How to grow cucumbers?

Do you think that the harvest of your cucumbers is not enough, what is better? In this article, we'll talk about how to grow a good harvest of cucumbers.

Tips: how to grow cucumber

  • Cucumbers are very thermophilic, do not plant them in the open ground if the temperature in the summer months is below 18 ° C.
  • When it gets colder, cover cucumbers with special non-woven materials from evening and all night, and in the morning - open.
  • Cucumbers do not like drafts and wind, try to optimally choose a place for a garden.
  • It is very useful to plant cucumbers on a bed, on which before that grew: potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peas.
  • It is better to make a bed for cucumbers with a comb, to improve drainage.
  • Before planting, each well must be properly filled with fertilizers.
  • The distance between the beds between the plants should be 12-15 cm, and between the beds 50-70 cm. The depth of planting of seeds is 2 cm.
  • After landing the cucumbers, pour the soil, and then sprinkle dry soil on top to avoid crusting.
  • Abundantly and regularly water cucumbers, especially indry weather, otherwise you will not see a good harvest. Water the cucumber only with warm water. To keep the moisture of the soil, you can cover it with mown grass, or with dry hay. Watering is best done not on the crest under the root, but between the beds.
  • When the cucumber will have 5-6 present sheets, the main stem is better to pinch, so that the plant is better branched, and gave more yield.
  • When feeding cucumbers, it is better to choose a foliar method. With it, spray plants with fertilizer solution only in the evening, or not in sunny weather, so as not to harm the plant.
  • The soil is better not to loosen, but to make punctures, cucumbers do not like dense soil, but they have too weak root system for loosening.
  • Often harvest from your beds, this will contribute to a plentiful harvest.
  • The first flowers should be removed, so that the plant could fully form.

How to grow cucumber seedlings

First, we prepare the soil, here there are several options, choose which one is more like:

  • Sod, humus, peat, sawdust in equal proportions.
  • Humus and peat in equal parts.
  • Peat, sawdust and humus in a ratio of 2: 1: 2.

Mix any mixture thoroughly and scatter itpots, it is better not to plant seedlings in trays, as cucumbers do not tolerate diving. In each pot, plant 1-2 seeds. Before sowing the seeds should be kept in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 20-25 minutes, in addition they should be germinated, keeping 2-3 days in a damp cloth, the temperature should be 26-30 ° C.

After sowing the seeds, cover the pots with polyethylene,this is done to more easily maintain temperatures of 25-28 ° C and maintain moisture. Water the seedlings only with warm water. After the shoots have ascend - remove the film. If both seeds have risen in the pot, one, the weaker one, cut off, but do not pull it out so as not to damage the roots of the remaining shoot. After that, lower the temperature for 2-3 days to 20 ° C, so that the sprouts become stronger.

Seedlings need to provide light, protectfrom drafts and produce 2 additional fertilizing. Cultivate seedlings for cucumbers 23-30 days, but planted earlier than the seedling formed 2-3 of this sheet - do not. For a week before disembarkation, lower the temperature to 16-20 ° C.

Seedlings can be planted in a greenhouse or open ground.

How to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse

If the greenhouse is warm, the land in itit is possible to do without seedlings, but to plant seeds directly in the ground, while the sprouts do not grow stronger than cover them with non-woven insulation materials (for example, agril). Non-irradiated planting is acceptable if the soil surface has warmed to at least 13-15 ° C.

On warm days do not forget to ventilate the greenhouse, but do not create drafts. It is better to do this during flowering, to access insects, pollinating cucumbers.

How to grow cucumbers: fight against problems

If the ovaries and flowers fall, the cucumber lacks nutrients, and, perhaps, the soil is waterlogged. Carry out the fertilizing, and allow the soil to dry.

In abundant rains, the appearance and spread of gray rot may occur. To avoid this, you can tie a cucumber, well helps tying cucumbers like grapes.

When implementing fertilizing, it should be remembered. With the help of organic fertilizers you can bring your cucumbers various diseases. Carefully refer to the selection of fertilizers, the simplest version of fertilizer is wood tar.

How to grow cucumbers on a balcony

If your balcony is insulated, then cucumbers will pleaseYou and in winter. When growing cucumbers on the balcony you can do everything the old fashioned way, and you can use special settings. When choosing a variety, it is better to stop at the early and self-pollinated plants.

Planting cucumbers on the balcony does notdiffers from the usual method. If the balcony you have open, then protect cucumbers from frost, cover with warming materials, or even bedspreads, if necessary. In the heat, make a shadow for cucumbers, so that they do not burn out and the land does not dry up. Feed the plant once every 7-10 days, it can be done, for example, by infusion of wood ash (per 1 liter of water half a glass of ash). Do not forget to cut fruit in time.

For clarity, you can see the video: how to grow cucumbers.

So, now you know how best to grow cucumbers, a big harvest to you!

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