Horoscope for 2018 Snake

Snake characterPeople born in the Year of the Snake are distinguished by special wisdom and mystery. Such people are thinkers, they love to live well and with taste. They are born aesthetes and elegance they do not hold. But in communication with the Serpents around them, some arrogance is inherent; they consider their interlocutors to be more stupid than themselves. Nevertheless, the representatives of this sign love communication, but only if they can learn something useful.

The snake rarely listens to someone else's opinion. Even if the representative of the sign has listened to the interlocutor, he will still act in his own way, because he is too self-confident. Such a frivolous attitude to sometimes useful advice often drives the Snake into a dead end because of its own stubbornness. Nevertheless, these people are always ready to help if they ask and give advice with pleasure.

What awaits Snake in 2018

SnakeYear of the Yellow Dog will be very ambiguous for the Serpent. Anxiety and uncertainty in their actions will literally haunt the representatives of this Eastern symbol. They will fluctuate every now and then, sometimes making the wrong choice. Such doubts will affect absolutely all areas of life.Snakes in love will lose confidence in their partners, careerists in their endeavors and long-established strategies, family in the correctness of child-rearing and housekeeping.

To avoid constantly pursuing doubts, you need to make decisions here and now. The less time to think, the less reason for excitement. It will also be useful to listen to someone else's opinion, so Snakes will have to fight with themselves and ask for help from loved ones and family.

Between all experiences, the Snakes will indulge in deep reflections and dreams. They have to work hard to bring all their desires into reality. But it is better to temper requests, then everything will fall into place.

Horoscope for Snake men for 2018

A strong half will need rest. The horoscope for 2018 for Snake men insists that a pause in business will help to cope with the bulk of tasks and problems. If men avoid rest and decide to destroy everything at once, they can get bogged down in a very unfavorable period. But if you calm down your ambitions, do not try to take the initiative in your own hands, then Snake men will cope with a rather complicated 2018 year with a bang.

At the beginning of the year conflicts may arise with the authorities. But worry and "tear your hair out" is not worth it. Colleagues will side with the Snake, so the problem will be solved in the direction of the sign representative. But the financial situation may suffer. Despite the considerable savings, the Snake man can lose everything he has. In order not to become bankrupt, you will have to work hard.

A miracle can happen in the middle of the year. Yellow Dog is preparing a surprise for the serpentine strong sex, which will completely change their lives.

Horoscope for women Snakes for 2018

Snake girlIn the year of the Dog, the Snake women will have to be cautious. The mistress of the year can both give generous gifts, and select what the ladies have become accustomed to. 2018 will be sated on conflicts with relatives, but in terms of health and finances difficulties are not foreseen.

As the horoscope for the year 2018 keeps saying for the Snake of a woman, it is difficult for singles to communicate with the opposite sex. Promising dating may end in nothing. Therefore, you should not rush into the pool with your head, cold mind first of all. No need to put high hopes on new men. They can betray and offend if you let them get too close.

By the end of the year, many spheres of life will be outdated, but it can be naughty. Therefore, women snakes to take care of themselves. Good sleep, a full diet, physical activity - all this can solve the problem. You also need to pay attention to the prevention of colds, so that a banal rhinitis does not result in more serious consequences.

Love horoscope for the Snake for 2018

SnakeSingle Snakes waiting for an abundance of dating. Here, more than ever, the aristocratic taste inherent in the representatives of this sign is useful. Choosing a future partner, you need to include your manners and not fall below what is worthy of the Snake. Choose not only with your heart, but also use natural flair. Only an esthete, a person developed in many directions will be able to make a worthy pair to these people. And here the essence is not in the Snake's selectivity, but in the fact that people can harshly offend the Snake in 2018.

Family representatives of the sign will try not to quarrel with their home. Horoscope for 2018 for the Snake says that conflicts in everyday life are inevitable. Unfortunately, Snakes are not able to smooth things out on their own.Therefore, we will have to make compromises, listen to loved ones and sometimes give up slack. Only appeasable behavior, attention and understanding will help defuse the heated situation.

By the end of the year, the Serpent is waiting for a great love affair, both lonely and those who have been in a relationship for a long time. The initiative will come from a partner, it remains only to succumb to the situation.

Money horoscope for 2018 for the Snake

Snake with a coinThe Yellow Dog will be mischievous and show the snake's fangs in a financial matter. There is a chance to remain without cash and to move the money left for a rainy day. Moreover, both adventurers and thrifty representatives of the mark are not insured against such a turn of events, everything will happen by itself. The main thing is not to give up and not get hysterical. It is worth avoiding debts and loans. The borrowed money will not stay long, and it will be extremely difficult to return them. Already in the autumn the financial situation is stabilizing. The snake will be able to accumulate money again without prejudice to their desires.

It is better for representatives of the mark in 2018 to always keep their own with them. That is, not only to avoid debts, but also not to lend to friends.Even small amounts can become an “apple of discord” and break off relationships with friends or good friends forever.

In general, the year will be simple in terms of finances, if it is sensible to evaluate spending and disposal of funds. Thoughtless purchases, financing of acquaintances, the distribution of money in debt - this is a taboo in the year of the Yellow Dog.

Career horoscope for the Snake for 2018

Snake with glassesThe year will start hard. Snakes who are working for hire will have to quarrel with their superior colleagues. This may not be the head of the company, but only the head of the department in which the representative of the mark works. But despite the seeming insignificance of the conflict, everything can turn back badly. But the staff will try to prevent this from happening. Those with whom Snake is side by side every working day will help resolve the situation in her direction. However, when the conflict settles, the boss with whom the representative of the mark was quarreling will grind the tooth on his subordinates until the end of the year. Only the annual results of work will be able to smooth out the vicissitudes.

Snakes who are in search of work, it is better to postpone trips to serious interviews in the spring. In winter, you can interrupt irregular earnings.With the arrival of spring, not only nature will wake up, but also an increased interest of employers in the wise candidacy of Snake. During interviews, the main thing is not to praise yourself, to keep a low profile and not to show excessive bias. Sometimes it happens that the applicant may seem more stupid than the Snake, but such dialogues need to be completed. By the summer, representatives of the sign will receive a couple of really good offers, but they will have to perekantovatsya without leave.

Health Horoscope for Snake for 2018

Snake with a bowlMaintaining immunity is the number one task for 2018. It is necessary to fill the body with vitamins, but keep the balance - an excess of useful trace elements and substances can have a detrimental effect on overall health. In the wet period of the year there will be an exacerbation of colds. It is better to forget about the "grandmother's methods" and turn to modern pharmacological agents. It is enough to use prophylactic drugs to avoid the hospital.

In general, in the year of the Yellow Dog, no serious health problems are foreseen. Everything is limited to a maximum of colds. Psychological condition will not suffer. Only in the fall can catch the usual blues.But such a state is easily eliminated with the help of short-term recreation, entertainment, and evenings in private.

By the end of the year, both physical and psychological condition will be balanced. Snakes will feel great and feel the fullness of strength for new beginnings and meetings in 2019.

Celebrities who were born in the year of the Snake:

  • Boris Grebenshchikov is a Russian musician.
  • Mikhail Prokhorov - Russian politician, businessman, billionaire.
  • Egor Beroev is a Russian actor.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress.
  • Shakira is a Colombian singer.
  • Bjork is an Icelandic singer.
  • Robert Downey Jr. - American actor.
  • Oprah Winfrey - American TV host, benefactor.
  • Condoleezza Rice - 66th Secretary of State.
  • Mohammed Ali - American boxer.
  • JK Rowling is a British writer.

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