How to cook Chicken Bacon?

Just recently in the McDonald's network appearedA new menu, in which Chicken Bacon sandwiches were offered. Their taste was so amazing that many visitors of this establishment immediately brought them to the list of their favorite dishes. However, not all people can try McDonald's Chicken Bacon, because they consider the food in this institution not usable. Also there are people who want to cook this dish with their own hands, at home, from good products. That's why you should use this recipe. It will help to recreate the stunning taste of the dish, but at the same time it will save it from the harmful and unnecessary elements that the original Chicken Bacon is so familiar with. The price of this dish will be somewhat lower, but this will not affect the quality.chicken bacon


To prepare the dish you will need:

- chicken fillet - 800gr;

- raw bacon - 400gr;

- salt;

- pepper;

- garlic;

- curry;

- mayonnaise;

- paprika;

Meat preparation

First of all, it is necessary to wash the chicken fillet andlet it dry. Then the meat is cut into small pieces and salted. After ten minutes, it is sprinkled with pepper and greased with a mixture of mayonnaise and curry. In this form it is left to marinate for several hours. At this time, cut into thin pieces of bacon and slightly add.chicken bacon price


After pickling, you need to collect Chicken Bacon. For this, a piece of chicken fillet is wrapped in a thin layer of meat. In this case, you can use a variety of condiments and spices. After that, the ready-made roulette is given the shape of a cutlet, which is sprinkled with pepper and paprika. Some chefs at this point prefer to use breadcrumbs to make the dish look like Chicken Bacon. However, they will only collect fat, which is not very desirable in this dish.


After the beautiful cutlets turned out, theirit is necessary to lay out on a prepared baking sheet. To do this, it is lined with parchment, which is smeared with a small amount of vegetable fat. After stacking on a baking tray Chicken Bacon is placed in a preheated oven. There he must prepare for thirty minutes, with a temperature regime set to 200 degrees. After that, the ready cutlets are removed from the oven and allowed to cool slightly.McDonald's Chicken Bacon

A sandwich

When the main component is prepared, it can beput in a sandwich. In a small bun is placed ready Chicken Bacon. Next, add onions and lettuce leaves. Fill the same sandwich with a special sauce. It is prepared from a mixture of mustard and mayonnaise with the addition of grated pickled cucumbers. In the end, it turns out an amazing dish, which to its taste far exceeds its original recipe and at the same time contains a minimum amount of fat compared to the product of the McDonald's network.

Other applications

It should be noted that this dish can beused in a different capacity. The rolls themselves can be served on a separate plate together with a garnish of potatoes or boiled rice. At the same time, the dish can be decorated with fresh vegetables or herbs, and as a drink red dry wine is good.

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