How to get to House 2?

In our time, many young people are strugglingstrive for popularity and fame. Many choose the way of the vocalist and break through to the stage with the help of their voice and charm. Some people like to play the role, so they are moving in the direction of the film industry. There are also people who like to dance and because of their talent they get on stage. But there are people who do not know how and who do not have talents, and they want nothing less than glory and public recognition. It is for this and came up with a reality show. One of the most popular TV projects is Dom-2.

Released in May 2004, this TV show for littleterm has gained high ratings and a huge number of spectators. It continues to this very day and also keeps at the peak of popularity. People from all the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries watch with enthusiasm the news and life of the participants of House-2. For many young televiewers who have despaired of finding themselves in art or any other business, it is considered an honor to get on this reality show. Not one young viewer of the project dreams about how he or she will flicker on television screens, gaining fame. About how to get on House 2 will be told in this article.

Tips for those who want to get on the project

One of the most popular ways to get on the teleproject is casting.

  • In order to come to the casting, you first needfill out a form. In it you need to describe your character traits, it is more likely that you will be noticed if you have any strangeness and causing details from life.
  • You must understand where you are going and what is not therePlace the gray mice, so try to tell your story as interesting as possible. After you send the form, please be patient, after all, you will not be answered at once. Remember that in addition to you for the role of participant in the project dozens, and maybe hundreds of people.
  • When your application is reviewed, you will be invited tostudio to meet with the producer of the project. It should be remembered that this is your only chance to make a good impression, so try to behave naturally, do not hesitate.
  • If you are asked about anything personal, do not close up, answer sincerely.
  • It is better to behave openly, and smile more, do not forget about activity.
  • If you liked the guys, wait for the invitation to the next interview.
  • It is at this meeting that you will discover the secret about how to get to House 2.
  • You will have to tell about yourself and come up with a story for the project.
  • The more piquant details, the better for you.
  • The creators of the project closely watch you,your actions and represent you on the show, to understand whether you are suitable for a reality show and whether you can join the team. They pay attention to your appearance, character, ability to stand up for your honor. Naturally they are interested in non-standard personalities.
  • After the interview, the creators of the show evaluate you, considering all the pros and cons, and if you liked, they will call you.

Now you know about what is casting House 2, how to go through it and be noticed! Good luck!

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