How to make curlers

June 14, 2012
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How to make curlersDespite the abundance of tools and hair products in stores, sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to make curlers from scrap materials. For example, you went to the sea and forgot your curling, and I want to curl curls.


It is not difficult to make curlers with your own hands, moreover, they have a number of advantages over finished products: they do not injure hair, do not entangle them, they can sleep all night in them. And of course, they cost free, because for them you can use the materials at hand.

The disadvantage may be the time spent on the manufacture of curlers, but with the advent of experience this process will take little time and the design of homemade curlers is simple. In addition, in such curlers have to spend a lot of time (maybe even have to sleep in them), but the beauty, as is known, requires sacrifice.

Curls, resulting from homemade hair curlers, come out natural and light, and curls can be adjusted with the thickness of hair curlers. In any case, the result of curling homemade curlers always pleases the eye, and for this it is worth spending a little time to make them.

To achieve the best result, the hair must be washed, dried, properly calculated and divided into strands. After curling the curls can be fixed with hairspray, so they will last longer.

There are several options for homemade curlers, and for all of them as materials you can take the improvised means - fabric, paper, foam rubber, insulation, etc. This allows you to make curlers with your own hands, not only being at home, but also on a hike, a business trip or on vacation. Consider the most affordable options for homemade hair curlers.

Fabric curler

Fabrication is required for their manufacture, preferably non-slip and rather dense. It is cut into strips with a length of about 20 centimeters. On these ribbons, it is necessary to wind the hair in the following way: the strands of hair are moistened slightly with water and the ends are tied with a fabric ribbon. Then the fabric with the hair is twisted into a spiral and secured with the end of the tape. The fluffiness of curls depends on the number of such curlers, that is, the more such “rolls”, the more curls will be lush, and light waves can be obtained using 6-8 homemade curlers.

Paper curler

How to make curlersIt is the paper that is needed - thick, but soft enough to make it comfortable to work with. The cardboard is too hard and for these purposes will not work. You can take sheets of A4 paper or any other size, as long as it is suitable for the length of the hair.

Paper is used to make tubes or flagella and twist hair strands on them. After folding, the tips of the paper flagellum should be tied, and in order to additionally fix the construction it is better to tightly tie the head with a scarf so that the curlers tightly stick next to each other.

You can combine the two materials and wind a roller out of paper onto a fabric strip. Then they twist a strand of hair on it and fix it with the ends of a fabric tape.

Curlers made of foam rubber or insulation

If at home there are remnants of foam rubber or insulation left over from the repair, then they can also be used to make curlers. You can also apply a thick film with air bubbles. Its advantage is that the hair is tightly held on such homemade hair curlers.

The material is cut into strips of the desired width and length and wind the hair on them according to the same principle as with the rest of the curlers - twist around the strip, fix the hair at the roots with the ends of the foam strip.Unlike previous materials such homemade curlers can last longer, because they can be used many times.

To create soft waves, 7-8 foam curlers are enough. They should be wide enough, but at the same time should not interfere with each other. If the hair is thin, then strands of hair for wrapping can be taken thicker, and vice versa, for thick hair, you need more curlers.

Foil curlers

These curlers differ in that they can easily bend in different directions. To make such curlers need foil and cotton. Stripes 5-7 centimeters wide are cut out of the foil, and cotton wool rolled up in a flagellum is placed inside each such strip. The foil is wrapped in a straw and a hair curler, similar to a boomerang. Next, strands of hair wind up, starting from the tips and moving towards the roots, and then fixed, tying the ends.

For any kind of curlers, the principle is always true, the more the roller is thicker, the larger the curls are. For greater strength curls before wrapping should be moistened with a styling agent - foam, gel or wax.

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