Hot tub care: how to properly maintain equipment

One of the prerequisites for the smooth operation of a hot tub is to maintain its condition in the proper manner. Plumbing equipment, an indispensable tool that helps relieve tension and restore vitality, is vulnerable to clogging.

How to properly take care of the hot tub in order to minimize the risk of this kind of problems.

Common Technical Issues

Hot tub - a complex technical system, equipped with an impressive set of functional tools. They are responsible for starting and stopping equipment, stimulate the movement of water, saturate it with air, form pressure, and still perform a number of various significant actions.

Along with other types of technology, functional jacuzzi systems need planned and sometimes unplanned maintenance.Scheduled inspections should be carried out at intervals specified by the manufacturer of the technical system, unscheduled - immediately after the detection of the problem.

Care and maintenance of the hot tub
The technical equipment of the jacuzzi needs preventive examinations and periodic troubleshooting, some of which can be fixed with your own hands.

Signs of the occurrence of easily removable or brewing serious damage include:

  • Failure or delay on / off.Technical systems with braking react when the buttons are pressed, do not start or shut down. If you find such deviations in the work, it is desirable to call the master, specializing in the repair of Jacuzzi equipment.
  • Knocking traffic jams.Definitely, you should call an electrician for the likely installation and connection of a separate branch of the power grid for the hot tub.
  • Difficult water flow.Pure plumbing trouble is a blockage that, if you know the design of the jacuzzi bowl, you can handle it yourself.
  • Insufficient pressure.If the jet stopped producing a massage effect, it means that the nozzles are clogged.To correct the problem, carefully unscrew the cap and remove soiling and sediment from the inner surface with a soft cloth.
  • Low quality water supply.Occurs due to clogging or failure of filters that should be cleaned or replaced.

Like any plumbing, a whirlpool bath is characterized by all the damage caused by the failure of mixers or only cartridges. Repair and replace them are carried out according to standard procedures.

Another type of serious violations in the operation of technology is associated with breakdowns of the aero-compressor and pumping equipment. Without knowledge and experience in the repair of compressor and pumping equipment, troubleshooting is not worth it. It is better to contact a specialized workshop.

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Features care for a hot tub
Features care for a hot tub
Regular cleaning of the jacuzzi bowl surface
Regular cleaning of the jacuzzi bowl surface
Maintenance of standard sanitary equipment
Maintenance of standard sanitary equipment
Careful attention to the condition and cleanliness of the injectors
Careful attention to the condition and cleanliness of the injectors
Replacing nozzles if necessary
Replacing nozzles if necessary
Calcium Remedies
Calcium Remedies
Removing mold and mildew from the screen
Removing mold and mildew from the screen
Clearing the liner to the jacuzzi nozzles
Clearing the liner to the jacuzzi nozzles

Care of bowls from different materials

The choice of cleaning method and the option of using disinfectants for processing depends on the material from which the hydromassage bowl is made.

Wiping with cleaned water
The main requirement that should be strictly followed when using hydromassage plumbing: took a bath - wash it

If you do not rinse the bath immediately after the adoption of water procedures, the next time it will be unpleasant to sit in a bowl with dried patina and dirty walls.

Acrylic Bath Maintenance

Bathtubs with acrylic bowls occupy a leading position in the popularity rating. They are comfortable, lightweight and perfectly withstand mechanical stress. But the inorganic rubber polymer is very sensitive to all sorts of damage.

Therefore, when caring for an acrylic surface, it is unacceptable to use metal brushes and other hard materials that leave microscratches on it, which gradually turn into microcracks under the influence of water.

Scratch-proof smooth surface
Acrylic baths are contraindicated in detergents containing organic solvents, formaldehyde and aggressive acids.

Detergents containing acetone and other types of solvents are not suitable for the care of acrylic. Do not use abrasive cleaners.They damage and thin coat.

It is best to use for this purpose cream and gel formulations that have a gentle effect. But even they should not be used more often than once a week.

Processing plumbing after taking water treatments
In order to keep the surface of the acrylic bath clean and tidy, it is enough to rinse the tank with water each time after completing the water procedures and wipe it with a moisture-absorbing cloth

If there are still scratches on the acrylic surface, you can correct the situation by using liquid acrylic. It is applied to the site of damage and polished with polish until the surface is uniform with the rest of the coating.

To eliminate scratches, you can also use special pencils such as “FixltPro” and polishing pastes. But it should be borne in mind that these tools are effective only on fresh scratches.

Steel and cast iron baths

Enameled coating of steel and cast iron baths can be used for cleaning compositions based on abrasives. But such a cleaning can have a detrimental effect on the condition of the injectors. The only exceptions are those models in which the nozzle valves are closed, which eliminates clogging of the holes during cleaning.

Use of foaming detergents
Manufacturers recommend the use of foaming and gel formulations that are not able to corrode the coating and cause damage to equipment.

With careless treatment with plumbing on the enamel coating can form scratches and chips. Besides the fact that they spoil the look, they are also a threat to plumbing in general. Under conditions of a humid environment, colonies of bacteria can form inside cracks.

You can eliminate the defect by restoring the enamel on the damaged area. Modern enamel formulations, plus the use of a filling technique, allow to restore coatings only at the site of damage.

With extensive chips, surface repair is carried out by embedding first with a coarse dispersion and then a fine dispersion putty. Only after this polished area is enameled and treated with polish.

Scratching enamel
Enamel paint or aerosol is applied in 2-3 layers only on a thoroughly degreased surface, keeping the interval between them until the composition is completely cured

After completing the procedure, the bath cover takes on its original appearance.

Clearing of system elements

The main difference in the care of a hot tub in comparison with traditional models is the need to clean the surface not only of the tank itself, but also of the internal filling of the structure. These are the nozzles and nozzles, inlet pipes and pump.

Maintenance of hydromassage equipment includes cleaning the surface every few days in combination with preventive measures, as well as flushing nozzles and pipes.

Surface treatments

Before processing the equipment with disinfectants, it is necessary to clean the bowl of grease and dirt with ordinary detergent compositions.

Lime deposits on equipment
If you notice that the hard water leaves limescale, each time after bathing, rinse the hydromassage system with clean water and wipe it with a napkin

Cleaning the whirl system is performed in this sequence.

  1. Detergent is applied to the surface in accordance with the instructions described on the label.
  2. Waiting period specified by the manufacturer. On average, it is 5-10 minutes.
  3. Rinse off with clean water jets.
  4. Wipe the surface with a napkin dry.For this purpose it is best to use cotton or bamboo napkins, or microfibre patches. They perfectly absorb moisture without leaving streaks on the surface.

If the self-cleaning system is installed in the hot tub, the disinfection procedure is performed with minimal human intervention.

Launch self-cleaning system
Before starting the automatic mode for disinfection, you only need to place a portion of the disinfectant in the special compartment

Dealing with traditional models devoid of a self-cleaning system, preventive disinfection is performed in several stages:

  1. Fill the tank with water, the temperature of which reaches 20-25 ° C.
  2. The prepared means is dissolved in water.
  3. Launch hydraulic and aerosystem for 5-7 minutes, exposing the greatest power. In some models, manufacturers, by contrast, recommend cutting off the air supply so that only water without air masses moves through the pipes.
  4. After turning off the equipment, leave the bath filled for another 5-10 minutes so that the solute dissolved in the water performs the task assigned to it.
  5. Open the drain hole and drain the water.It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that flakes of dirt accumulated in the pipes will begin to drain into the bowl along with the water.
  6. Refill the bath above the level of the nozzles, but with cold water. Hydro and aero systems are started, after which the reservoir is emptied again.

After such a “bathing” of the reservoir, the bath will shine and shine like a new one.

Water level relative to nozzles
The liquid level in the tank should be 8-10 cm above the location of the nozzles, otherwise when the hydromassage is switched on, the engine will quickly fail

Cranes and spout will have to be further treated with liquid detergents, then rinse thoroughly with water and wipe dry.

If at the time of general cleaning of plumbing there is no special means at your disposal, you can use a 7% bleach solution or “Belize”. To treat a bath of average volume, it will take 1.5 liters of this chlorine solution or 100 ml of “Whiteness”.

Citric acid solution
A solution of citric acid helps to quickly eliminate the mineral buildup of water stone, without damaging the plumbing surface.

But “aggressive chemistry” should be used only as a last resort, since it can harm the internal gaskets of the equipment.To protect yourself during the procedure, should be well ventilated room.

Prevention of lime deposits

Once a year additional cleaning of the system should be carried out to prevent lime deposits. In case the care of the whirlpool bath was irregular and water stone accumulated inside the equipment, such measures will help to remedy the situation:

  1. Fill the bath with water so that it covers the nozzle openings.
  2. Take the finished product or prepare a 7% solution of citric acid. For processing the entire surface will require up to one and a half liters of the prepared solution.
  3. The solution is mixed with water in the bathroom and start the system. During the primary cleaning system should work at least half an hour. In the future, performing the current cleaning, the duration of the system may not exceed 10-15 minutes.
  4. The tank is left filled for 12 hours, then emptied.
  5. The bath is refilled with clean water, the system is started up for 5 minutes, then the tank is emptied.

If, after cleaning the tank, it is noticed that dirt comes out of the nozzles, they should be disassembled and cleaned separately.To do this, remove the decorative ring and unscrew the metal cap of each nozzle. The holes are cleaned by hand with a cloth moistened with water.

Cleaning the tubes is a more difficult task. After all, the whirlpool system is a tangle of corrugated polymer tubes of different diameters. To remove the tube should be in strict accordance with the instructions attached to the equipment.

Dismantling the system pipes
It is better to entrust the dismantling of pipes to professionals, since improper analysis of the structure and subsequent assembly of the elements can lead to more complex and costly breakage.

Dismantled pipes are cleaned under strong water pressure without the use of special detergents. If washing with water does not help, use a long dense wire, on the end of which a piece of gauze is wound.

In the event of a malfunction of the hydromassage mechanism, replacement of nozzles, water collectors, or of a hydro or aero compressor is likely to be required. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Disinfectant Overview

The range of cleaning products on the market is quite wide.For acrylic surfaces, you can use products of domestic manufacturers such as "Acrylic", "Santech" and "Acrilon". Compositions of imported Triton Acrylic cleaner, Sif Cream also perfectly cope with this task.

Cleaning the walls of the bathroom bowl
For daily washing of the walls of the tank after the adoption of water procedures, it is possible to dispense with the use of a tool that is used for washing dishes

Care of the bath with hydromassage equipment should be more thorough than in the case of an ordinary bathing tank. This is due to the fact that high humidity and sufficient temperature are favorable conditions for the reproduction of various microorganisms that can be dangerous to human health. The development of colonies of fungi and bacteria can trigger the onset of obstructive bronchitis, allergies and even asthma.

Cleaning clogged hydromassage baths must include disinfection. For disinfection of hot tubs are perfect:

  • "Wonder Woker"- the preparation of the German manufacturer easily cleans the bath of lime and fat deposits.
  • "Mellerud"- means on cleaning and leaving from the leading German producer perfectly disinfects a surface, removing from it all organic deposits and eliminating smells.
  • "Cascade Complete"- American product manufactured by Procter & Gamble does not contain phosphates and easily copes with contaminants due to enzymatic activity.
  • "Bagi Jacuzzi"- an effective means of Israeli-made without a trace eliminates mold, fungus and bacteria.

Over time, persistent deposits accumulate on the elements of the hydromassage equipment, which cannot be eliminated with the help of ordinary household “chemicals”. To remove sediment and eliminate biofilms need special cleaners.

Organic nozzle clogging
The fact that pathogenic microorganisms have got inside the system is easy to determine by the formation of mold areas and the appearance of an unpleasant smell

Among the tools from the professional series you can safely use:

  • "Triton Desinfectant"- disinfectant perfectly removes water stone and rust, and also kills fungi and prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • "HG"- the preparation made in the Netherlands contains only natural components: lactic acid, oil of a tea tree.Due to this composition, it hygienically cleans the system of organic residues and debris and does not pose a risk to human health.
  • "Edel Weiss"- the drug is available in the form of a concentrated gel, the active ingredients of which do not contain abrasive components. They are well removed from the pipes of organic pollution, quality cleaning the entire internal system.

Most of the products after application create a special thin film on the surface, which prevents rapid contamination, leaving the treated surface clean and disinfected for the longest possible time.

Simple rules for competent care

Spa bath is not so demanding and capricious. She just needs proper and timely care, which is to follow five simple rules:

  1. Before installing the equipment, carefully review the performance of the equipment. For some models, a cold water pipe should be provided for the installation of a solenoid valve. Most models require the installation of a pre-filter.In order to provide free access for preventive measures, think over in advance a convenient place for placement of sanitary ware.
  2. In order to extend the life of the injectors, use water filters that will trap small particles that contaminate the holes. Turn on the whirl system only if the nozzles are completely covered with water. Otherwise, the installation engine may burn.
  3. When taking a session, do not use oils, lotions and foaming agents. They are able to clog the hydromassage system, forming a sediment in the pipes. Taking water procedures, follow the rule “enjoy the hydromassage first, then get the foamy pleasure.”
  4. When bathing, use only sea salt and those additives on which there is a corresponding mark about the possibility of using it with hydromassage systems.
  5. Avoid any varnishes on the bath surface (even for hair).

If the hydromassage system is quickly polluted due to hard water, it is worthwhile to consider the option of installing devices to soften it.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video with the rules and recommendations for the care and cleaning of the hot tub bowl:

Adhering to these simple rules, you can not only maintain the presentable appearance of the plumbing, but also extend the service life of the equipment.

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