How to paint the radiators?

How to paint the radiators?Everyone who has painted batteries at least once in their life knows that this is a rather complicated process. We will tell you how to paint the radiators.

Successful battery repair largely depends on the right paint, as it must withstand high temperatures, prevent rust and not fade with time. Therefore, it is better to buy alkyd or acrylic enamel.

Before you start painting the radiator, you must thoroughly clean it with detergent. If the batteries have bulges or roughness, then you need to sand these places with sandpaper. If the radiator has a lot of problem areas, then remove the old layers with a solvent, and then cover the surface with a primer.

Paint the radiator should be on all sides to prevent metal corrosion. Before painting, be sure to turn off the heating to avoid poisoning by poisonous pores. It is better to paint with a brush, as a spray is more difficult to reach inaccessible places.Start painting from above to avoid smudges on already treated areas. In this case, first paint the inner surface of the battery. Paint the back of the radiator with a curved handle. To protect the wall behind the battery, put back thick cardboard with construction tape.

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