to implement creative plans - be sure to look to the hairdresser before sunset and get a haircut.

January 10

To heal both the hair and the body as a whole, cut your hair today. If possible, do not wash in this head so as not to over dry the scalp, or use a mild shampoo with natural moisturizing ingredients.

January 11


Curl calendar calendar for January 2019

Great day to curl your hair into feminine curls. A visit to the hairdresser will awaken your intuition and sexuality, and the active Moon will contribute to the rapid growth of hair.

January 12

On this day, leave your hair alone and literally do not do anything with it, especially - do not shear, and do not dye. The only thing that will benefit is various massages and masks based on oils that strengthen and nourish hair roots with nutrients, as well as improve blood circulation.

13th of January

Good hair cut today, if you need to quickly grow the length.In other cases, it is better to refrain from visiting the salon. Make a high tail today - so you can avoid the negative influence of the planets, and you will not get into a conflict situation.

January 14

The influence of the moon today is similar to the previous day. In addition, today you can dye your hair with unstable dye - tonic, dyeing shampoo, balm.

January 15

Good day for leaving and easy coloring, but negative for a hairstyle. Even modest manipulation with scissors can cause health complications throughout the body.

January 16

haircut for energy storage

Great time for a change! The haircut made today will strengthen your energy and help cleanse the accumulated negative. Bad emotions will go away with the cut curls, so the heavier the soul, the shorter your haircut can be.

January 17

Haircut today will attract money to you. If possible - do not save, and allow yourself a haircut from a good, dear wizard. Financing will also be good for finances, but it is desirable to use benign funds today, for example, without ammonia.

January 18

Favorable impact on your well-being simple, neat haircut, and beautiful elegant styling attract good luck in matters of money, business and career.Dyeing hair today is not recommended, the chemical effect will negatively affect the structure of the hair, making it hard and uncontrollable.

January 19

To get a haircut on this day is highly undesirable! The effect is on the nervous system, cutting hair will worsen morale. As a result, panic attacks, insomnia, obsessive states will worsen. You can make a partial coloring - repaint a few curls, or the tips of the hair in a bright color. This, on the contrary, harmonizes your inner world.

January 20th

refreshing color for brunettes

A good day for brunettes who need to refresh their color. The dark shade of paint will hide you from the problems and negative energy of this day. Cutting is forbidden, otherwise you will incur illnesses.

January 21

The day of the full moon affects the endocrine system and everything related to blood and cardiovascular diseases. Haircut today will strike precisely on these systems, so it is better to refrain.

January 22

If you change your appearance on this day - expect global changes in the future.

January 23

The moon entered a phase of decline, which means that today's haircut will retain its shape for a long time.An ideal day for those who cut their hair short and prefer to rarely visit a stylist. At the energy level, a haircut will increase your attractiveness in the eyes of others.

January 24

Day for medical procedures and deep care. It is best to do several professional procedures in a clinic or beauty salon, they will be more useful today than from home remedies. A haircut is better to postpone the next day, there is a risk of getting sick.

The 25th of January

Haircut today perfectly lift your spirits, and coloring will lead to a sad and apathetic state.

January 26

repainting calendar haircuts for January 2019

If you need to reconcile with someone, or meet - repaint in a light color. Haircut today is also safe and will have a good effect on health.

January 27

An ordinary day, when the influence of a haircut is not particularly strong - both positive and negative.

28 January

On this day, any manipulation of the hair is strictly prohibited! Haircut will attract a series of troubles, and coloring will simply disappoint you. You can only do styling - curly curls will raise your spirits.

January 29

One of the best days of the month for a haircut. It will charge you with vigor and pure power to accomplish grand plans.

January 30

And a haircut, and coloring, and hot styling today will lead you to conflicts and generally destabilize your emotional background. You risk a long time to get stuck in an aggressive mood. In order not to collect a negative on this difficult day, try to cover your hair with a hat, or collect them in a bun.

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