Japanese style interior

Japanese style interiorCurrently, the Japanese style in the interior is gaining popularity. It attracts with simplicity, elegance and comfortable functionality. City dwellers are attracted by the originality of Japanese traditions in this style, the mystery that is shrouded in a country with a long history.

The house in this style is resolved by the bustle of the current megacities, it looks usually and at the same time perfect. This style in the interior is not suitable for people who are accustomed to a noisy and fast life.

In the Japanese style, preference is given to restraint, strict forms and noble materials. He excludes the superfluous, considers all excesses ugly (this is a peculiar Japanese philosophy). Japanese style basically relies on the traditions of the country.

A Japanese-style house usually has no walls, which makes the room a limitless space. A landscape outside the window tend to naturally extend the interior.

Japanese-style lighting is part of the composition. Thin play of light and space is important - the Japanese room should be as bright as possible.Widely used shades of rice paper, which gently diffuse light around the room.
Also of great importance are accessories, such as chinaware, Japanese-style paintings, mini-waterfalls, which among the Japanese symbolize harmony in life. Elements of a decor from a tree, for example, a wooden clock well fit into a Japanese interior. Scented lamps and candles emphasize the refinement of the style.

Japanese-style furniture does not attract attention, but attracts with its lightness and simplicity of form. At the same time it is elegant and light, like the whole interior. Tatami, straw mat - the main elements of furniture. It should be borne in mind that the furniture should be simple geometric shapes and small sizes.

In a modern home, Japanese style is reminiscent of minimalism combined with a variety of decorative details: a combination of simplicity and beauty. The main thing in this style is the unity of man with nature.

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