How to glue wallpaper

To paste over the room with wallpaper it is not required to finish building institute. Everything is quite simple. First of all, we collect materials that we need:

• Two containers, one for glue, the other for water.
• Stepladder.
• Plumb
• Ruler for cutting wallpaper
• Scissors
• Rag
• Cutter Knife
• Roller for seams
• wallpaper smoothing brush

The next step is to prepare for pasting the wall. They must be clean and flawless. If there are any grooves, cracks, then first fill up all the irregularities with putty. While the putty will dry, spread the glue as stated in the package instructions. Glue must match the type of wallpaper.

Next, cut the wallpaper. Roll the roll, looking at the picture, so that it coincides with the adjacent stripes. Apply glue to the wallpaper. Glue should be spread evenly across the sheet, not missing edges. Then the sheet is folded in half, without kneading the fold. Impregnated wallpaper, depending on their type. More is better to ask when buying in the store.

The first page is glued strictly vertically, starting from the window of the room.To check verticality, use a plumb. Stick wallpaper, starting from the top edge and stroking at first only the middle. Then carefully brush the brush from the top down and from the center to the edges. Such movements are required so that air bubbles do not occur. If something needs to be cut, use a knife, better clerical.

When you glue the corners, do not try to align the sheet on the corner, verticality should be preserved. Better to put one sheet on another. You just need to try to not spoil the picture, and the excess can always be cut off.

When pasting places with sockets and switches do not forget to turn off the electricity. Wallpapers are glued on top, and then the place with the socket with a switch is cut crosswise and carefully cut with scissors.

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