How to drill glass at home

February 7, 2018
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In some situations when repairing there is a need for drilling glass. For this manipulation there is a special nozzle, that is, a drill from, which will greatly facilitate your work. Most people are afraid of this procedure, as it is very painstaking. Any wrong movement can cause a crack on the surface.

How to drill glass at home

Let's focus our attention on the drill itself, which is usually made of carbide. Sharpening of this nozzle occurs in a special way, which allows us to achieve ease of operation. To increase the sharpness of the cutting surface, diamond grit is also sprayed onto it. So, you decided to start work, but first you need to prepare the site. The glass is placed on a hard and flat surface, having previously cleaned it of various excess particles. Next, we arm ourselves with a mechanical or electric drill and at low speeds we begin to produce work. The main thing that accuracy was above all.By the way, the hole is made small, for larger options there is a different technology.

How to drill glass at home

To avoid problems, keep the tip of the drill dipped in turpentine or mineral oil. You should not put pressure on the tool, also, axial beats are set at a minimum. It is important to keep track of these values, which can spoil your work.

There are experts that can afford to do this kind of work without a special drill. Usually, a small-diameter version with a pointed tip is suitable for this. Recognized as the most acceptable tetrahedral drill bit sharpen the edges at an obtuse angle. And there should also be a wetting of the tip, but only after you have done the initial indentation.

There are several other options for doing this kind of work, but these will most likely be variations of the methods described above. Do not forget that the rush leads to cracks in the material, because you need to be careful until the very end. The finish stage can be a failure if you have very little left and you decide to push it. It is this fine line that allows you to refrain from pushing through.You, by your pressure, increase the pressure on the site site and get a defective version.

How to drill glass at home

By the way, someone prefers to pre-temper the tip of the drill to get a more stable option. Then for other works this element will already be unsuitable.

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