How to get started: effective methods and practical recommendations

Everyone dreams of achieving something in life,so he seeks to do everything necessary to get a chance. From the earliest childhood, everyone is told that you need to study hard to get good grades, and then get a good job. And many follow these instructions. At school, they study for one of the five and finish it with honors, then they go to a prestigious university and there they spend all their free time in order to be the best and, as a result, get a red diploma. And after that they get a job to gradually organize their career growth.

What else is needed? You have all the knowledge that you could give a modern education system, you have well developed comprehensive thinking, your intellect differs from the majority. But the increase does not come, nobody wants to increase the salary, and you can only follow in social networks for how the troika and the truant get the highest positions, earn huge money and live without any problems.

What's the matter? It turns out that you do not think well enough to succeed. You need to act. How to start acting? This is exactly what will be discussed in this article. You can find out exactly what you need to take steps to succeed. So, if you want to learn how to get started, then this article is for you!

how to start acting

The Importance of Action

But what's the matter? Why did all these people, who were not fit for school and university, now achieve much more than you? As you already understood, the problem lies in the actions, or rather in the presence of actions in these people and their absence from you. That's why you need to figure out how to start acting, and not just think, plan, demonstrate the vastness of your knowledge and the incredibility of the intellect.

The fact is that in the modern world, where the wholeinformation is available on the Internet, each person can read a dozen books and show themselves as a very intelligent interlocutor and valuable employee. But in reality, actions solve everything, and even if a person is not very erudite, but full of energy and is ready to take decisive steps at any moment, he can achieve more than the person who is slow with it, but at the same time is proud of his intellect. So it's time to learn how to get started.

start acting right now

Decision time

You should understand once and for all that you need to startAct now, without any delay. It is your indecisiveness, constant hesitation and reflection on what will be better and what is worse, do not allow you to move on. Very often in such situations you spend too much time analyzing what is happening and choosing the right approach, but in the modern world everything is changing very quickly, and there will always be someone who decides to do it faster than you. Or the problem will simply cease to be relevant.

In general, one way or another, you need something with thisand the simplest method is to establish a kind of deadline for making decisions. It must be a date after which there will be no more reflections on the place. You must make a decision without any hesitation. If you want to learn how to start a change in your life, then it is worth doing at least that. However, one can say with certainty that one step is not enough for you, so it is better to stock up several methods at once, which will help you in this difficult undertaking.

how to start a change

Small steps

If you have already realized that it's time for you to stop livingthe way you live, and really want to figure out how to stop thinking too much and start acting, then do not try to solve the problem in one big step. This will only lead to stress and frustration.

Of course, you, most likely, want to immediatelyachieve incredible success, but it is worthwhile to assess the real state of affairs sensibly. So do not try to aim at something big, it's better to start with small but important steps. Try to replace every day your thoughts on what great things you could do, at any, at least small actions that will develop in you activity and gradually bring you closer to the goal. This is another point that will allow you to figure out how to stop thinking too much and start acting. But there is still a lot of work ahead of you.

how to stop thinking too much and start acting


When you are trying to figure out how to stop thinking andto start acting, it can strain you very much, because it pulls you out of the so-called comfort zone. Each person has this zone of comfort is individual, and if you read this article, then for you, most likely, she is calmness and an opportunity to think, reflect. Accordingly, you will have to expose your body to stress when you act, not think. So you need to relax and not allow stress to take over.

Naturally, to start acting is a bigstep, so do not think that it will be given to you very simply. But you should not surrender in any case, so relaxing is a very good advice, which will greatly facilitate your life and the transition from thinking to accomplishment.

how to stop thinking and start acting

Recording Plans

When a person wants to start acting,Effective ways that have been tested by many people can be very useful to him. For example, keeping a diary is a popular way that will allow you to act much more efficiently. How? All you need to do is record the plans that you made on a certain day, and then try to fulfill them.

When you label something on paper, it'sceases to be an abstract thought in your head. This becomes a real record in the diary, and if this is a plan, then you will have to fulfill it, otherwise it will remain on paper a black stain. Accordingly, keeping records allows you to significantly improve the efficiency in the transition from thoughts to accomplishments. And so you can quickly figure out how to start acting. Methods, of course, do not end here, and you can come up with many more ways that will allow you not to live dreams in your head, but to realize these dreams in practice.

start acting is a big step


Many people who rely solely ontheir intellect, believe that they do not need training, since brute force does not help them in their endeavors. However, this is a very big mistake, because in reality sport is not only a way to build muscle. Beginning, in principle, you can and with the muscles themselves, because their availability gives you much more opportunities in life, and also allows you to look more attractive.

But how exactly can workouts affect yourthe ability to act? The fact is that the essence of physical culture is not only in building muscle mass. Sport stimulates all the processes in the body, it makes you more healthy, more alert, your body has much more energy, which means that you will be motivated to commit acts.

effective ways to act

Motivational books

Another point that you should pay attention toattention, is a specialized literature. Now the genre of motivational books is very common, and many writers try to convey to the people various methods in this or that field of activity. Naturally, there are also books that will allow you to learn less to think and act more.

Many people think that this is a senseless wastetime and money, and it's really true if you manage to achieve your goal without any problems. But if you are experiencing difficulties, such as, in this case, the inability to move from thinking to action, then the advice of an experienced specialist can become a decisive factor. You can learn the knowledge that you can use for your own development, you will become familiar with the techniques that will allow you to spend less time thinking and acting more quickly and efficiently.


Another aspect that you need to develop initself is spontaneity. All your decisions are usually very thoughtful, you spend a lot of time thinking, you can not get down to business if you did not plan it from start to finish. However, as you already know, this will not allow you to go far in life, as there will always be those people who will not be as smart and educated as you, but they will immediately make decisions, taking away all your chances. Therefore, it has already been said above that you need to put deadlines for important decisions and take them necessarily when the time for reflection expires.

But it will be much better to practice this in moreextreme conditions, and here you will need spontaneity. For such practice it is better to choose not too important goals that will not affect your life. The essence is to make spontaneous decisions as often as possible, you will not spend a second thinking about it. Yes, the result will not always be positive, but it will help you develop the speed of decision-making, which is a very important parameter in any modern person and is often valued even higher than the quality of decisions made over days and weeks.

Conversation on souls

Well, finally, you definitely should finda person with whom you can talk heart to heart, that is, someone who will tell you about your behavior from the outside, will help you with advice and will tell you when you should pay more attention to actions, not reflections. In any undertaking about changes in your life, it is worth having a friend with whom you can talk and discuss what is happening to you.


Well, now you understand that in the modernlife is very important to be able to act, not just think. A high level of intelligence is very good, but thinking will not do for you your work, which would allow you to move on. Actions yield results, so you need to give them much more attention.

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