How to wash the suspended ceiling

How to wash the suspended ceiling

Stretch ceilings are a modern and inexpensive solution for arranging the interior of residential premises. With their help, you can visually expand the internal space, make the room lighter and more comfortable. The simplicity of their installation and repair allows you to install the ceiling in just a few hours, and the longevity of their service is tens of years. Naturally, to achieve such durability, stretch ceilings require proper care.

Simple rules for the care of the stretch ceiling

It is considered that this type of ceiling covering is dirt-resistant in itself and does not require any additional maintenance. And indeed, this type of material is quite resistant to both fading and mechanical damage. However, if the installation of stretch ceilings was made in the kitchen or in the children's room, then they should be subjected to wet cleaning at least once a month. After all, even the best hood does not protect the ceiling from burning, grease and soot.Well, and it is not necessary to speak about the nursery at all.

How to properly wash the suspended ceiling:

• Materials - when cleaning the tension surface it is best to use a soft natural sponge (not foam rubber!). After wet cleaning, the remnants of the moisture itself are removed in the same way as cleaning glass. To do this, use dry microfiber cloths or cleaning cloths from recycled paper. Typically, these wipes are still used in hand dryers. The main thing to remember is that cleaning with brushes, sponges for washing dishes, plastic sponges and brushes is strictly prohibited.

• Detergents - high-quality stretch ceilings whose production and installation using high-tech tools require the use of only the simplest detergents when leaving. Do not use abrasive powders, detergents with dyes or chemical additives, polishes, etc. For cleaning, it is best to use an ordinary water solution of laundry soap. The most common brown 82% soap. In the case of heavy pollution, you can add liquid ammonia to the solution.

• Dust and cobwebs.Often cobwebs and dust accumulate on the ceiling. Especially in the corners, where to clean it is not easy at all. In this case, when cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner - this will speed up the process. However, it is necessary to set the power of the household appliance to a minimum and try not to touch the coating itself with the plastic pipe of the vacuum cleaner. And best of all, an ordinary “sovdepovskiy” broom will be suitable for removing the cobweb, which cannot damage the PVC coating in any way.

Seamless stretch ceilings price for 1 m2 with installation for which can reach several tens of dollars, are not the cheapest piece of furniture. Therefore, their care should be carried out at the proper level. It is necessary to ensure that the hands do not have jewelry or long nails, do not apply physical effort to washing the film. If you follow these simple rules, the ceiling will be able to last much longer than the warranty period set by the company.

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