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Life without anger: how to stay calm in troubled situations

Have you ever felt anger, and then regret it? Probably everyone had this situation. Our anger suffers from loved ones, employees or passersby.This natural emotion for a person can destroy even the strongest relationship.Its negative impact is hard to overestimate. Therefore, it is important to understand how to live without anger, keeping calm in troubled situations.

What is anger

Anger is one of strong destructive emotions.which is a reaction of pride. Anger arises when, deep inside, we are confident in our strength and we want everything to happen solely in our “scenario”. If the people around them do not act in accordance with our desires and plans, then there is a bright internal discontent and resistance, the outward manifestation of which is anger.

In any life situation, we always face the choice of what to do. Acting consciously or unconsciously from a position of pride, it becomes impossible to accept an unexpected state of affairs. The difficulty comes, the test, the blow of fate, and it seems to us that this is unfair.Pride is manifested when we put ourselves at the center of the world and wish that only positive events take place in our lives.all wishes came true, circumstances and people served for our enjoyment.

The mood of pride, the result of which will be anger, can be seen in various modern techniques and methods of success that teach how to fulfill any desires and customize thinking. Unfortunately, in such cases, the expediency and usefulness of the desires themselves are not questioned. Important is the desire that must be fulfilled. When the desired is not carried out or is carried out in the form inappropriate to the idea, an insult or anger arises.

Humility is the best cure for anger

Acting from a position of pride, we want to subjugate the world to ourselves, opposing ourselves to life. It always ends with a collapse of hope and disappointment.But there is another choice of behavior - this is humility. Sometimes we may confuse humility with weakness or a passive attitude in life. But it is not.

Real humility is a quality that allows you to live in harmony with the outside world and according to the laws of the universe, it is an active life position.Such a mindset allows you to take life in its natural course. To behave humbly means to respect reality, not opposing what is happening. Each event according to the laws of abundance and love leads to our development, to the fact that something good comes to life. And even if it seems that everything is bad, you need to remember thatwe do not see the full picture. Any situation is useful for your experience.and the opportunity to work on their qualities.

Being in humility and treating the turns of life with confidence, it is important to accept events with love and gratitude, seeing the Highest will in everything.

How to stay calm and not be angry

Acceptance of the situation

As mentioned above, first of all, in the event of unforeseen situations that could lead to anger, you need to learn to accept what is happening. If inside we act from the position of humility, acceptance, openness to the Higher forces, then naturally there comes an understanding that any event is “for the good” for growth and development.If we choose this behavior, then there is no room for anger - there is no struggle, no complaints.

For example, you were accidentally touched by a stranger who was hurrying along nearby. Acting from a position of pride, you can begin to resent, or even start a fight. However, no good, as you know, will not. To accept this situation means to treat the passerby with understanding. Perhaps his haste and inattention are caused by important circumstances or problems.

If we choose this behavior, then there is no room for anger - there is no struggle, no complaints.

Awareness that this is a lesson

If there is a negative, in our opinion, state of affairs that could cause anger, you should look at it as a lesson and see the manifestation of the Higher Meaning. Even if it is not yet clear what good the situation can lead us to, we need to realize that everything is given for our education and improvement of character traits.

For example, it seems to you that you are constantly criticized or condemned. If you cannot accept such behavior and it causes anger, then this is an important lesson that life wants to teach you. Realizing that criticism and condemnation often comes to others from your mouth and working on the negative qualities of a character, it will be easier for you to accept comments that,By the way, they can often be constructive.

Life seems to set a mirror in front of us, pointing out those moments that need to be worked on. Any sufferings and failures on the external level show our internal destructive beliefs.

Trust of life

The trust of life and the understanding that the world through the energy of abundance gives us the best, allows us to discover new events that bring benefit to all areas of activity. Trusting life means being flexible, balanced in unexpected circumstances, humbly accepting the course of life as it is.

Have you ever been reduced from work or did things go really badly? This is a typical situation for many. At first she could cause a lot of indignation and anger, however, later, it usually turns out that at this place all the possibilities for realization were exhausted, and the new work turned out to be better than the previous one.

Try to relate with confidence to everything that is happening for at least one day, not resisting the circumstances and observing how harmoniously, easily and according to the Highest Laws everything is going around. And you will see how much good and wonderful can come into your life!


Any situation, even the most painful, should be perceived with gratitude. Failures, trials, illnesses, betrayal - often such hard turns of fate teach us tolerance and help to take the first steps on the path of self-awareness.

Imagine that you have stolen wallet. The first reaction to such an event is usually anger. By accepting the situation as it is, and seeing in it the will of the Higher Forces, you will be able to realize that in this way you have taken away the “extra”. As they say, money is better than, for example, health.

 The ability to thank life for the trials - the quality of strong spirit. It comes when, instead of the position of pride, we choose humility. Humility is the position of the student, allowing decently endure the difficulties and be sincerely grateful for them.


Changing your internal ideas, you will gain new skills of behavior. Instead of pain, rejection, anger, you will be able to calmly respond to the most unexpected and unpleasant circumstances.

For example, earlier you could not adequately get out of conflicts and responded with anger to aggression. Practicing humility, confidence in life and gratitude, you will learn to calmly behave in conflict situations, finding a reasonable way out of the problem.

When peace becomes your natural reaction, the need for such lessons will be exhausted, and the situation on the external plane will also change. There will be less cause for concern, and more reasons for joy.

Take life with love and gratitude and be happy!

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