How to install ICQ on your phone?

ICQ ("ICQ") for a mobile phone isone of the most common applications. After all, in the first place it makes it possible to use an Internet messenger without using a computer. Consider how to install ICQ on your phone for free or at a low price.

ICQ and Nokia

How to install ICQ on Nokia phone?

  • From the phone menu, go to the "Applications" section. Then go to the "Office" folder.
  • In the "Office" folder, go to "File Manager". Look at the memory status. The free space should be no less than 2.1 mb.
  • If there is not enough memory, then you need to go tomain menu of the phone. Through the "Settings" section, move to "Application manager" and select "Installed applications". In the "Installed applications" you can delete unused applications and clear the space on your phone.
  • To delete an application, click on its name so that it is highlighted. In the "Options" menu, click the "Delete" button.
  • When the space is enough, go to the Nokia Store via the main menu.
  • A window appears in which you will be asked to select the type of Internet connection. Then the OVI store pages will be loaded.
  • Go to Applications.
  • You will see a list of programs that are available for download. Among them, select "ICQ Mobile for Synbian".
  • Start the download and wait until the file is completely downloaded.
  • "Installation" will appear, click on it.
  • When the installation process is complete, select the "Run" button.
  • A form will appear in which you will need to enter your login and password.

ICQ and Samsung

How to install ICQ on Samsung phone?

  • No matter what platform your phone is on, you needto carry out its preparation for the installation of ICQ. You should start by checking the access point (APN). There are different names for different operators: "" for MTS, "" for Beeline, "internet" for Megaphone. The operator can provide unlimited Internet service, while offering favorable conditions. Be sure to check that the name of the access point has not been mistaken, otherwise the cost of data transfer can be increased several times.
  • In order to install an ICQ client for the J2ME platform on Android or Bada platforms, you will need to install a special Microemu emulator.
  • To install ICQ on a phone built on the Android platform, use the ICQ client for Android.
  • For the Bada platform, you usually do not need to install additional emulators. For correct ICQ operation, use the BadaICQ client.
  • In Windows Mobile, the J2ME application is not alwaysit is possible to install. It all depends on whether there is Java in the phone. In the absence of Java, avoid using emulators. this service will be charged. For Windows Mobile there are official ICQ clients.
  • In order to switch to communication, you need to start the client, then enter the UIN and password.

ICQ for different platforms

ICQ for Android

In the modern ICQ app for Androideliminated all the previous shortcomings. Owners of smartphones have the opportunity to take full advantage of this utility. In order to download the utility, enter the ICQ link for Android into your phone's browser. Also there is one more possibility. Recently in 2012, Google Play appeared, which replaced the Android Market, which used to be popular before. Modern service includes both the features of the Android Market, and completely new features. Using this service, you can easily find ICQ on Google Play and install!

ICQ for Symbian

This application is able to demonstrate a betterworking capacity and is an indispensable tool for comfortable communication. In order to download the utility to the phone's browser, you need to enter the link: ICQ for Symbian

For the proper functioning of the application, some mobile phones require the installation of a .jad file. You can install it using the link: ICQ-Symbian.jad

ICQ for Java

The ICQ ICQ utility for Java is in great demand withowners of mobile phones. Before installing this application, you need to check the compatibility of the ICQ client with your phone. You can download the ICQ ICQ application for Java by clicking on the link: ICQ for Java

Do not forget about the additional .jad file: ICQ-Java.jad

ICQ for Windows Mobile

This application is very practical and in itA wide audience using Internet messengers is interested. To download the application, enter the following link in the mobile phone browser: ICQ for Windows Mobile

Additional .jad file: ICQ-Windows.jad

Now you know different ways of how to install ICQ on your phone.

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