Holidays and weekends in 2019

Residents of the Russian Federation in 2019, on the basis of the Labor Law (Labor Code of December 2001), are entitled to weekends and holidays. According to this regulatory act, the required amount of time has been observed, guaranteed to every person for rest.

Official holidays

Since 2019 is not a leap year, the total number of days in it will be 365. It begins and ends on the same day of the week - on Tuesday.

Calendar of weekends and working days for 2019

Basic designations on the calendar:

  • dates without a background - working days;
  • dates on light pink background - weekend;
  • dates on a bright pink background - holidays;
  • dates on a gray background - shortened working days.

This calendar is based on the Order of the Ministry of Social Development of the Russian Federation “On approval of the procedure for calculating the norm of working time for certain calendar periods of time (month, quarter, year) depending on the set working hours per week”.

Traditionally celebrated and exempt from going to work, state, religious or historical memorable dates.

Just as in previous years, the most numerous holiday periods are concentrated in the first quarter of the year, they are waiting for Russians in the winter time, namely, in January. Most of the New Year holidays will be - they will remain the longest weekend of the year.

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The distribution of holidays by months in 2019 is as follows:

dateHoliday name
From 01.01. (Tuesday) to 08.01. (Tuesday) New Year holidays
23.02. (Saturday) Celebration of Defender of the Fatherland Day
March 8 (Friday) Official celebration of International Women's Day
01.05. (Wednesday) Spring and Labour Day
09.05. (Thursday) Honoring Veterans on Victory Day
12.06. (Wednesday) Russia Day
04.11. (Monday) National Unity Day - the newest of all official holidays

Working days, immediately after which the holidays come, are officially reduced by 1 hour of working time. This situation in 2019 will be repeated 6 times:

  • February 22;
  • March 7;
  • April 30;
  • May 8;
  • June 11;
  • December 31 on the eve of the New Year.

Calendar sheets

In the Republics of the Russian Federation, the list of weekends and holidays may differ slightly from the federal one. This is the case in those Republics in which national official, historical or religious holidays are added to official non-working days.

Postponed weekend

The displaced weekend is approved by the federal government, which annually signs the relevant Decree. The official Decree will be approved and published only in the autumn of 2018, but already today there is a project that clearly defines holidays and transfers. Displaced holidays in 2019 will include:

From which dateOn what date
5 January May 2
6th January May 3
February 23 May 10

Weekends and holidays

The total number of weekends and holidays in the Russian Federation over 2019 will be 118. These data are relevant for people with a five-day work schedule with an employment of 40 hours per week.

By quarters, they are distributed as follows:

  • I quarter (January - March) - 33;
  • II quarter (April - June) - 32;
  • III quarter (July - September) - 26;
  • Quarter IV (October - December) - 27.

Accordingly, in the first half of the weekend there will be 65, and in the second half of the year - 53.

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Changes from 2018

The main feature of the year 2019 will be the long May holidays, formed due to the transfer of weekends to May 2.3 and 10.

New holidays in the official calendar is not expected. The existing dates, which traditionally give working people such a long-awaited weekend, will also not be revised.

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