Homeopathy is what? Basic homeopathic remedies. Feedback on homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy is one of the methods of alternative medicine. It can heal the sick from the disease in cases where traditional methods of therapy are powerless.

homeopathy is

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy has been around for more than 200 years. It has proven itself as a safe and reasonably cheap method of treatment. In 1991, the Ministry of Health of Russia officially recognized homeopathy. This is a special treatment for chronic and acute diseases. This method is based on the use of specially prepared products that contain very small doses of the original preparation of natural origin. Homeopathic treatment differs from conventional tablet therapy with a strictly individual approach to each patient. The idea of ​​the disease is associated with the suffering of the whole organism as a whole. Many are convinced that homeopathy is the treatment with herbs or natural substances in minimum doses. These opinions are correct, but only in part.

Bryonia Homeopathy

The history of homeopathy

In the second half of the 18th century, namely in 1776,German doctor and scientist Hahnemann wrote an article about this method of treating diseases. It is this date that is considered the year of birth of homeopathy. In the article for the first time the basic principles of unusual medicine were outlined, they consisted in the following:

  1. The similar is treated similar. The doctor should prescribe the patient a medicine that can cause symptoms in a healthy person. That is, according to the assumptions of the scientist Hahnemann, getting into the body, the homeopathic remedy causes a so-called medicinal disease, which subsequently displaces the natural disease. But this can happen only if the ailment from the medicine is strong and tangible. The principle of similarity is the basis for getting rid of diseases in such a way as homeopathy. The disease does not recede, if it is not observed, and the whole process of therapy will go to waste.
  2. The use of drugs in small dosesin a dilute state, but with constant dynamics. The idea of ​​this principle is that the influence of medicines on the human body can increase and differ from the effect of the same medicine, only in large doses.
  3. The medicinal properties of the drugs must bedetermined through their testing on healthy people. Hahnemann conducted tests first on himself, then on members of his family. After a successful test on relatives, volunteers were involved in this case. People who took medicines were of different ages and estates. Such drugs were used for a long time, and all complaints and sensations of the experimenters were carefully recorded. After completing the research, a detailed recommendation for use was made for each drug. All the symptoms were introduced into a special directory of homeopathic medicines called "Drugstudio".

sulphure homeopathy indications for use

What cures homeopathy?

Until now, many people experience somedistrust of homeopathy and treat any disease in a traditional way. And in most cases, the patient gets to see a specialist doctor only after unsuccessful attempts to improve his health, when the ailment is in a neglected state, and the number of medications taken is very large. In these situations, homeopathy can help the patient. However, a person with a good supply of internal forces has more chances for recovery. Another condition - if the number of medications taken is minimal. The effectiveness of such a medicine has been proven by experience in chronic and functional disorders of the body. Such treatment as homeopathy is a qualitative help in the therapy of the following diseases:

  1. Diseases of the nervous system.
  2. Vegeto-vascular dystonia.
  3. Paralysis.
  4. Insomnia.
  5. Headache.

Homeopathy performed well in treatmentsuch ailments as a stomach ulcer, heart and vascular disease, pancreatitis, cystitis, gastritis, hemorrhoids, etc. Qualitatively it affects such an organism with bronchitis, asthma, tonsillitis and various respiratory diseases. This list of homeopathic effects is not limited. Non-traditional medicine treats inflammatory processes of both male and female sexual organs, prostatitis, a disorder of the menstrual cycle, kidney disease. Also, homeopathic treatment promotes the healing of the skin and fights against various diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, urticaria, furuncles and warts, etc.

Despite the impressive number of diseases with whichhomeopathy will help to cope, there are a large number of ailments, in the fight against which this method of therapy is practically powerless. These are tumors, appendicitis, pneumonia, multiple sclerosis, etc.

To date, there is no clear definitionsuch a method of treating diseases as homeopathy. This is the folk way of herbal treatment, which is called "phytotherapy", and the method of auto-suggestion, which is only a fraction of the truth and does not completely cover the essence of the concept.

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Basic homeopathic preparations

Along with traditional medicine,homeopathy. In Moscow and other cities there are centers where highly qualified specialists offer their services. With the advent of new technologies, new medicinal preparations and methods for diagnosing various diseases are being developed. There are a lot of homeopathic medicines. For their description, a special handbook is compiled, and it is simply impossible to consider all medicines in one article. Therefore, we consider only the main ones.

Homeopathic remedy "Bryonia"

One of the most common means,the effect of which on the human body is described by the German doctor Hahnemann, is the drug "Brionia". The raw material for this medication is white (Bryonia alba). Granules, drops, ointments and oils are all a preparation of "Brionia". Homeopathy in the form of this tool affects the mucous membranes of the human body. Due to these properties, the drug is prescribed for the following diseases:

  1. Dry your pleurisy.
  2. Exudative pleurisy.
  3. At the initial stage of bronchial diseases.
  4. Asthma, which is accompanied by vomiting and pains in the side.

Also for the treatment of gastritis and problems withdigestive tract prescribes the drug "Bryonia". Homeopathy in the form of this remedy is used in rheumatic diseases, especially with muscular rheumatism, neuralgia, neuritis, etc. The drug is used to treat mastitis, promotes the appearance of milk in nursing mothers, eliminates inflammation of the mammary glands. With abundant perspiration, which is accompanied by a febrile condition, the preparation "Bryonia homeopathic" will also help. This medicine will help cope with headaches, cough, various types of hepatitis. In addition, the drug is effective in the inflammatory processes of the gallbladder.

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The drug "Sulfur" (homeopathy). Indications for use

Sulfur is a common element in nature,which is a part of the proteins of the human body. In medicine, it is used very widely, often for the preparation of various ointments and medications. But the main active effect of sulfur is in the fight against skin diseases. An effective remedy for acne is the drug "Sulfur" (homeopathy), the indication for the use of which is in the instructions for each package. Sulfur is not necessarily used only in its pure form. It is combined with various additives, from which the effect of treatment becomes only higher.

Maximum therapeutic help to a personwill be provided by using a drug such as "Sulfur" (homeopathy). Indications for use - treatment of acne moderate to severe with large areas of skin lesions. It also includes additional components that have a beneficial effect on the healing process of the skin. This is calcium, calendula, etc. The results of therapy will be noticeable not earlier than 10-14 days after use. On 3-4 days of treatment, the disease may worsen, since sulfur causes a weak, but still irritation in the acne, thus provoking even hidden inflammations of subcutaneous acne. The use of this drug with or without additives does not cause side effects, it has no contraindications. The use for the treatment of the skin of a drug with the addition of iodine is well tolerated by the human body and leads to complete recovery.

homeopathy adenoids

Very effective in wetting therapyeczema of the lower extremities, boils, acne - the drug "Sulfur". Homeopathy (the use of this iodide drug gives an antifungal and antimicrobial effect) improves the metabolism in the human body, normalizes the thyroid gland. This remedy with sulfur and calcium contributes to getting rid of the following diseases:

  1. Laryngitis.
  2. Tracheitis.
  3. Acute bronchitis and others.

With the help of this medication,minimize the inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes of the eyes. Also, the use of sulfuric sulfur helps to relax the muscles, thus preventing convulsions and spasms.

The preparation "Calcium"

Another common homeopathicmeans - this is the preparation "Calcium carbonium". This inorganic compound is the main constituent of limestone, chalk, and marble. Calcium carbonate is contained in the eggshell, in oyster shells. Why is the drug "Calcium" so popular? Homeopathy often uses it in the treatment of many diseases, what is its strength?

This drug is suitable for peoplewith obese physique, having excess weight. They often differ in lethargy and passivity, their hands and feet often freeze. Many have an unhealthy craving for clay or chalk. The preparation "Calcium" should be used for such diseases:

  1. Inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract, runny nose.
  2. Diseases of bones and joints.
  3. Cholelithiasis.
  4. Diathesis in childhood.
  5. Conjunctivitis, increased tearing.
  6. Sweating

Homeopathy is helping patients with muscle problems.pain, irritability, with frequent colds. Thanks to the medicine "Calcium" complex treatment of uterine fibroids, thyroid nodules, etc. is more effective. This drug should be taken in those cases when the body's need for calcium increases, namely during pregnancy and breastfeeding, during adolescence, etc.

The drug "Nitricum"

As is known, the use of salt in largeamounts contribute to the occurrence of headaches, migraine, nausea, dry eyes. There may also be a crackle in the ears during eating, a problem with breathing, the occurrence of ulcers in the mouth. A common picture can supplement such symptoms as heaviness in the legs and back, skin rashes. Often, patients have herpes, abscesses, warts.

Anemia is the main problem in whichit is necessary to take the drug "Nitricum". Homeopathy in the form of this medicine also relieves headaches in the postmenstrual period, helps with chronic kidney disease and digestive problems. Also, this drug is good for diabetes, uterine pain and various ailments of the skin.

Who is Nitricum for? These are thin, constantly freezing people. Basically, women with a light face, thin neck and weak muscles, who constantly complain of fatigue. Their skin seems oily and not very clean, often it is covered with eels. A distinctive feature of such people is a plump upper lip with a furrow in the middle.

Homeopathy for children

Children are often sick. This is due to the fact that the child's body is not yet strong enough, and immunity is in the process of formation. Especially in winter, colds worsen in children, tonsils are inflamed - small glands that protect the respiratory tract from the development of more severe ailments. In these cases, homeopathy will come to the rescue. Adenoids, or rather, their inflammation often accompanies such a disease as tonsillitis. This is very dangerous and can lead to hearing problems. Many inflammatory processes are perfectly treated with homeopathic remedies, antibiotics in this case are not always required. If a child is often prescribed serious drugs for the treatment of viral and bacterial tonsillitis, then it is not immediately possible to stop the development of infection with the help of homeopathic remedies. If you continue treatment with homeopathy for children, the frequency and intensity of colds will be significantly reduced. After all, all these medical products increase their own resistance to the diseases of the child's body, which means that its immunity increases. Self-medication in any case is not welcome, consultation with a specialist doctor is necessary.

But not always can help only homeopathy. The throat can be affected by bacteria, the glands swell, and all the ailments are accompanied by fever, fever. In this case, taking antibiotics is simply necessary.

In addition to various catarrhal diseases, homeopathic remedies provide the necessary help to the children's organism when:

  1. Burns, injuries, bruises. A doctor prescribes such drugs that contribute to an early healing process.
  2. Treatment of neuroses and fears.
  3. Therapies for complications from vaccinations, etc.

homeopathy treatment reviews

Feedback on homeopathy treatment

"How many people, so many opinions" - to alla familiar phrase. This also applies to such a process as treatment with homeopathy. Reviews about him are equally as positive, and not very much. After all, the success of any treatment depends on the degree of the disease: it is in the initial stage or has already been started. Treatment with homeopathy is not a quick way of healing, but a long enough process, and it can drag on for many years.

To protect yourself from various diseasescharacter, it is desirable to lead a healthy lifestyle, follow the right balanced diet, exercise whenever possible, get enough sleep and avoid stress. Doctors advise to actively spend time and enjoy life. Perhaps, then it will not be necessary to apply for help to homeopathy.

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