How to choose a ski for growth?

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How to choose a ski for growth?

Skiing is a very popular winter sport. To skate was fun, it is important not only to have physical training and some skills, but also to have the right equipment. In this article, we'll look at how to pick up skis for growth.

How to choose the right ski

Depending on the type of skis and skiing style, different requirements are imposed on the length of skis and sticks.

  1. If you plan to skate, thenThe skis should be longer than your height by fifteen centimeters. As for ski poles, the optimal length, on the contrary, should be less than the growth by the same fifteen centimeters. If the skier has enough good physical preparation, you can buy sticks a little longer. However, it is worthwhile to know that the maximum length of the sticks should not exceed the level of the ears (the minimum length is the level of the shoulders).
  2. In case an athlete selects skis forclassical skiing, then their length should be more than the growth of twenty-five centimeters. The size of the sticks also differs from the growth by twenty-five centimeters in the smaller direction.
  3. When selecting a universal type of ski, whichcalled walking, the length of the runners should be more than about twenty centimeters, rather than the growth of the skier. The choice of sticks is similar to the previous ones.
  4. As for mountain skiing, then the scheme of choiceis different. In this case it is required to subtract from the growth of the skier twenty centimeters. The optimal length of the sticks is the one at which the elbow can form a right angle with the forearm. Experienced skiers can choose skis with a difference of ten centimeters. Professionals usually pick up skis that are equal to their height.
  5. In addition, the choice of skis affects such an indicator as weight. The more weight, the shorter the skis should be. Usually they take ten-skiingtwenty centimeters from the basic calculation formula.
  6. The indicator, which must be subtracted or added to the height of the skier for calculating the length of skis and sticks, can vary by five centimeters in one direction or another.
  7. When choosing ski equipment for a child, in addition togrowth, weight, riding style and skills is important to take into account also his age. Moreover, to select skis for children weighing up to forty kilograms is necessary, starting from the weight category. If the weight of the child is up to twenty kilograms, then the skis should not be longer than eighty centimeters. At weights from twenty to forty kilograms the length of runners should be equal to a meter. If the weight of the child is more than forty kilograms, then the basic formulas are used. To avoid injury, it is not recommended to buy skis for children to grow.
  8. Remember that beginners should choose skis shorter, since they are easier to manage. With the acquisition of the necessary skills, it is possible to purchase the skids more authentic, since the length affects the sliding.
  9. Purchasing sports equipment, it is necessary to take into account also such characteristics as softness and rigidity of skis. In addition, there are wooden and plastic skids.
  10. In order to ride was comfortable, it is important to choose the right shoes. For more information on ski shoes, see our article How to choose ski boots.
  11. It is recommended to purchase ski equipment inspecialized sports stores. Usually the guarantee for skiing is six months. In the event of a malfunction not through the fault of the user, you can exchange or deliver the goods if there is a box, a sales receipt and a warranty card.

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