When buying a motor block, special attention is paid totechnical characteristics of technology, while few people pay attention to the wheels and the quality of their production. Motoblocks are small in weight, with the exception of professional options. Increased efficiency and reduced labor costs are achieved through a good grip of soil and wheels.

wheels for motoblock


The wheels are presented in various designs and are designed to perform a variety of functions. There are several varieties, the most common are the following:

  • Metal, equipped with grooves;
  • rubber all-cast;
  • traction;
  • pneumatic.

Traction wheels for motoblock differcharacteristic pattern on the tires and versatility in use. They provide the performance of many functions due to the extended capture. The materials used in the manufacture have a long period of operation and resistance to mechanical damage. They can be used both off-road and as wheels for snow-removing machinery.

Pneumatic wheels for motoblock providestability of equipment on a complex surface and are often installed on domestic equipment. They are indispensable if you need to dig up the soil. When choosing it is worth giving preference to products with a diameter of at least 40 cm and a pronounced pattern on the tread.

wheels for motoblock own hands

Wheels for heavy ground

The most difficult in the processing of stony soil, inIn this case, it is recommended to use solid wheels. They have a long service life, the only drawback is a large weight. The products are indispensable for MTZ tractors, mini tractors and diesel engines.

Some wheels for the motor block are equippedspecial grousers, which provide additional power due to weighting of the structure. The equipment equipped with them will not get stuck even in heavy clay soil, as the steel teeth will push the vehicle forward, preventing penetration into the ground. The front support wheel requires special attention. It depends on it depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of technology, and it also accounts for most of the load.

How to choose wheels for motoblock

The main criteria for selection are working conditionstechniques. It is worth paying attention to the number of layers of rubber and the quality of the material, as this has a direct impact on further operation and service life. Wheels of medium and small size are suitable for models with air cooling, diesel engines, as well as for belt-type motorblocks. Powerful devices with a large mass require the installation of wheels with a large diameter.

Wheels for the trailer motoblock are classified bysimilar criteria. It is recommended to use variants with increased strength, since they are subjected to high pressure when transporting heavy loads.

how to make wheels on a motoblock


Despite the fact that the manufacture of wheels from scratchit is impossible to supplement the chosen base independently and thus to obtain the necessary characteristics at minimal costs. The best option for upgrading will be wheels from a car or a motorcycle. The easiest way is to construct a structure with grousers. The wheelbase can be extended with the help of special extensions, this will increase the functionality of the machinery and ensure a higher quality of work. An additional advantage is provided by paired metal wheels for the motoblock with their own hands, in which a free space is formed for the weighting agents. Such products are not suitable for use on a trailer, but they have many advantages:

  • maximum contact with the surface;
  • at manufacturing special tools are not required;
  • if necessary, you can quickly remove the outer wheels;
  • High productivity due to minimal slipping.

wheels for trailer motoblock

How to Make Wheels for a Motoblock

Double structures have acquired extensiveDistribution is not only due to its advantages, but also due to the possibility of rapid manufacturing. To begin with, it is necessary to choose a suitable base and cut out on the tires small protectors. In the bypass, squares with side not less than 25 cm, made of steel strip with a size of 5x0.5 cm, are inserted.

Metal teeth are welded with a step of at least 20 cm, as with a more dense placement they will not be submerged in the ground to the required depth.

After the squares are welded, a second contour is formed, resulting in a design that resembles a vase. The final stage is to put tires on the manufactured rims.

As it becomes clear, it is not difficult at all to make wheels for a motoblock by oneself, it does not require special skills and tools, the main thing is to find suitable components.

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