How to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year 2019

Christmas tree has become a symbol of the New Year all over the world. Decorating it, we create a special mood in the house, which then reigns throughout the Christmas holidays.

Bright candles, balls, crackers, festoons, tinsel and other nice little things to the heart create a holiday aura that does not look like anything, complementing with bright colors the scent of spruce needles and real winter forest.

But you want not only to make the house cozy and fun, but also to please the symbol of the coming year. Since the New Year symbol is the Pig, it is necessary to decorate the Christmas tree accordingly.

Decoration colors

Pig - being fun, very loving bright colors. But at the same time she has a good taste, which makes attempts to please her quite complicated. Bright compositions should not be too coarse. Choose a specific range and stick to it. The most suitable will be:

  • Pink tones that resemble a gentle side of the pig can please glamorous girls. Those who love this color will enjoy the symbol of the year and themselves along with it on New Year's Eve. The main thing - do not overdo it with toys.
  • The yellow scale of toys will fill the house with the sun, and the soul with joy. Sunny yellow, lemon and gold shades can play with myriad highlights, giving pleasure to the eyes and peace in the heart. Gilt loves these colors very much, so it will be easy to please her in this case.
  • The combination of many bright colors may appeal to the pig if there is harmony in the composition. Overload the Christmas tree with a too rich palette - and the character will be offended, considering that you treat it as a creature with no sense of proportion at all.
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Toy layout methods

There are several types of arrangement of Christmas decorations in the composition and decoration of balls. Each of them has its fans and gives people the opportunity to take a break from everyday life and admire something extraordinary.

Spiral arrangement of decorations

When choosing this method to decorate the Christmas tree, toys are hung in a spiral, after spiraling a garland.

decorated Christmas trees for the new year 2019 photo

It is necessary to select decorations of approximately the same size so that the helix line can be clearly seen. Tinsel can either be laid in the same spiral, or fastened with lush bows (depending on its fluffiness and length of ribbons).

Vertical distribution of toys

In order to decorate spruce with this method, it is necessary to hang the garlands vertically too, thus dividing all the space that should be decorated into sections.

Each section is decorated with its own color. Pink, yellow, blue and red, blue and green sections will play with colors and beckon the look if the toys are approximately the same size.

How to beautifully decorate the Christmas tree for the new year

Tinsel with this method of decoration should also be hung vertically. It will emphasize the line sections and give extra shine to the composition.

Hanging toys in a circle

This way of hanging on ate toys is more familiar to the townsfolk. Garlands at the same time are arranged in a circle, as can be laid out and tinsel. Toys can create colored belts or vary in size.

A scattering of toys on the Christmas tree

Not everyone can decorate a Christmas tree in this way. First, you need to pick up toys of the same shape and color, but of different size. And there may be several colors. Having laid out a garland in a spiral or in a circle, first hang out the smallest toys on top of the Christmas tree.

decorations for christmas treesChristmas tree decoration photo2019 Christmas tree decoration ideasChristmas tree decorating styles

You can alternate colors in any order. Larger toys are hanging below, even lower - even more. And so, until the Christmas tree is fully decorated.

Hanging tinsel in the form of strips in this case is not worth it. Tie beautiful bows of the appropriate sizes from it and add silver or gold ribbons.


Christmas-tree toys is a separate topic that is discussed by many ordinary people, affecting even stylists. How to decorate a holiday symbol?

how to decorate the Christmas tree for the new year 2019

Balloons.Christmas balls are made at all the factories of Christmas decorations. Glass balls are now quite expensive, not everyone can afford to buy such decorations.

Simpler plastic toys have won almost the entire market serving the average consumer. Light and shatterproof, they can be of any color and size. The fir-tree decorated by them most often looks solid and elegant.

Cones, leaves, flowers.Floral ornament in our time began to slowly surrender their positions.

Of course, the image of mistletoe in Christmas wreaths does not go away, but the last few years have not hung all kinds of flowers made of glass on the Christmas tree. But at the meeting of the Year of the Pig, these toys will be appropriate.

Christmas tree decoration in 2019how to hang toys on the treeChristmas tree photo designphotos of the Christmas tree at home

Fairy-tale heroes.This type of toy is popular in homes. Where there are small children.Funny Santas, Snow Maidens, Snowmen and dressed little animals, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons excite children's imagination and are always relevant on the family Christmas tree. The main thing is to properly distribute toys on the branches.

Snowflakes.One of the symbols of New Year's Eve is snow. White and silver snowflakes make the tree incredibly elegant. Combine them with ordinary balls - and you get a real fairy-tale tree, mysterious and mysterious.

Children will spend under such a tree for more than one hour, inventing hundreds of fairy tales. Moreover, such a Christmas tree looks very stylish.

Glazed cookies.You can decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year 2019 with dough. Coated with colored glaze cookies immediately attracted to his eyes. They can be made from salt dough, and you can eat edible, sweet shortbreads.

decorated Christmas trees for the new year 2019 photo

Such decorations for children as a bait. The Christmas tree looks like a real gift for a sweet tooth, especially if you add candies in bright candy wrappers to decorations.

Xedmade toy- DIY handmade Christmas decorations. In childhood we were all taught to cut out of paper, glue lanterns, create paper garlands.

In addition, it is possible to make wire frames and insist them in a very steep saline solution.Salt will stick to the wire and will resemble factory powder.

how to decorate the Christmas tree for the new year

You can create real masterpieces from light bulbs and other scrap materials, using ordinary foil or broken toys, paints and paper to decorate. This tree will be original and no one will be able to repeat your design.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a whole art. In this year it is worthwhile to make sure that the colors match the lively shades that the piggy likes.

It is worth being careful not to turn luxury into vulgarity. The main thing is a sense of proportion.

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