International Day of Culture 2018

International Day of Culture in 2018 is celebrated on April 15, on Sunday. This significant day is not related to professional or any other holidays associated with specialized human activities, but refers to such a universal sphere of human existence as culture.


The history of the holiday

The history of the appearance of this amazing holiday is very interesting and revealing. It reflects the spiritual and philosophical quest of an outstanding artist and thinker and Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947).

International Day of Culture can be called with confidence the fruit of his efforts and the heritage that he left to humanity. For many years Nicholas Roerich addressed to the governments of the whole world with the call for the creation of an international Treaty on the Protection of Cultural Property. Finally, with the support of the world community on April 15, 1935, such a treaty was signed in Washington. He was nicknamed "The Roerich Pact".

International Day of Culture 2018

The purpose of this international legal act is to protect and preserve the best achievements of the human spirit and mind, to create conditions for the unification of all peoples on the basis of universal cultural values.

The Roerich Pact underlies many international documents in the field of the preservation of cultural property, including in a number of United Nations resolutions.

The symbol of this unique document was the Banner of Peace, which also has its own symbolism:

  • the white color of the cloth is a symbol of purity, light, radiance and beauty;
  • three red (amaranth), in contact with each other circle - a symbol of the past, present, future. In a broader interpretation of the symbol of the trinity;
  • the circle enclosing amaranth circles is a symbol of Eternity.

As the author of the Banner N.K. Roerich, the symbolism of the proposed flag is not limited to any religion or tradition, has an ancient origin and denotes the unity of the universe. The Banner of Peace is established on objects of culture of great importance, which is especially important, according to Roerich, during military conflicts.

The philosophical concept of culture created by Nikolai Konstantinovich is interesting.By it he means the basis of the cosmic evolution of humanity, the knowledge of Beauty in the process of creation. Culture is a synthesis of the highest achievements in the field of religion, science, art, education.

So, the emergence of the International Day of Culture is directly related to the signing of the April 15, 1935 Roerich Pact. But to celebrate this holiday was still very soon - only since 1998.

International Day of Culture in 2018.What date, events

How to celebrate the International Day of Culture

The initiator of the International Culture Day was the International League for the Protection of Culture established by the International Center of the Roerichs. Of course, the followers of the outstanding thinker had no doubt what date to mark this significant event: it could only be April 15 - the day of the signing of the Roerich Pact.

The International League for the Protection of Culture and other public organizations hold numerous events on the Day of Culture:

  • conferences, seminars and symposia on the problems of the protection of culture;
  • musical and poetic evenings;
  • exhibitions of national cultures and much more;

All these events in many countries of the world, including Russia, are accompanied by a solemn raising of the Banner of Peace.

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