Honorary donor of Russia: benefits and payments in 2019

About 598,000 Russians have the proud title of “Honorary Donor of Russia” and are eligible for benefits and payments. In 2019, they will be indexed for the first time in a long time. Since 2008, a large-scale campaign has begun in our country, stimulating and supporting honorary donors; a support site has been launchedyadonor.ru,as disinterested donor aid saves seriously ill and injured people across the country.

In each large settlement at least 1 transfusion facility is operating, a loyalty program has been created. During accidents, volunteers carry out actions at enterprises, in universities and hospitals. According to statistics, about half of the population has donated blood at least once in their lives, and 70% of donators came at least a second time.

Donation symbol

How to get the title

Donation should not harm the health of the donor, and not to the state of the recipient. Therefore, a person can participate in this form of charity:

  • between the ages of 18 and 60;
  • sesome at least 50 kg;
  • with good eyesight (up to -5 diopters);
  • not suffering from hepatitis and HIV / AIDS;
  • not having a history of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases.

Important! After vaccination, it is possible to go to the transfusion center only after 3 months, and having had an acute respiratory viral infection after one.

A Russian who can donate blood on a regular basis, its components, plasma and lymph can become an honorary donor. Besides:

  • It is necessary to visit blood collection points 40 times and more.
  • At least 25 times was taken blood and plasma components / or 60 times.
  • All acts were free of charge, commercial fences are not counted.

As soon as the above conditions are fulfilled, it will be necessary to provide a package of documents to the territorial social security authority:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • Application for the title.
  • Certificate of the amount of donated blood (form number 448-05 / y).


Promotion Measures

Since donation is in some way a small loss to one’s health, a whole range of gratitude measures has been developed for people in this category. Any donor has the right to:

  • free food after the procedure;
  • on day off on the day of donation and the next, or on any two other working days;
  • on the priority right to sanatorium treatment and vacation.

In addition to the federal, there are territorial incentives. For example, in the capital it is free travel on the metro and ground transportation, subsidies for the payment of housing services, free prosthetics in municipal dentistry. In St. Petersburg, these are discounts on public transport, benefits on utilities, in the summer period discounts on the purchase of tickets for commuter trains.

Some cities, territories, republics and regions also approve requirements, under which the citizen receives the title of honorary donor not of the country, but of the region. For example, the “Honorary Donor of Moscow” must donate three maximum doses of blood in a year or come to a plasma transfusion 7 times.

Compensation in 2019

Honorary donor of Russia in 2019 will receive 13,562.78 rubles per year. Honorary donors of the USSR and Ukraine can also apply for a subsidy if their permanent place of residence is the Russian Federation.

Also, after the medical procedure, the donor relies on free of charge free meals. It can be replaced with monetary compensation, but only in exceptional cases and according to a written statement.

But we must not confuse social benefits and payment for the delivery of blood components on a reimbursable basis. Can pay people with a rare group and Rh, if the bank is not enough blood. One-time payment implies an amount equal to 8 - 45% of the subsistence minimum in the region. A commercial donor-Muscovite will be paid 3,400 rubles a day, from four donations - 20,000 p. The question of the ethics of paid transfusions remains open, the government is discussing a law banning commercialization.

Badge of Honorary Donor of Russia

Compensation Rules:

  1. Annually, until April 1 of the current year.
  2. In the application form. You must contact the department of social security and leave the details for a bank transfer.
  3. Prepare photocopies of documents (general passport, ID of the donor and SNILS). Since 2018, the package is prepared only at the initial circulation.

Blood donation is charity, caring for loved ones, a manifestation of civic duty and philanthropy.

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