How to choose an oil heater: tips and a review of the best options

It does not matter if you live in an apartment or in your own country house, heating problems can arise everywhere and, as a rule, at the most inappropriate moment. And they will have to decide in an emergency manner. If you do not want this problem to be taken by surprise, you should take care to purchase a reliable source of heat in advance. But reliability is only one of the selection criteria.

How to choose an oil heater, you will learn from this article.

How does the oil heater

The radiator, as it is easy to guess, is the most important part of any oil heater. It is made of ferrous metal. The thickness of the walls of the radiator is 0.8-1 mm. All components of this product must have exact dimensions, therefore laser cutting of metal is used when cutting.

This technology allows you to make the edges of parts smooth and smooth.Small radiator elements are made by stamping, and sheet bending equipment is used to make right angles.

Which oil heater is better to choose
The oil heater is a very convenient device that is widely used in our country as a source of additional heating during the off-season

Since we are talking about a heating device, which will be filled with oil, it is necessary that its sections be completely sealed. This parameter is achieved by the method of spot-welding of individual parts among themselves, followed by pressing. In order for the sections to be interconnected, special holes are provided in their design. The radiator is assembled using a robust nipple connection that prevents leakage.

A durable coating is applied to the finished radiator using powder technology, in which the paint polymerizes as a result of heating in a special furnace.

Mineral transformer oil is a filler poured into the assembled heater radiator. Sometime in the first oil heaters, oil was poured through a special valve.Now the filling of containers is performed in the process of assembling the device.

How does the oil heater
There is nothing in the device of this device that could be confusing or puzzling: it is convenient and simple, compact and transportable

Without disturbing the tightness of the device, an electric heater is inserted into it, after which the outside side panels made of metal and plastic are fixed outside. A thermostat, overheating protection and a power regulator are mounted on the front panel. It remains to connect to the finished device a cable with a plug that will provide its power supply.

When a specific place in the room is already determined for the heater, you need to fix the wheels with a bracket in the lower part of its body. This is done with the help of special fasteners with nuts included in the instrument package.

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What is an oil heater
What is an oil heater
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Oil radiators in country houses
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Devices for heating urban apartments
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Work as an addition to heating networks
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Additional functions of oil radiators
Model range of oil heaters
Model range of oil heaters
Non-standard models of heating units
Non-standard models of heating units
Economical operation of electrical appliances for heating
Economical operation of electrical appliances for heating

The principle of operation of the oil heater

First of all, turn on the heater in the network, and then install with the help of the thermostat this air temperature, which will provide a comfortable atmosphere in your room. What happens to the device itself?

The heating process consists of several stages and looks like this:

  • first heats up the heating element (electric heater);
  • from TENA thermal energy is transferred to mineral oil - coolant;
  • oil heats the radiator housing;
  • From the case of the device, as well as from the usual radiator, the air in the room warms.

In fact, the heating of the room is carried out in a convective way. It is believed that the limiting temperature, which can reach the heating of the radiator body of the device, is 150 degrees. Not all models are capable of so inflame, often the threshold of heating is still lower. But above the specified maximum temperature of the case will not rise.

The principle of operation of the oil heater
The oil heater is operated from the mains: the heating element inside the case heats up, which supplies energy to the heat transfer fluid that heats the metal sections of the device and increases the ambient temperature

In order for the air in the room to warm up faster, it is necessary to speed up the process of mixing the cold mass with the heated flows. It is for this reason that a number of manufacturers supply their models with fans. Such an oil heater warms up the room much faster.

If the fan does not come with your model, you can use your own, with which you fought the heat in the summer. The effect will be the same. A standalone fan is good because you can orient it to the area of ​​the room in which we first need heat.

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Do I need repair oil heater
Replacing a torn power cord
Replacing a torn power cord
The feasibility of repairing the electrical part
The feasibility of repairing the electrical part
Thermostat for repairing an oil heater
Thermostat for repairing an oil heater

Additional features worth seeing

Advanced models of oil heaters have additional features that improve the operation of the device, while at the same time increasing its cost.

Remote control
We are accustomed to remote control of various devices and made sure that it is really convenient, so the remote from the oil heater will take place next to the television and fan

We will give examples of additional functions demanded by buyers:

№ 1. Air humidification.When using heating devices, the air in the room is often overdried, and additional moisture would be very useful to him. A number of electric oil heaters are supplied with an uncomplicated device that helps to humidify the air.

Usually this is a tank, the water in which the owners themselves must fill. When the appliance heats up, the water in the container evaporates, thus compensating for the lack of moisture.

№ 2. Improved security.If it is cold in a house or apartment, then we aspire to increase the air temperature primarily in those rooms where children sleep or play.

For children, a hot radiator is a potential hazard, so it is better to close it with a special protective cover. It is necessary to take into account that the housing has drawbacks: it complicates the convection process. However, the safety of the child is worth it.

№ 3. Programming and remote control.If a special remote control is included in the heater package, the device can be controlled remotely.If the radiator has a built-in timer, which switches the device on and off depending on the degree of its heating, then your room will be warm and cozy without unnecessary costs for electricity.

You can program the device to turn on half an hour before you wake up, so that the temperature of the air in the house when you wake up is most comfortable.

№ 4. Convenience of movement.As a rule, rollers are included in the basic equipment of the oil heater. To use them or not is the decision of the owner of the device, because it is he who will fasten this device to the bottom of the device.

Protective cover
Safety of operation of heating devices is an important point that should never be missed, especially if the heater is in the children's bedroom or in the playroom.

The list of additional elements that radiator manufacturers equip their appliances with is not complete. It can be a clothes dryer, and special protective mechanisms, etc. In any case, it is the buyer who makes the final choice of the functions for which he would like to give his money.

Main selection criteria

Choosing the best heater is a rather difficult task, the solution of which largely depends on the goals set by the buyer. But there are key criteria to which I would like to draw your attention:

Heater Dryer
A great addition to the room heating function is drying clothes, which can cause problems if it is bad outside and the batteries in the house are still cold.

№ 1. Technical parameters.The focus should be on the power of the device. This feature will be discussed further below. It is enough to mention here that the power must be interconnected with the size of the room that needs heating.

We need a radiator to create comfort in the house, so preference should be given to a more powerful model. After all, it is very disappointing when, having made the purchase of a low-power model, you continue to freeze. A powerful enough product that has at least 2 heating modes, a temperature controller and an integrated thermostat deserves attention.

No. 2. Sizes of sections.Geometrically, instrument parameters also matter. Narrow sections warm up faster, using less energy for this process,but the total area of ​​their surface is small. Therefore, the heating of the air in the room with their help will not happen too quickly.

Wide sections can be rapidly cooled by air, so they will need more electricity to heat them up. Choosing parameters of sections, you, in fact, make a choice between the speed of heating of the room and economy.

№ 3. Weight.Do not buy too light a device that has impressive dimensions. Such an effect can occur if the metal that went to the manufacture of the radiator is too thin or for some reason is not enough oil in the device.

№ 4. Additional elements.In the offseason, when it’s already cold outside and it’s raining, and the heating hasn’t been thought to turn on, you need to somehow solve the problem of drying clothes. It is impossible to locate it directly on the heater, as on a conventional radiator. But the purchase of the device directly from the dryer is an excellent way out. In the nursery need a model with a protective cover. Extra options should be ignored.

№ 5. Appearance.Any device must not only perform the functions assigned to it, but also please the eye. If the designer worked over the interior of your country house, it would be a shame to destroy all his efforts by buying an object dissonant with the surrounding space.

Moreover, there are plenty to choose from: shops present to our attention models from different manufacturers, colors, shapes and sizes. There are neutral products that can fit into almost any interior.

Variety of models
Due to the relentless competition in the electrical goods market, a variety of models of heaters appear, which allows you to choose a product not only by its functions, but also by color, size and other parameters

Be sure to watch the video about choosing a heater, which is located at the bottom of this article. Oil heater - a device that should last you more than one year. When buying it, do not forget to draw up all the documents that will allow you to apply for warranty repairs, if such a need arises.

Calculation of power requirements of the device

If we do not want to overpay for the excess power of the device, we must know our own actual need for this radiator parameter. This characteristic is directly dependent on the volume of the room that needs to be heated.

There is a rule that should be used when calculating the power of any heating device.It consists in the following: to heat every ten square meters of a room it will take only 1 kW of energy emitted by your radiator. Although we called this condition universal, we should mention that we are talking about apartments, whose ceilings have a standard height of 2.75 meters.

How to calculate the need for power of the device, if the ceilings in your apartment are located at a different distance from the floor?

We offer you the following algorithm, which can be used in this case:

  • multiply the length of the room by its width, calculating the area of ​​the room;
  • the result obtained is multiplied by the actual height of the room, determining the volume of the room;
  • let's divide the calculated volume by 25, having received at the same time the value corresponding to that quantity of kW which will be required for heating of our room.

The division is made exactly by 25, since it is believed that for heating 25 m31 kW of energy is required.

Summing up the calculations and reasoning, let's say that for a standard room, whose area is close to 20 square meters. meters, a 1.5 kW radiator will be quite enough. If the room is larger, you need to choose a more powerful model.In modern stores, oil heaters, whose power does not exceed 2.5 kW, are represented widely enough so that you can make a choice of such a device that suits you as much as possible.

Features of operation and care

Oil heaters do not require special complex care or special maintenance. To clean the surface of the device, it is enough to wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

Features of operation
The oil heater does not cause difficulties in operation and in caring for it: you just need to remember that it can work only in a vertical state, and also monitor the operability of the sleep timer

Abrasives for its cleaning can not be used. When using this type of heater, some precautions should be observed:

  • It should not be allowed to operate in rooms where the humidity is increased if the devices are not provided with special protection, information about which is included in the passport of the product.
  • The power cord should not come into contact with the radiator housing, since high temperatures can melt the insulation of the wire, and this is dangerous!
  • Operation of the heater can be carried out only when it is located strictly vertically, it cannot be turned over!
  • Do not place the heater near electrical equipment and the power outlet!
  • When connecting the equipment to the network, you cannot use an extension cord, because during operation it may overheat and cause a fire.
  • The device should not be installed near furniture, textiles or other combustible and low-melting materials.
  • To carry the radiator, hold it by the special handle: it is forbidden to pull it by the cord!
  • The oil heater cannot be stored on the balcony, in the garage or in the shed, because under these storage conditions it will fail early.
  • Do not use the device in rooms reserved for the storage of explosive substances!
  • It is possible to use an oil heater only during the period specified in the manufacturer’s passport.
  • If the device has flowed, then do not rush to give it in for repair: buy a new one better, because the fresh coolant inside the tank is no longer being pumped, and due to leakage it no longer corresponds to the stated technical parameters.

I would like to once again draw your attention to the danger of misuse of this appliance. If you turn on the oil heater, which is in the "lying" position, its hot oil can break the case and provoke a fire. After all, mineral oil does not fill the tank to the top.

When the device is on its side, the heating element is partially exposed, which means it is in contact with an oxygen aggressive medium. Next, the working temperature of the heating device will increase, and the coolant will begin to burn out. Inside on the walls there will be carbon deposits, which prevent normal heat transfer. The device will have to work with increased load, because of what it is much earlier than the manufacturer promised, will fail.

The operation of the heater is still undesirable when its overheating sensor is faulty. In this case, the heating will not be interrupted when the maximum critical temperature is reached. The device will not turn off, and will glow until it burns. The worst predictions promise the occurrence of fire with escalating into a fire, if no one nips it in time.

Flammable situation can create things, hung to dry on the oil cooler.The heater can easily overheat and contribute to fire. The same effects will cause foreign objects in the outlet and in the vent.

If you listen to our advice, then buy a high-quality and reliable device that will serve you for many years, helping out whenever there is a need for it.

Review of the best models

Production of oil heaters are engaged in many domestic and foreign companies. The most popular products are companies DeLonghi (Italy), Bimtek (Germany) and General Climate (Holland). This fact does not mean that the products of other producers are bad. Simply listed companies are the best in the global market today. Tomorrow the situation may change.

If we talk about the domestic market, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the best models of oil radiators, presented in different price categories.

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Oil heaters brand Polaris
Oil heaters brand Polaris
Economical operation of oil heaters
Economical operation of oil heaters
Adjustment of operating modes of the device
Adjustment of operating modes of the device
Convenient mobile radiator options
Convenient mobile radiator options

Selection Criteria for Comparison

For comparison between the heating devices, we selected the following characteristics:

  • power;
  • safety and reliability in operation;
  • hull parameters;
  • the presence of additional features.

We already spoke about power and additional functions above and will not be repeated. Let's talk about the reliability and safety of products.

Criterias of choice
Since the products entering the domestic market are made in China, albeit under license from European countries, you should not pay attention to the country of origin indicated in the advertising booklets.

The domestic market fills products manufactured in China. There are, of course, models made together. In addition, Chinese production, most often, is carried out on the basis of licenses granted by European companies. However, these facts do not affect the quality of what is on our shelves.

Therefore, we exclude from the notion of "reliability" the argument in the form of the name of the manufacturer, and focus on functions that can increase the safety of using the product in a home or apartment.

With regard to the parameters of the hull model, then this indicator is of great importance.Indeed, the temperature of the device also depends on the size of the device. If you compare two radiators with the same power, then make sure that the first one that heats up is less. But when heated, a large surface area stays hot longer. Therefore, it is up to the buyer to evaluate this parameter, based on the goals that he has planned to achieve.

Top low-cost models

Models are selected based on customer feedback from a number of low-priced models, the price of which is in the range of 2300 - 2600 rubles.

This is an inexpensive but very high quality oil heater SUPRA ORS-07-SN, which has earned the first place in the group of affordable devices: it is compact, has all the necessary functions and is easy to operate

The list of leaders in terms of demand is headed by:

  • SUPRA ORS-07-SN. This is a small device that performs its work well and is not burdened with any unnecessary functions. However, it has everything that is needed: a regulator, a light on indicator, wheels, and a compartment for the cord. SUPRA ORS-07-SN is protected from overheating. This model has no significant flaws.
  • Hyundai H-HO1-05-UI550. This model is designed to work in a room whose size does not exceed 14 m2.It is able to play the role of additional heating or can be used for local heating, being, for example, near the workplace of the owner. The advantage of the Hyundai H-HO1-05-UI550 is its low weight (5kg), as well as the presence of protection against overheating and frost.
  • Timberk TOR 21.1005 SLX.The device has a power of 1.8 kW, but is able, on the basis of passport data, to heat a room of 24 m2 in size. The heater is equipped with electronic control, declared a fireplace effect. The disadvantages include the strong heating of the case, on the surface of which you can even burn yourself.

With proper operation, the models verified in practice will last as long as the manufacturers promised.

Medium price category

If you are willing to spend a little more money on organizing a comfortable environment in your home, you can consider several models from the average price category, in which the cost varies in the range from 3,400 to 3,500 rubles.

Model Resanta-OM-7NV
If you wanted to get a model with an attractive design, then Resanta-OM-7NV is exactly what you should be interested in.

The list of the most sought-after representatives of the mainstream segment:

  • Resanta-OM-7NV.This model will please aesthetes with its attractive appearance: the gray-blue body of the device is equipped with bright elements. With a power of 1.9 kW, it quickly heats the room thanks to the built-in fan. The advantages include the reliability of this product.
  • Polaris PRE M 0920.When initially turned on, you may feel a faint smell of plastic that will disappear during the further operation of the heater. The device has three operating modes, at the same time it heats so well that you only need maximum warm-up when it is cold or the heating is completely turned off.
  • General Climate NY23LA.Let's say at once about the absence of a timer in the device design. This is his only flaw. We now turn to the merits. This product with a solid body is equipped with two heaters.

The last described heater can be used for operation in the conditions of initial subzero temperature, due to the presence of a frost protection function in it. If you start it in automatic mode, it will maintain the temperature in the room + 5ºС.

Expensive devices with additional features

If your finances allow you to buy anything you want,You can purchase one of the expensive miracle devices (price from 3,700 rubles and above), which, in addition to heating, will delight you with their additional features.

Model Electrolux EOH / M-1221
The Electrolux EOH / M-1221 model is the exception to the general rules that we talked about above: it has unique properties that can work in conditions of high humidity

Rows of high-end equipment are headed by:

  • Electrolux EOH / M-4209.This appliance will quickly heat your room due to its chimney effect. So called increased traction, which is created thanks to special slots, located in the radiator housing. The heater is equipped with a cord compartment, does not emit odors, turns off when overheated.
  • Rolsen ROH-D9.This model has only seven sections, but with the help of the built-in fan it will quickly heat the room to 20 m2. It is advisable to use it for additional space heating in apartment buildings.
  • Electrolux EOH / M-1221. Although this model does not have a timer, its advantages are great: it can be used without fear in rooms with high humidity. If you buy this device, you never have to take a bath in a cold room.

A little more detail on the third model. If the radiator is accidentally knocked over, the device will immediately turn off.

It is protected from overheating, has a chimney effect and is equipped with wheels that can rotate in different directions.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

In this video, buyers pay attention to those parameters of the purchase that we did not consider in this article in order to avoid duplication of information. It will help you not to make a mistake and get what you need.

It doesn't matter if you buy one of our recommended oil heater models or prefer something else. If you have read this article, then you know how to choose and what criteria you should follow to understand which oil heater is better for you. Here, guided by these criteria and common sense, you will make the right choice.

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