How to fry in a multivark?

Multivarka is a universal unit in whichyou can cook almost any dish. In particular, besides baking, stewing, boiling and many other functions, the multivarker allows frying vegetables, fish and meat.

On how to do this, read on.

Frying mode: answer popular questions

This mode can be indicated on the workingdisplay device in both Russian and English - fry. And in many models of multivarieties there is an opportunity to set the program by choosing the product that you are going to cook: fish, meat or vegetables. Depending on this, you will vary the intensity of heating. For vegetables, it, accordingly, will be the smallest, for meat - the highest. Typically, the standard temperature for frying in multi-devices of different brands is about 160 degrees, sometimes this figure is sometimes less.

Also in many devices besides pre-installedtime settings there is an option to control the duration of cooking the product by the user. This is very convenient, because the recipes for different housewives may differ.

Let us pass directly to those questions that are most often encountered in the forums devoted to the use of multivaracters.

If there is no "frying"

Owners of the simpler and older versions of multivaracters are interested in how to fry in a multivark, if there is no corresponding mode in it.

It turns out, and this is not a problem. All you need to do is study the instructions to the device and find out which of the available cooking modes offers the highest heating temperature. In particular, it can be:

  • "Multipage". An excellent program that more than any other, because in it you can set any temperature you want (usually from 30 to 150-160 degrees) and cooking time. That is, in this mode you can cook, and stew, and bake, and fry.
  • "Bakery products". Usually this is the second most intensive program (about 140-150 degrees) in the multivark. It can be used freely for frying vegetables, seafood, meat. Only the length of cooking you need to increase a little - how much, depends on each individual multivarka and the desired dish. It will be more difficult for you to get a crusty crust effect. In general, it is necessary to experiment.

Other modes give significantly lower temperature heating, and therefore fry with them, even a regular bow will be impossible

Open or closed lid?

The next popular question is whether you can fry in a multivark with an open lid.

The answer is positive - there will be no harm to the device,nor if you periodically open the lid, nor if you start from the beginning to the end with a lid open. However, in any case, look in the instructions of your multivark - there are models where you can fry only with the lid open. In addition, so you can mix food, and it's better fried.

The only thing that will affect this factor is the quality of the roast. After all, with the lid open, all the steam / heat will come out. So it is with the usual pan or frying pan.

Cooking without fat?

Finally, the last frequently discussed question - is the multicarrier frying without oil?

Here it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, because alldepends on the quality of the coating of the working bowl. In new models, just like in new pans, you can easily fry many products (such as eggs, vegetables) without adding fat. But already pretty worn coating, most likely, will require oil.

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