Lunar calendar for November 2019

The moon affects all systems of the human body, this fact was noted by the Sumerians, who many centuries ago created a special calendar based on the lunar cycle. The importance of human dependence on the satellite of the Earth can be seen from the increasing number of accidents and nervous breakdowns during the full moon and new moon. The lunar calendar for November 2019 will allow you to track the most dangerous days and to plan important events for favorable ones.

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Lunar calendar table for November 2019

Date, day of weekMoon phasesLunar daysIn which sign of the zodiac is the moonEnergy of the day
Friday 01.11 Growing 5, 6 Capricorn
02.11 Saturday Growing 6, 7 Capricorn Generally favorable
03.11 Sunday Growing 7, 8 Capricorn Generally favorable
04.11 Monday First quarter 8, 9 Aquarius Generally favorable
05.11 Tuesday Growing 9, 10 Aquarius
06.11 Wednesday Growing 10, 11 Fish Very favorable
07.11 thursday Growing 11, 12 Fish Very favorable
08.11 Friday Growing 12, 13 Fish Very favorable
09.11 Saturday Growing 13, 14 Aries
10.11 Sunday Growing 14, 15 Aries
11.11 monday Growing 15, 16 Taurus
12.11 Tuesday Full moon 16, 17 Taurus
13.11 Wednesday Decreasing 17, 18 Twins
14.11 thursday Decreasing 18, 19 Twins Very favorable
Friday 15.11 Decreasing 19, 20 Twins Generally favorable
16.11 Saturday Decreasing 20, 21 Cancer
17.11 Sunday Decreasing 21, 22 Cancer
18.11 monday Decreasing 22, 23 a lion Generally favorable
19.11 Tuesday Decreasing 23, 24 a lion
20.11 Wednesday Third quarter 24 Virgo
21.11 thursday Decreasing 24, 25 Virgo Very favorable
22.11 Friday Decreasing 25, 26 Libra Very favorable
11/23 Saturday Decreasing 26, 27 Libra Very favorable
24.11 Sunday Decreasing 27, 28 Scorpio
25.11 monday Decreasing 28, 29 Scorpio Generally favorable
26.11 Tuesday New Moon 29, 30, 1 Sagittarius
27.11 Wednesday Growing 1, 2 Sagittarius
28.11 thursday Growing 2, 3 Sagittarius Very favorable
29.11 Friday Growing 3, 4 Capricorn Very favorable
30.11 Saturday Growing 4, 5 Capricorn

The most favorable days of the lunar calendar for November 2019

November 13 - the day of wise decisions and new knowledge. Prepare to open your mind to fresh ideas, they will willingly come to mind, but do not rush into implementation, the day does not favor decisive action. Weigh the pros and cons.The ideal time for collective discussion of plans and problems, family discussions will also be very productive.

November 20 - the day is suitable for hard work. Any professional field requiring a thorough approach will flourish (banking, trading, legal, accounting). The moon in Virgo is ready to reward you with long-term financial prospects and stability, you just need to work hard. Try not to start anything this day, complete the current affairs.

November 24th On this day, try to listen more to close people, business partners will be able to give worthwhile tips on achieving success. Today you are full of energy and ready to do the impossible - go for it! The energy given by the moon is enough to achieve the most ambitious goals. There is a possibility of exacerbation of conflict situations, try to avoid the hotbeds of contention, it is more important to preserve your psychological state.

On November 27, the body accumulates forces for future accomplishments and is not ready for hard work, but reflections will be a wonderful pastime. Perhaps you are carrying some idea, it is time to think it over carefully, to outline the steps to implement it.In private life, it is also time to rethink and unleash the nodules of mutual complaints and offenses; a constructive dialogue will help you. Qualities such as anger and greed will impede the realization of the intended.

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Lunar forecast for all signs of the zodiac for November

  • Representatives of the fire element will have a hard time at the beginning of the month: confusions at work will provoke problems in your personal life. You will increasingly break loose on close people, and they, in turn, will refuse to support you in a difficult period. To prevent this from happening, explain to your family that you are experiencing temporary difficulties, ask for more understanding, and they will not refuse you. Lions should not themselves refuse to help those in need, and also be careful with their expenses. You run the risk of not meeting a person who is not pure. Sagittarius is recommended to devote this period of rest and relaxation, the journey will allow you to bring thoughts in order.
  • For earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), the events at the beginning of the month will unfold in the most favorable way: the long-awaited plans will be realized, the financial status will improve, and you will have a career growth.However, Capricorns, it is important to monitor their emotions, the probability of family quarrels, up to a divorce. If you avoid conflict situations, you can save your nerves. Taurus is recommended to spend as much time as possible outside the home: plan a family outdoor recreation or go to a club, make new acquaintances. With financial investments it is better to wait. Virgins in October need to “take the bull by the horns”: to be active and assertive.
  • The air signs of the zodiac (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will show themselves in all their glory. Public speaking will be most welcome. Natural charm promises great success with the opposite sex: lonely representatives will be able to meet their half or just to break a lot of compliments. Weights are recommended to watch from the side, and not be in the epicenter of events. Aquarius should not contradict the authorities, it can lead to adverse consequences.
  • The forecast for Pisces promises major changes in life: relocation, a drastic change of image or a new relationship. In addition, we will have to roll up our sleeves, in November we will have to work hard, but by the end of the month representatives of this sign will be rewarded. Pisces' financial well-being will improve.In the Scorpions' personal life there will be changes: the lonely will have a regular partner with whom they will want to tie their lives, couples are likely to be added to the family. Raku is also lucky in love, but there will be too much work, there is a risk of overworking. Let yourself rest a bit at the end of the month.

The phases of the moon in November 2019 will be favored only by those who are active and energetic, ready to work hard and not lose heart. Due to the prevailing working atmosphere, emotional tension will be felt, it is impossible to prevent burnout. On a personal front, an abundance of new acquaintances and contacts, the Moon favors love relationships.

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