How to use peat tablets for seedlings?

Spring comes, and together with her gardeners beginplanting seeds for growing seedlings. Some of them use self-made wooden boxes and pots, someone buys plastic containers. The standard and common place of their placement are the sills and any free shelves in the house, since the capacity of the window sill is usually not enough. Of course, this creates a lot of inconvenience, which must be tolerated before planting seedlings.

Modern achievements allow gardenersuse peat tablets for seedlings. For the first time they appeared on the market of our country several years ago. However, very soon, lovers of the garden realized that this approach allows you to save a lot of space and get rid of unnecessary problems with the use of land. The tablet has the original dimensions - 2.5-3.5 cm and 8.5 cm in diameter.

Peat tablets for seedlings arehigh-quality pressed peat, which is given a special round shape. The acidity of such peat should be 5.5-6.0 pH. The tablets are placed in a special mesh so that they retain their original appearance and can later be easily immersed in the soil without harm to the plants. The advantage of such containers is also that they already contain the necessary minerals and other nutrients, without which the shoots will grow slower, and the seedlings will turn out to be weaker.

Another advantage is thatgrowing in peat tablets allows oxygen of air to freely penetrate through the pores available in the filler, which is very important for the development of the root system in seedlings.

Practical tips

First, let's look at how to use peat tablets for seedlings:
1) Pick up a suitable pallet and place on it a tablet, placing it in a groove upwards.
2) Fill in the tablet beforehandprepared standing water (50 ml), which should have a temperature of 20-22 ° C. The developers have envisaged that after initial watering the initial height will increase 5 times (a volume of 0.8 liters will be obtained), and the diameter will not change. The resulting height is ideal if you are growing seedlings in peat pills.
3) Your "environmentally friendly" pot is ready, you just need to drain excess water.

Now proceed to the detailed instructions for sowing seeds in peat tablets for seedlings:
1) In the prepared tablet, place 1 or 2 seeds of the selected vegetable garden.
2) Seeds need to be covered with a small amount of humus.
3) Create a greenhouse effect inside the tablet, covering it with a polyethylene film.
4) Periodically remove the film so that the tablet does not dry out.
If you follow the instructions, you will see the shoots through the time indicated on the packaging of this culture.

The first sign that the cultivation of seedlings inpeat pills it's time to finish - the appearance of the root system of the plant. Now you can safely transplant seedlings in the soil of the greenhouse. In this case, there is no need to pull the plant out of the tablet body. You can immerse the plant with it. Later, the material giving the tablet form will dissolve, and a mixture of peat and humus will be an additional fertilizer for seedlings.

If you do not want to grow inpeat tablets, since they can only be used once, then buy a coconut substrate that decomposes much more slowly and can therefore be used several times.

In our time, very few people use mixturesown manufacture, after all it is much easier to buy them in the already fertilized and prepared kind. And yet among such a variety of ready mixes, many experienced gardeners prefer the well-proven peat tablets.

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