How do I go to college?

Perhaps, the very first and really important step,which a person makes independently - enrolling in a higher educational institution. Already in high school students are thinking about how to go to college. What for this it is necessary to make?

Choose an educational institution

First of all, of course, it is necessary hereto deal with the specialization, and then to monitor all the educational institutions in which they teach the chosen specialty. The main thing that should be clarified is the opportunity to study on a budgetary basis, because not everyone can pay for education. In addition, an important role is played by the list of entrance exams.

Get acquainted with the rules of admission

Despite the fact that each college providesrules of admission in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of Education, they can vary significantly. In particular, this applies to such important points as the timing of documents acceptance, entrance examinations and enrollment.

Preparing documents

Of course, here also the rules may differ slightly from each other, but here is an example list of documents that you will need:

  • statement,
  • copy of the passport,
  • document on education (certificate),
  • results of GIA or EGE,
  • 6 photos 3х4,
  • a copy of the medical certificate,
  • medical certificate on the absence of contraindications to training,
  • certificate from the place of work (for correspondence students),
  • documents confirming the right to benefits (for beneficiaries).

Preparing for the entrance exams

This issue should be approached very seriously. Probably, special preparatory courses are organized at the college, we advise you to visit them. In addition, of course, it will be very useful to train with a tutor.

Submission of documents

The main thing is not to delay this process. Even if you know exactly which documents are necessary for the admissions committee, try not to file documents on the last day of reception, because there is little that can go wrong. Important! When you give the documents, you must in return give an appropriate receipt that they are stored in the educational institution.

We pass entrance examinations

Today in many colleges for admissionOnly USE data are needed, which the applicant has already passed at school, but this situation is not always relevant. Many colleges prefer to check in addition the applicants. More often additional tests are conducted for the entrants who have chosen creative professions.

Waiting for results

From the entrant nothing depends. All he has to do is to go to college on the specified date and get acquainted with the list of applicants. If you are in it, rejoice, but remember that it is not time to relax, very soon the training weekdays will begin. It is important to remember that most students are expelled from the initial courses, and therefore in the first years of education it is important to show maximum capacity for work and responsibility.

Well, we hope you will succeed, and the chosen profession will certainly be enjoyed!

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