How to transmit electricity meter readings: an overview of the best ways to transfer data for light

Every month, citizens permanently or temporarily residing in Russia receive bills for utilities. Among them are receipts from an energy sales company that provides services for the supply of electricity to the population.

To pay with the supplier, the owner of a private house or apartment must take readings of the electricity meter and transfer them in one of the ways described below.

Electricity consumption control

Independent control over electricity metering devices was not always carried out. Until 2012, employees of the company supplying electricity made a monthly round of the jurisdictional territories and took meter readings in order to then generate receipts and issue an invoice.

Now "communication" with the meter for homeowners has become familiar. It is necessary to perform a monthly procedure for the removal and transfer of accurate readings of electricity.

In the same way, data from cold / hot water and gas meters is taken, the installation of which is not yet necessary.

Receipt for electricity
Only 6 years ago, electricity users did not have to keep track of the numbers flashing on the display of the metering device. Their task was to timely pay the receipt.

But for the employees of Energosbyt remained the function of control over the performance of duties by tenants. At least once every six months, they check the metering devices for correct readings.

Usually the counters are located on the floor of the site, in a general apartment shield.

The counter in the electrical cabinet on the pole
In private houses, devices are installed in a metal box on the wall of a house or on a pole so that the tester has access to the readings.

If the shield is inside the apartment or house, the owner must, upon request, let a representative of the supplier company or housing department.

In order to get into a foreign apartment, the fraudsters did not use the checks, check the documents or make a call to the organization’s office.

Readings are taken monthly. If the data is not received in time, the average amounts are calculated for payment within six months. After six months, the accepted standards indicate in the receipt.

How to take readings?

All counters, regardless of brand, have an electronic display or plastic panel, on which numbers are clearly visible. They show how many kilowatt-hours "wound" the device for the entire time of its operation. The average number of digits is 6-7, but there are exceptions.

When copying or memorizing numbers, it is not necessary to take into account decimal places - these are tenths / hundredths of kWh. To calculate the amount of electricity spent over the past month, it is necessary to subtract from the previous testimony.

Then you need to multiply the result of calculations by the cost of 1 kW / h.

Calculation example:

testimony April 25, 2018 -4302 kW / h

testimony May 25, 2018 -4452 kW / h

cost of 1 kW / h -4.44 rubles

(4452 - 4302) x 4.44 = 150 x 4.44 = 666 rubles

Tariffs in different regions of the country, urban / rural areas are different, you can clarify them in the service company.

Photo instructions-tip:

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Select a specific day to take readings
Select a specific day to take readings
Checking the metering device
Checking the metering device
Recording data from the counter
Recording data from the counter
Calculation of used electricity
Calculation of used electricity

What threatens errors in data transmission for the light? If a smaller amount of kWh is mistakenly indicated, the difference can be added next month.

Overpayment is also not bad - in the future you will have to pay less. If the amount of overpayment is large, you can write a statement to recalculate and return the money.

Overview of data transfer methods

There are several ways in which homeowners can send the current readings of an electricity metering device to a supplier or intermediary. They are focused on different groups of the population, but most of it is related to remote data sending by telephone and internet.

Thanks to the new schemes, the queues have disappeared, and consumers have more time to deal with personal matters.

Option # 1 - phone call

The most popular way is to make a phone call to a call center or to the Criminal Code. All contact numbers where you can reach the operators or the answering machine are indicated in the receipt, you can also find the opening hours of the organizations that receive calls.

To optimize the process of receiving data, an answering machine is connected,the user only needs to comply with his recommendations — press the corresponding numbers on the telephone keypad or voice the readings with a voice message. It takes only a few minutes to complete the procedure.

Data transmission by phone
Given that the hours of operation of the call center is usually from 8.00 to 20.00, you can choose the most suitable time and transfer data without haste. Some informants working in auto mode are available around the clock.

There is another way for those who are used to communicate with living people. To do this, you must contact the operator and leave testimony by answering his questions.

In management companies, it is usually the individual employee who is responsible for receiving these meters. On certain days (for example, from the 22nd to the 25th day) he receives calls and enters them into the program of Energy Sales. Thus, representatives of the Criminal Code control the timely payment of bills by residents.

The advantages of telephone data transmission - convenience and time saving. During a call to the Criminal Code, you can transfer the data of all the meters installed in the apartment.

On the other hand, consumers often face the fact that the line is constantly busy, and dialing takes a lot of time.With voicemail, recording errors may occur if some values ​​are given inaudible.

Option # 2 - sms message

For people who are used to quickly type SMS messages on the phone, data transfer is no more than 1 minute. The only difficulty is a specific text pattern. If you break it, the message or simply will not reach, or an error will occur in the accrual of the amount.

To transfer data you need to know the following data:

  • the phone number of the organization that takes the readings;
  • your personal account;
  • current data taken from the metering device.

Some companies require you to enter the symbol of the tariff for which payment is made.

Sample text message
A sample text message that you need to dial on the phone to transfer data from the counter. The personal account can be found in the receipt, readings - the numbers from the display of the device to the comma

Sending SMS messages is a great way for consumers who do not use the Internet. It is also convenient to send data as text to everyone who is away.

The service is free, but money will be withdrawn from the phone account according to the tariff plan, if there is no free SMS package.The advantage of this method is the ability to send data at any time of the day.

Option # 3 - in your personal online account

Especially for active Internet users, several virtual data transfer schemes have been developed, one of which is implemented on the website of the supplier company.

But before you start transmitting the meter readings, you need to register by specifying an email. If the mailbox is not, you need to start it.

After confirming the registration, you can enter the site, from where readings are transmitted online.


  • follow the link “pass testimony”;
  • enter personal data (client or personal account number);
  • choose a tariff or an account number of the device;
  • enter the current data, while in the next column displays the figures for the last month.

Calculation of payment is made automatically, so you should carefully enter all the numbers and, if necessary, spaces and other signs.

Statistic Chart
Plus registration on the site - access to additional useful information. You can explore the advantages and disadvantages of different tariffs, learn the news, see the statistics of energy consumption

If you have any questions about payment, changing the metering device or service, you can use the service "Feedback".

Option # 4 - by email

To send testimony by e-mail, it is enough to know the exact address of the organization supplying electricity. In addition, you need to remember the sending template, as mail is processed automatically.

The message on the e-mail reminds you of the text typed for sms: usually the number of the personal account and the current readings of the metering device are indicated.

Work with e-mail
It is convenient to transfer data to an electronic mailbox for users who are used to working in postal services and are forced to check their email every day.

Enter extra characters and spaces can not be. In case of any violation of the template, data processing becomes impossible, and the charge for the current month will not correspond to reality.

Option # 5 - in the V Kontakte network group

Some of the most advanced companies have created their own groups in the V Kontakte network - the most popular, covering the largest number of different social groups and representatives of all generations.

In addition to the transfer of testimony, there you can find a lot of relevant information on payment, on the use of electricity and metering devices.

Energosbyt Group "V Kontakte"
On the group’s pages, information is updated daily, with some news related to general provisions, others on issues affecting specific areas.

In the same group you can find useful links to the website of the supplier organization, other interesting information resources.

Option # 6 - in the center of Energosbyt

This method is only suitable for urban residents, as the company's offices are located where there are a large number of people.

In provincial towns, they usually arrange a single center for everyone, and in megalopolises, for ease of maintenance, several offices are located in all large microdistricts.

Office of the power supply company
It is necessary to visit the office in inter-settlement periods and in cases when there is a change in the electricity supplier. Sometimes it is useful to contact consultants to resolve controversial issues.

The operator, with whom the direct communication takes place, performs the same actions that the consumer could independently perform in the Personal Account on the Energosbyt website - writes the readings to specific columns in a special program.

Contacting a company that supplies electricity to the public is the most reliable way to go. However, he has his minus - you need to find free time to visit.

Option # 7 - when paying by plastic card

Not the most popular method, which many plastic card holders do not even suspect. In fact, with the help of it you can immediately solve two problems: pay bills for the last month and transfer current data.

Plastic card at ATM
The transfer takes place during the "communication" with the ATM. In the computer of the apparatus laid program offering to enter readings. Acting on the instructions, you can quickly transfer the required information - metering device data

If you get used to this scheme and do not forget to use it, you can save a lot of time that goes into trying to call the operator or fill out receipts.

Option # 8 - box for receiving data

In some regions, they organize data collection through a special box installed in a public place. Volume boxes set directly on the floor, small - on the table.

It is easy to find out their purpose - on the front side they usually place the Energosbyt logo and the “talking” inscription.

The box for receiving these electricity meters
There are few boxes, so they can be found where there is a large crowd of people: in large stores or shopping centers, in the post office, in Sberbank branches or in the offices of Energosbyt

To send testimony, you must fill in the back of the receipt, received by mail, or enter the data in a special form. Then simply lower the piece of paper into the slot in the drawer.

This method is suitable for people far from the Internet and rarely using the phone - retirees who are accustomed to act “in the old manner”.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Data transfer on the Energosbyt website:

An example of the transfer of evidence by phone:

What to do if it is difficult to call:

The transfer of metering data is the responsibility of all electrical energy users.. In order for the procedure to take place quickly and not cause difficulties, you just need to choose the most convenient way.

The process of transferring readings and paying utility bills on time should become a habit, and then there will be no problems with the authorities ensuring a comfortable life for homeowners.

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