LCD "North", Ryazan, st. Zubkova: description, layout and reviews

At a little more than a hundred and eightykilometers from the capital of the state, the large city - Ryazan - has spread freely. Its population today is more than half a million people and each of them needs to live somewhere. Therefore, construction in Ryazan does not stop and more and more new buildings and entire residential areas. One such is LCD "Severny". Ryazan, more precisely its power, kindly provided a land plot for the construction of this complex almost in the center of the city.

LCD "North" Ryazan

A little about the city

Ryazan is one of the thirty largestpopulation of Russian cities. It is located on the right bank of the Oka River, is the largest military, scientific, industrial center. The city consists of four administrative districts, one of which is Oktyabrsky, sheltered by the LCD "Severny" (Ryazan). Ul. Zubkova - this is the address of the new complex.

Location of the complex

For the development of the complex, fiftyhectares of land, including the coast of two located on the territory of lakes. The landmark is the Ice Palace and the Olympic town, next to which the complex is being built. The project "Northern" (Ryazan) provides for the construction of a whole city quarter on a huge separate territory. Full infrastructure, a lot of greenery, its own park, lakes, beaches - that's what the LCD "Severny" (Ryazan) will be. Zubkovaya Street is one of the main transport arteries of the city, where you can easily reach your place of residence.

LCD "North" Ryazan Zubkova

Description of buildings

In the period from 2014 to 2018, the developerit is planned to build eleven twenty-five-story houses. But the project is not limited to this. Also, two kindergartens will be built, so that the children of future tenants do not have to go far or drive. Those children who are older can go to school, also planned by the developer. A shopping center is being built to make purchases and receive other social services. Opportunities for maintaining a healthy lifestyle are provided by the nearby Ice Palace and the Tennis Center.

LCD "Severny" Ryazan st. Zubkova

The highlight of the complex will be a park with an artificialthe lake. And the smallest residents most like the zoo, which they plan to place in the park being created. This is in addition to the already existing water reservoirs with sandy beaches.

Design solutions of the park

Park created in the LCD "North" (Ryazan), will betruly unique. Ten hectares of land are allocated for it, on which trees and shrubs will be planted, green lawns will be created. Walking can be on the alleys, and if tired - sit down to rest on the benches.

Those who prefer active recreation will be able toplay basketball, volleyball or hockey on specially equipped grounds, ride a bike or go jogging on the tracks. A whole street gym is created in the park. The younger children also paid attention to the developer and equips them with gaming facilities, a skateboard.

The park is created in order that future residents of the complex can rest after a day's work, spend the weekend with their family, breathe fresh air or go in for sports.

Reviews about LCD "Northern" Ryazan

Naturally, the center of the park will be a cozy artificial lake, which has already been mentioned. A zoo is located near it. Animals can not only rejoice, but also feed them.

Territory security

LCD "Severny" (Ryazan) will provide the fullestsecurity to its residents, not only adults, but also to kids. This will engage professional security firms and integrated security systems: video surveillance, providing round-the-clock control of the entire complex. All types of ventilation: fire, smoke, pumps - fall under the control of the dispatching service.

Appearance of buildings and finishings by the developer

For a more comfortable review, the developer chosepanoramic and stained glass with profile translucent structures. Exterior and interior decoration of buildings is performed using only the highest quality and durable materials: porcelain tiles, clinker tiles, natural stone.

LCD "North" building 2 Ryazan

The finishing of apartments consists of plastering walls,cement floor screed, plastic windows. Installed metal front door, radiators, meters. Fully wired.

Layout of apartments

The project provides for a fairly standardplanning, without rounded shapes and sharp corners. One-bedroom apartments reach an area of ​​almost forty-nine square meters. Two-room apartments are offered 67-meter. A three-room area - up to seventy square meters.

LCD "North" building 2 (Ryazan) is currentlyactively sells apartments. The date of delivery of the house is the third apartment in 2018. One-room apartment can be purchased for eight hundred thousand rubles. A special mortgage is provided for families with children. Unlike the first building, which provides for the project only one-bedroom apartments, the second building already has a full two and three-bedroom apartments. Almost all apartments have loggias, in some even a few. Between the first and second buildings large parking is planned.


Reviews about LCD "North" (Ryazan)that this residential complex embodies all that is necessary for the life and upbringing of children. Until the building of its own infrastructure is built, the already settled tenants can use nearby social services facilities. Children can attend schools located across the street just a few meters from the house. To the services of residents are hypermarkets "Magnet", "Pyaterochka". The specialists of the City Clinical Hospital No. 11 will help those who are ill.

You can also get to the complex without anyproblems. For example, your own transport can be reached in the LCD "Severny" (Ryazan). Ul. Zubkovoy, reviews of residents about transport accessibility say that the delivery of residents to the house provides and public transportation.

For those who want to live in a beautiful residentialthe most modern complex, with all the infrastructure and do not break your head, where to walk in the evening and breathe the fresh air - a better place than the LCD "Severny" can not be imagined. This is a comfortable, quiet life, and the security provided by professionals.

LCD "Severny" Ryazan st. Zubkovoy reviews

Not every residential complex can boast ofOwn park with walking areas, a lake and a zoo. A developer of this embodied everything conceived in reality, giving his future tenants a maximum of comfort.

Reviews already settled only positive and make others dream of buying an apartment in the newly built residential complex "Severny".

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