KVN 2019. Major League

Probably not in our country, a person who would not have heard about KVN. This program pleases Russians more than one generation. KVN 2019 will also be a real jokes holiday. The Premier League will again surprise us with the sparkling humor of the country's leading teams.


History of the project

The “cheerful and resourceful club” was born on our television more than fifty years ago, back in the era of the “Khrushchev thaw”. Then some bans were lifted, and participants in the program could afford topical jokes about life at that time. It should be noted that at that time KVN was as close as possible to the lives of ordinary citizens of the country. It is no coincidence that the program has become one of the most popular and recognizable programs on Soviet TV.

KVN 2019. Major League

However, over time, the country's leadership again set its course on the closeness of the country and restriction of freedoms of citizens. All this could not but arouse criticism, even if in a humorous form, in KVN. The reaction of the authorities followed very quickly. The then leadership could not allow dissent, and the transfer was closed.

The revival of transmission became possible only in the era of perestroika, when some ideological attitudes were again weakened.

For many years of its existence, different people have become fans of the program, and they live both in our country and abroad. Viewers love this project for:

  • topicality;
  • lack of vulgar jokes;
  • stylishness;
  • sharpness and relevance.

Humor has no limits. KVN programs are viewed in many parts of our planet. The project came to taste, as the representatives of the older and middle generation, and modern youth. This game is played in schools, in higher education institutions, in enterprises.

KVN today

Currently, KVN from ordinary television program has turned into a grandiose comic show. The project has a lot of real "stars" working in the field of humor:

  • I. Lastochkin;
  • O. Kartunkova;
  • S. Permyakova;
  • P. Will;
  • A. Revva;
  • M. Galustyan;
  • V. Zelensky.

Thanks to these players and real artists, such interesting projects as:

  • "Comedy Club";
  • "Our Rush";
  • "Quarter 95".

Today KVN has the status of a national game. This is not just a humorous project, but a complex business structure that has its own rules. The current KVN has several "divisions". Major League is just such a unit.It features professional teams that represent different localities and regions of Russia. In addition, independent teams take part in KVN and their games are amateur. They belong to unofficial leagues.

Each season is a series of games that start with 1/8 finals. Next spring, the winners of the first stage participate in the quarter finals. In the fall, the strongest players start the semi-final games. Then, on the eve of the New Year holidays, the final is held, where the strongest team is selected.

Over 32 years of the existence of the Higher League, over two hundred teams took part in it. The most successful were:

  • "Odessa Gentlemen";
  • "Burnt by the Sun";
  • “New Armenians”.

The game of these teams left unforgettable impressions of all the spectators of the “Fun and Inventive Club”. They were the best pages in the history of KVN games.

More complete information about the Major League gives the following table:

Time to create the Major League: 1986
The team, which held a record number of performances: Sochi team "Burnt by the Sun"
The team that celebrated the victory at all stages of the game "Gorod Pyatigrsk"
The leading league is: A.V. Maslyakov
Major League editors are:
  • A. Garaev ("Union"), since 2017;
  • D. Shpenkov (“Ordinary People”), since 2012

The editors of the league at one time were:

  • 1992-2004 - M. Marfin from MHTI;
  • 2004-2012 - L. Kuprido from BSU;
  • 1996-2012 - A. Chivurin from KhAI;
  • 2012-2017 - D. Kolchin from the team "SOC".

Famous people of the country take part in the judging of games, ranging from musicians, writers, directors, showmen, actors and, to businessmen and sportsmen.

The history of KVN has proven that humor is loved in many countries. Even after the Soviet Union was not, representatives of different states became winners of KVN:

  • Ukraine;
  • Armenia;
  • Kazakhstan and others

Venue of the games

Team performances are mainly held in the capital. At one time, filming was carried out in MDM, IISS and even in one of the cinemas of the capital, Havana. Today the club has its own hall, which is called "" MMC planet KVN ". True, the most ambitious projects of the “Fun and Inventive Club” take place here, for example, such as: “Moscow Mayor's Cup”. Most of the games are held in the “Central Theater of the Army of Russia”.

KVN 2019. Major League

Club cheerful and resourceful 2019

As before, the thirty-third season will begin after the selection of participants, which will occur at the traditional Sochi festival of KVN. An authoritative jury composed of: S. Slepakova, L. Kuprido, A.Maslyakov Sr. and A. Maslyakov Jr. will again select the fifteen most successful teams. They will also be joined by five teams that won the Premier League.

Over the course of the year, we will become participants in the exciting battles of the best teams of the Highest League. All games will be held according to the rules already developed.

The most ridiculous, original and bright KVN participants in the fall are waiting for the final games. Those who pass all stages of the competition will be able to take part in the battle for the main prize.

Undoubtedly, an incredible heat of passion awaits us all. After all, the teams will be at the limit of the possible to strive for victory.

Where can I see the performances of teams

The first channel, for sure, will broadcast the most memorable battles of the Higher League. However, it should be noted that not all performances of the teams will be aired. In order to enjoy the sparkling humor of the participants of KVN teams, it is better to attend the performances. Of course, not everyone succeeds. True, there is another way out of this situation. Today, the network can easily download the torrent of all the speeches of famous comedians. This is especially true for those who live in the near and far abroad.Many in general, derive information about KVN only thanks to such Internet resources as:

  • Wikipedia;
  • YouTube channel;
  • various news portals.

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