Horoscope for Libra for 2019: woman and man

Astrological forecasts have long been an integral part of the lives of many people. In the morning, under a cup of coffee, we get acquainted with the recommendations for the coming day. From the beginning of the month it will be useful to read the forecasts for the next few weeks.

Stars are studied to this day, so the accuracy of horoscopes is quite high, which justifies a large number of adherents of this type of predictions.

Of course, with the advent of the new year, it is worthwhile to read the horoscope about what awaits your Sign in the next 12 months. This will help you avoid mistakes and get the most benefit from the coming period.

People born under the sign of Libra are constantly betraying everything around them. No exception are the various possibilities that Libra falls to. Because of this, sometimes representatives of this sign lose their profitable chances.

In general, such people are very balanced and dreamy. Scales are able to achieve the greatest heights in creative professions: art, music, painting.Also, excellent lawyers come out of them - the ability to objectively evaluate certain situations only plays into the hands of such a specialty.

The general horoscope for Libra for 2019

Year of the Pig will be for you a period of success and ups. New opportunities will be opened everywhere, and you just have to choose which of the chances is more profitable and interesting. Feel free to accept new proposals and develop. The only thing you should not do is lose your head. Your skills in assessing events should be applied now, otherwise you can take on unbearable responsibilities.

Act in such a way that in the future you can receive not only good profits, but also pleasure from the work you are doing. This way you will save yourself from possible stresses and professional wear and tear in later life.

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Remember that Libra is very important to feel your freedom in life and be able to dream. Choosing the best option, you will ensure such conditions.

2019 in the love sphere promises to be very interesting. Lonely should prepare for the emergence of new interesting links. Family bonds in the year of the Yellow Pig will also be tested for strength.But it will not consist in conflicts between partners, but in assessing your resilience to various temptations and temptations. If you pass it, then your relationship will only get better.

Horoscope for men-Libra

The charm of men born under the sign of Libra knows no bounds. Possessing many strong qualities, such people are a magnet for the opposite sex. In 2019, such a characteristic will not go anywhere, and may even increase. Therefore, single Libra men can reap the fruits of their charm without any difficulty. Feel free to go on dates, unless of course you have the desire.

It will be harder for family men. The difficulty lies in the fact that they will become the object of enhanced female attention, which will provoke many opportunities for intrigue and treason. If you value your relationship, in no case do not go on about the temptation, otherwise you will lose everything.

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If you can restrain yourself, then this year you will receive a reward in the form of a better understanding in the family, and maybe a new facet of intimate relationships with your spouse.

Also, astrologers are advised to be careful with friends. The attention of women and success at work will bring a lot of new acquaintances into life and each person you meet will give you compliments. Do not lose your head - not all of these words will be sincere.Better to keep time-tested people, and with new acquaintances be careful.

Horoscope for women Libra

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Like men, Libra women have very attractive traits for the opposite sex. They know how to succeed, but it is also very easy to communicate. Typically, representatives of the Libra sign do not have a release from interested in the relationship of men.

And here the situation can be the same as in the horoscope for men. Attention of the opposite sex to you at the beginning of the year will only escalate and you will be tempted to change your partner. Astrologers strongly discourage this. At the same time, the risk of betrayal is greater in women Libra.

There is a high probability that, starting with a slight flirtation, you will not be able to stop and as a result make a terrible mistake. Therefore, it is better to protect yourself from male attention. Singles have nothing to worry about.

Stars also indicate that you should be careful in the workplace. It is possible that the detractors will try to provoke a conflict with you. To avoid trouble, do not be fooled by it. Pass unpleasant words past your ears: you will soon forget about the insult.And your non-conflict will be one of the reasons for your promotion up the career ladder.

Love horoscope

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In romantic relationships, all members of the Libra sign need to maximize their natural intuition and logic. The fact is that the Year of the Yellow Pig will simply be replete with possibilities of various connections. But not all of them can lead to good consequences. And it depends only on you which of them you will enter and, accordingly, what will be the results of this decision.

As mentioned above, family Libra of both sexes will face temptations and temptations. Astrologers predict that you will be able to resist, and a new connection is unlikely to bring anything good into your life. Therefore, it will be better if you keep yourself in your hands.

Moreover, such situations will not take shape all year. Already in the fall, you and your partner will become much closer, which will have a positive effect on your relationship.

Love horoscope for singles recommends to use all the possibilities in full. Do not be afraid of intrigues and free relations. If you are drawn to people, start any relationship. Astrologers do not promise Libra dating with companions of life.Therefore, live freely and enjoy it.

Career horoscope for 2019

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The Year of the Yellow Pig will be extremely successful for all sign representatives in the work plan. Scales will receive unexpected enhancements, find new and interesting projects. Your efforts will finally be marked by the authorities, so get ready for a sharp takeoff. Your prospects are great.

Among the many profitable opportunities, choose only those that you can do. If you take on too much, then in the future you risk being disappointed and losing interest in work. Look not at how promising the project is, but at how it suits you. So you can avoid the big stresses and troubles with health.

A couple of times in 2019 you may have periods when apathy rolls and all the forces do to do anything. Do not worry, it will not last long. Let this state end and get to work.

Financial horoscope

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With Libra money in the year of the Yellow Pig, everything will be as good as with work. New career achievements bring extra money to the house. Feel free to spend them on the implementation of their long-standing plans.

You will have enough money not only for the necessary needs, but also for various amenities - you can finally discover a new hobby that you have long dreamed of. You can also afford a luxurious vacation, where you will not need to deny yourself anything.

But do not once again let the money in the wind. First, 2019 is the time to replenish your stock of money for unforeseen expenses. In the Year of the Pig these should not happen, but in the future anything is possible. Secondly, when shopping, you should take a practical approach and choose really high-quality things. Remember that your well-being now does not mean that you will be with money until the end of life.

Health Horoscope for Libra

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In the year of the Pig, Libra will have two weak points: nerves and kidneys. Carefully treat these systems of the body to avoid the occurrence of various diseases.

Provide yourself with nervous relief in the form of walks in the open air, slight physical exertion or your favorite hobby. With the general well-being this year for you, there will still be events that will make you nervous. If possible, get rid of stress as quickly as possible, because it can provoke the development of other diseases.

Make sure your kidneys are always warm.Hypothermia or blowing them out can lead to very serious illnesses. Preventive measures to maintain the health of this body will come in handy.

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