How to name the boy in June?

Birth of a child - always puzzling parentsa question of a name of a kind. And if the parents are believers and want blessings from the Lord for their child, they try to call the child the names of the holy fathers. Each parent wishes that all the positive qualities of the name will affect the child, and he has grown up successful and healthy. But how to name the boy in June? This is a very good warm summer month and it is this month that you can pick up quite a few options for the name of the child.

Today we will look at what names and what they mean in translation. The names presented are selected for June and the most favorable for this summer month.

  • Fedot. The boy under this name is special, since such a name means "God-given", "dedicated to the Lord," he is internally confident and balanced in independence from problems and adversities, he is always under God's cover and protection.
  • Leonty. A beautiful ancient Greek name, translated "lion". Such boys are like their mother, from them grow good doctors, administrators, teachers, artists.
  • Novel. A son with that name will be strong and strong. The origin of this noble name takes its roots even at a time when Latin was on hearing and means "Roman".
  • Benedict. The name, old, comes from Benedikt and means that his possessor is truly blessed. The caressing form is Venya.

Of course this is not the last name that is suitable fornames in this warm month. It is also recommended to call children by other names. Here are the names of the boys born in June: Nikifor, Vasily, Taras, Peter, Alexei, George, David, Philip, Leo, Mark, Daniel (Danila), Nikandr, Stepan, Makar, Afanasy, Mikhail, Trofim, Cyril, Constantine, Yuri Leonid, Semen, Egor, Denis, Rostislav, Vyacheslav, Pavel, Timofey, Sevastyan, Julian, Savva, Ilya, Fedor, Gerasim, Victor, Grigory, Kuzma, Irakly, Alexander, Ivan, Valery, Anton, Maxim, Eugene, Arseny , Yefim, Arkady, Yakov. Many of the listed names are found in the Holy Scriptures.

If you are a believer, you can viewthe life of that or ionic holy father, to read why he was given that, and not another name. This will help you decide on this difficult choice. We gave almost all the names of boys for the holy. June is a good time for birth, like any other, and if you want blessings for your child, then you should go to the temple personally to speak with your father, he will give you the best advice.

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