How to decorate the courtyard of a private house with your own hands - ideas from unnecessary things

Good all the time of day! Do you have your own house, where is a large yard that you want to decorate? A lot of ideas, but do not know where to start? Then this topic is for you.

You can decorate your site with stylish, beautiful, so to speak as part of landscape design.

landscape design home decoration

And it is possible, using unnecessary things, or the material remaining from the repair, to build such a site.

Playground do it yourself

You can use anything: plastic, tires, wood, old iron, wire, and many, many more things. The main thing here is fantasy.

So, some original and interesting ideas will be discussed further. If you were inspired by them, did something similar or invented yourself, be sure to share your creations.

We make out the yard from scrap materials

To begin with, let's see how to decorate the yard using a wide variety of materials, creating from them both compositions and individual objects.

For example, it would seem that such a completely ordinary object, like a mirror, can be applied not quite normally. We take the old frame, insert a mirror into it. We hang on the wall of the house. As a result, we obtain the illusion that the space around has increased somewhat.

window frames mirrors

If you are a fan of birds and often lure them, then you can make such a wonderful trough from the old tea set (which crashed and you decided to throw it out).

bird feeders

If you have small children, then you can buy a children's play tent for playing in the yard. However, it is much more interesting, as well as more original, if you make up (preferably together with the children) such a hut. How to do this, you can not even talk, so everything is clear.

hut for children from branches

If you have old wooden pallets, they can be adapted under the table. How it looks shown in this photo.

old pallets table

Surely everyone on the site has barrels, both under water and under the garbage. But maybe for some other purpose. They are rusty and unsightly. And if you paint them, paint?

barrel making

An old bath, and she will be able to fit in with something. The most acceptable use for it is a small pond. We dig into the ground, we put stones on it (according to Shuya's hair dryer), plant the plants - the pond is ready.

pond from old bath

Yes, I got another photo of one interesting use of the bath.Agree, it is impossible to even imagine that it can be used like this. Cut the bath, we get a garden sofa.

sofa from the bath

Boxes from under vegetables and fruits. Well suited for the manufacture of the rack. And so what is there to store - your business.

drawer shelf

In general, there is a lot of material, ideas too, the main thing is to come up sensibly and come up with something such. And in the video below it is quite intelligibly described how to decorate your yard, sorry for the tautology, with your own hands.

Video film - how to decorate the courtyard of a private house

As mentioned, there is a lot of material, but plastic bottles and old automobile tires are most often used. From them it is possible to make, both design figures, and beds for flowers. And also a lot of interesting things.

Apply old tires

The first thing that comes to mind when using tires is flowerbeds. The simplest beds are made quite simply, we put the tire, fill it with earth and plant the plants. You can arrange the tires, if there are several, in the most diverse order, you can add something like this from them:

a bed of old tires

It is possible to make pyramidal beds, i.e. multi-tiered.The number of tiers depends on the desires and capabilities.

pyramidal bed of car tires

But, beds beds, and it is possible to make various figures from tires.

For example, such a fish.

tire figurine

Or a frog that can be adjusted even under a flower bed.

a frog tire figure

But if you have a lot of tires on the farm, or neighbors inspired by your creativity, they used to drag you their whole garage, then you can make a whole composition of the figures.

composition of tire figures

In order to create your masterpieces of tire art, prepare a very sharp knife, screws, paints of different colors, brushes and glue. Depending on the idea, you will still need additional materials, such as boards. Using them with tires can be made for children swing.

children's swing

And if you take a few tires, hang them on the ropes, you get a whole sports and playground.

tire swing

As you can see, there are a lot of options. And it was only a small part of what can be made from automobile tires.

Ideas flower arrangements

Flower compositions created by hand from a wide variety of scrap materials are perhaps the most popular crafts. As such, they, however, will remain.

And what kind of material is not used for this.As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. If there is no flower pot at hand, use a women's shoe.

flowers in shoes

Cinderella about this, probably would not have thought of. Creating flower arrangements depends on which flowers you use, live or artificial. For the living we are looking for something that can be used as a pot. For artificial we create from everything, making even unusual shapes. For example, we create the following composition from dry autumn leaves and drifts (albeit in addition with beads or other similar accessories):

flower composition

If we talk about artificial compositions, using the same tires and plastic (bottles) we make such a wonderful flowerbed.

artificial flower bed

And here's another good one, in my opinion, the use of car tires:

flowers in car tires

Returning to the vibrant colors, I would like to note that it is good to use them in festive compositions. For example, on the eve of the new year, it is possible to make about such ikebans for the holiday table.

holiday composition

Creating flower arrangements is a special story. They are made for the holidays and just to decorate the interior. It is possible to create compositions from artificial flowers, from natural. You can simply collect flowers in a beautiful bouquet, and you can create figures.

flower figurine

Basically, flower arrangements are made in vases and baskets. However, by showing imagination you can come up with something original, like, for example, this floral umbrella.

old flower umbrella

Using wood bark, in particular, bark, moss and flowers, we create such a wonderful composition. It uses flowers that, when dried, remain as if they were alive.

flowers in birch bark

Another original idea. We take the old flower pot, we wrap it with a satin ribbon. Next, paint the halves of the eggshell in the color of the ribbon and glue over the pot. As a result, we get such a wonderful flower pot.

flowers in a pot

A lot of ideas. It remains only to be inspired, roll up your sleeves and start creating.

Where can I apply plastic bottles

The use of plastic bottles is very diverse. It is even difficult to list what can be made of them. It is easier to say where they are useless.

To begin with, I will give an example of a somewhat complicated and time-consuming use of bottles. We cut them and, using as a tile, we cut a roof.

bottle roof

However, if you tackle it, then it will go. And finished. You can immediately "bungle" a bed of one and a half liters and lay down to rest.

sofa of bottles

Earlier, we talked about flowers, flowerbeds and pots.You can make such pots out of plastic bottles by hanging them out at least as in the picture, at least in your own way.

flower pots from bottles

In the garden of plastic bottles it is easy to make a water sprayer for watering plants.

plastic bottle sprinkler

In the continuation of the garden theme, look what kind of greenhouse turned out of plastic bottles. The truth here is still used timber for the frame, but it is on technology.

bottle house

For a light bulb in the house, you can make such a lamp shade.

bottle shade

What else such to make from plastic bottles. Cut them into strips up to the neck, put them on the cutting, we get a whisk.


If you stick the bottle upside down, you can make borders for flower beds or beds.

curbs for flower beds

Thus, bottles can be used almost everywhere, used in any work.

There is a lot of various trash and garbage, do not rush to throw it out. A bit of fantasy, and from the trash can get a masterpiece of design.

We decorate the yard with garbage

Garbage, of course, the concept of conditional. Just looking what to call garbage. Waste plastic bottles, tires, trim pipes, boards, etc. Everything can be used in the design of the yard.

For example, such a composition.

courtyard decoration

Using old barrels and cans you can make such a wonderful train.

train from old barrels

Trees were cut down in the yard and hemp is in the way. No big deal, you can think of little men.

use of stumps from sawed trees

To make the site look more interesting, create a whole village picture of everything you have at hand.

decorated area

Even old boots, and they can go into business.

flower pots from boots

How to decorate the yard in winter

Winter time is black and white, and therefore it will be a bright spot in the middle of a dull winter during this period to color your yard with handicrafts.

The most traditional thing is to make snowmen and other figures out of the snow.

snow figures

It became very popular to wrap garlands around trees. In the evening, when light such a garland will not only be light, but also beautiful.

tree lights

What would be nice not only for you, but also for passersby, decorate your fence with fir branches, ribbons and lanterns.

fence decoration

But mostly, for winter decorations, snow figures are good, which can, and should, be done with children.

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