Horoscope for January 2018 for Pisces

Famous astrologers, who are trusted even by skeptics in their authoritative opinion, made an astrological forecast for the signs of the zodiac, breaking it into the main areas of life. Horoscope for January 2018 for Pisces will tell you what will be the first month of the year in work, finances, love and well-being.


Favorable days: 4, 12, 14, 18, 20, 27
Unfavorable days: 1, 8, 10, 15, 16, 24, 31

Vasilisa Volodina

Horoscope for January 2018 for PiscesCareer: Stability and predictability in business often become the key to success, but for you in January they will turn into a “barrier” that blocks the path to professional and career development. You have to conquer new, larger scale peaks. January will be favorable for advanced training, internship or education abroad, learning foreign languages. In the middle of the month, success is ensured by Pisces, who decide to start a business in another city or country.

Finance: You will have major expenses, but they will be fully justified. Many Pisces will have new financial opportunities, thanks to which, representatives of the sign will be able to afford the realization of a dream that previously rested in finance.Vasilisa Volodina warns at the end of the month to resist the temptation of gambling and asks to refrain from thoughtless purchases.

Love: All the chances of spinning a new novel are in Pisces "on wheels": on the road, traveling, on a business trip or with a person from another country or city. Family Pisces can also travel at the beginning of the year by traveling with their relatives for a January vacation tour or visit. And some representatives of the sign will have to collect their suitcases to move to a new place of residence.

Health: In January, exacerbation of respiratory diseases is possible. Beware of the cold, but do not exclude from your daily "diet" walks in the fresh air. To strengthen the immune system and improve metabolism, your cells should breathe fully.

Pavel Globa

Horoscope for January 2018 for PiscesCareer: You will be tempted by the possibility of career victories. However, a career loves sacrifices, so it will require them from you in the form of free time, energy and devotion. Are you ready for such sacrifices? If yes, then January is your month, and you can safely begin your ascent to success. Long-distance or overseas January trips will bring you not only promising development, but also a lot of hitherto unseen impressions.

Finance: At the beginning of winter you have excellent chances to secure a comfortable future for the whole coming year. And this even despite the fact that January can be very costly. Financial luck especially pamper people passionate about creativity. Those who earn their livelihood with their mind or power will have to work harder

Love: You will remember winter as an extraordinary romantic adventure, and Pavel Globa says that, most likely, it will be January. If you want to experience vivid love emotions, go to where they will find you. In January, Pisces is very likely to meet their love on the way - perhaps the furthest, and possibly, on the way for bread. In other words, do not sit at home. Let the adventure happen to you!

Health: Remember childhood, and listen to the advice of your mother, who, in a stern voice, asked you to wear a hat, scarf and mittens. In January, it is relevant to you more than ever. There may be colds that will not let you go quickly and easily. Do not test your health for strength!

Tamara Globa

Horoscope for January 2018 for PiscesCareer: January can be for you a month of professional experiments. Someone from Pisces will wish to expand the experience in his line of business, someone will want to feel in the shoes of a manager,and some representatives of the mark will decide to transfer their work to remote mode. And, perhaps, so remote that, resting under the hot sun of the Maldives, they will do their business in cold New York.

FinanceA: In most cases, your January expenses will be related to travel. Try to plan your expenses in advance so that a critical lack of finances does not cloud your impressions of the trip. You can make good money in January only if you increase your own level of financial literacy and do not be afraid to risk your savings.

Love: Your January love is in motion: in some, in the process of inception or development, in others, at the stage of completion or divorce, and in the third, it is still on its way. In any case, the love horoscope of most of Pisces has a road in its layout. And whether you like it or not, in January you will have to run after your love.

Health: Do not freeze! Now you are prone to colds. And this is not because of winter. The planets "rebelled," and with the same success they could put you on a hospital bed in a hot July with a cold and a fever.Do not let the cold affect your immune system.

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