Horoscope for 2019 Capricorn

Year of the Pig will allow Capricorns to develop their business or increase their professional value in the eyes of management. The first quarter will require maximum concentration and attention to detail in all areas of life from Capricorn. At this time, there may be various difficulties, and possible as the evil intent of envious, and negligence or elementary disorder of others. After some delays and difficulties in relationships with colleagues, you still finish the urgent work in time. And only after that you can finally afford to rest, about which so much dreamed.

April in the horoscope for Capricorn for 2019 will be a transitional period between the painstaking guarding of one’s own well-being and the active improvement of financial position and amorous affairs. After the 10th day you will feel that the creative energy still hits you over the edge. Stars are strongly advised not to restrict its flow, since nothing really requiring the application of your efforts is happening.Take a favorite hobby, attend cultural events. Do not be afraid to miss something important - the world around you will hold it until your return from the flight of inspiration.

In the second half of the month, avoid abusing stimulants, strong drinks and sports, as well as gambling - keep your mind clear. Good luck is still not on your side, and the risk of injury and financial loss is still significant.

Since May, everything will improve in matters of personal and financial, others will not prevent you from focusing on achieving your goals. And it will be quite easy to realize your plans. Good luck will accompany Capricorn until the end of June. In these two months, pay a significant share of attention to health and well-being. Chances of injury and infectious diseases.

From July to September, you need to tightly dedicate yourself to work. But at this time it is no longer necessary to fear force majeure or the machinations of competitors. Continue the tactics of the previous two months and do not spare the time and effort, being generously invested in the work, they will bring rich dividends. In the first month of autumn the most successful cases will be related to travel or dating.


Stars recommend finding a non-standard approach to solving old problems, the use of template solutions now is unlikely to lead you to the desired goal. In the second and third decades of the month, pay attention to the possibility of changes in your personal life, until they notice you - to play the situation according to your own rules is still in your power. In financial matters, relax and roll with the flow: there are no pitfalls, but your lucky bird has not arrived yet.

From October to the end of the year, Capricorn will be lucky again. This month you can escape from business and rejuvenate. Those born before December 27, most likely, will take advantage of a breather for an exciting trip. Others will finally decide to meet old friends. And still others — those born in mid-January — will give preference to love. And do not lose: they are waiting for cloudless happiness.

December will be a bit tiring for Capricorns born this month. For the actual for the majority of concerns about where and how to spend New Year's Eve and the next weekend, what to give to loved ones and in what dress to show off at corporate party, added birthday chores.

Health horoscope

In 2019, in Capricorns health and well-being, the most intense period is expected from mid-April to late June. Astrologers advise you to quit smoking, minimize alcohol use, and put a habit into physical exercise: walking, swimming, or fitness.

Until spring, the focus should be on the quality of sleep and the mode of the day, because for well-being in personal life and affairs Capricorns will need attention concentration, endurance and scrupulousness. By the way, there are microelements such as magnesium and iodine. They strengthen the nervous system and provide a sharp mind. In addition to taking the appropriate drugs, add to the diet of their natural sources: green salads from herbs and vegetables, legumes and seafood.

In May you should be especially careful while driving, when playing sports, any work at height, with weights or electrical appliances. Higher than normal chance of injury. And in June, you also need to carefully consider the choice of food and carefully observe hygienic procedures: this will help avoid intestinal infections.

From the second summer month to the end of the year, in order to maintain well-being, it will be enough to follow the minimum principles of a healthy lifestyle.


Career horoscope

Energy, authority and ability to behave in a restrained way will help you in your professional activity in 2019. However, official duties will not be less burdensome, and Capricorns will have a desire to get rid of them. Moreover, all the difficulties will arise from cracking the intent or disorder of others - it is a shame to correct the mistakes of others. But only a few will decide to leave the comfort zone and change jobs. And rightly, systematic movement in its rut ​​will bring success, you just need to be patient.

The more time you spend on people in September, the better, the stars tell you. The period is favorable both for establishing new ties and for strengthening old ones. Do not miss the opportunity to get new information. It depends on how well your affairs go in the future.

In early September, Capricorns will need to solve several important tasks in order to get financial gain as a result, show creativity.October is your chance to advance in the service, without any special effort. To use it, set specific goals in advance.


Love horoscope

In the year of the Pig, Capricorn's personal life will not undergo fundamental changes. At this time, you should not plan a marriage. However, tired of loneliness representatives of the sign, the stars promise to give a chance to find happiness.

The first three months of this year in relations with the second half, as well as in a career, the probability of harmful interference is high. Whether it is idle gossip, a competitor for the favor of your partner, or too stubborn friends and advisers, prudence and restraint will help to avoid conflicts and preserve relationships.

If you are free from commitments, embraced by the spirit of spring revival and want to find a soul mate in April, dare. This month in your personal life, boldly allow yourself any, even the most frightening recklessness - it's time to relax and begin to trust the flow of life. It will definitely take you in the right direction, unless you yourself start to interfere with it.

In May, your business activity will be reduced to a minimum, so take a break: leave with family or friends for a vacation.


Capricorn Woman

Partnerships in January may require more strength and attention from a Capricorn woman than she is willing to give them. However, the stars still recommend that you remember tact and diplomacy and not go straight to your own goals, stepping over close people. Especially, if another idea comes up to your head to expand the circle of your own interests and engage in new activities. Be careful in contacts with representatives of your environment - not all of them are worthy of trust now. In financial matters, too, do not rely on luck.

From May, give yourself a little rest and no longer fear that during your absence competitors will immediately begin to build machinations. Your excessive suspicion is justified by the situations of the first quarter, but now the stars promise calm. To sensibly assess the situation in the future, it is necessary to get rid of fatigue and overstrain.

In October, the bosses will not only take care of ‚so that in July you don’t be bored but also reward what you deserve. Try to treat a substantial amount of money at your disposal wisely - do not indulge immediately in thoughtless spending: you will soon have a chance to make a good deal or make a bargain purchase.


Capricorn man

The love horizon of those who were born before January 5, will not be darkened by a single cloud. And born after this date, will be serious experiences. In private life, they are waiting for unforeseen complications, and unusually sweet moments.

To avoid difficulties in the first quarter and wait for your high point without loss, proceed with caution. Avoid attempts at self-affirmation at the expense of others - they will bring the opposite effect.

September is a time reserved for you, but not for the execution of your plans. Take care of yourself and your desires, and the tasks outlined for this period are better to postpone for now - fortune does not favor your undertakings, although, unlike in the beginning of the year, everyone who doesn’t get pushed into your wheels. In the second half of the month, tune in to a quick wave of vigorous activity.

Since October, positive changes are coming in your life, especially in the profile sphere. A new business will not differ significantly from the usual official duties, however, it will bring a good increase in earnings.

The end of the year will be quite pleasant, there will be a lot of fuss, but it will be reduced to pleasant pre-holiday troubles and budget planning due to increased revenues.

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