Heating greenhouses with their own hands. Heating system: scheme

At the moment, the greenhouse business has become popular. Sale of greenhouse products is made all year round. If in the summer for the cultivation of culture there are all natural favorable conditions, then in winter in the greenhouse it is necessary to create them with the help of special equipment. This applies not only to additional lighting, but also to heating the structure.

greenhouse heating by own hands

Varieties of greenhouse structures

There are several types of greenhouses:

  • winter;
  • year-olds.

They differ not only in their functionality, but also in their projects and the quality of the material for manufacturing. The heating system depends on such factors.

Which greenhouses can be heated

In such actions there are no restrictions. The choice of the type of construction depends on the type of plants that are grown. Heating greenhouses with their own hands can be done both in winter and summer designs.

Important. It is worth considering that summer greenhouses can be used not only in the hot season. They are effectively used for growing plants in early spring or late autumn. In this case, everything depends on the material from which they are made.

heating system

Another thing is the winter greenhouse. Heating in it should function continuously. It is due to the fact that in the winter on the street a fairly low temperature regime, which negatively affects the growth of plants and their development. For them to exist normally, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for this.

Characteristics of summer greenhouses

Summer constructions are lighter and mobile greenhouses. They can be either easily mounted or dismantled. It all depends on their size and functionality.

They are made on the basis of a frame made of wood or metal. As a rule, all elements of such a design are bolted together, which makes it possible to quickly disassemble the greenhouse.

Light coatings are used as a coating. It is often used polyethylene film, which has excellent technical properties and characteristics. There are a huge number of varieties of film.

Council. When choosing such a material, you need to focus on seasonal indicators. The colder in the street, the film should be denser.

Mounting polyethylene is quite simple with the help of an improvised tool.

It is also possible to use polycarbonate as a cover for summer greenhouses. It is more practical and durable.

Characteristics of winter greenhouses

These structures are already more fundamental, sinceare used for growing plants in the cold season. Any wrong actions in the installation can lead to the death of plants due to the harmful microclimate in the structure.

Such greenhouses are made on the basis of a strong frame. It can be both wooden and metal. There are various parameters of this design.

Council. For a longer use of the greenhouse, it is best to use a metal frame as the basis. It has a long service life and is capable of withstanding any technical loads.

Grow in such greenhouses can be any kindplants. As a coating of greenhouses use polycarbonate. Only for these purposes there is a special kind of this material - cellular. It consists of certain cells.

The main advantage of polycarbonate is its ability to perfectly retain heat inside the structure and to dissipate sunlight when it hits the surface of the greenhouse.

heating of the greenhouse in winter

Important. If there are some limitations for heating the summer greenhouse, the heating of the greenhouse from polycarbonate can be carried out in a variety of ways. The most important thing is for plants to be comfortable in the created conditions.

Ways of making the heating system

To date, the heating system in the greenhousedesigns of any type can be self-made or purchased from the official manufacturer. All these ways of heating the structure have their own specific pros and cons.

Advantages of a homemade heating system

To save a little, many trymake the heating of the greenhouse with your own hands. But only in such works there are some nuances. First, you need to know the scheme of the heating system. Secondly, at least a little disassembly in the system of its connection.

how to make heating in a greenhouse

As a rule, heating your own greenhousecan be mounted on the basis of the use of special equipment: boilers, heating electrical systems and other. Boilers can be on solid fuel or operate on the basis of gas supply.

Important. Gas boilers for heating the greenhouse can only be used in the area where there is a central city gas supply pipe. It is not necessary to use standard cylinders, since such a method is economically unprofitable.

Special electrical equipment may beUsed in small size structures. Otherwise, a fairly large number of devices will be needed to heat the greenhouse, which will negatively affect the costs of doing business.

Types of homemade heating systems in the greenhouse

Before making heating in the greenhouse yourself, it is necessary to study all possible schemes of heating connection and the basis of their functioning. At the moment there are:

  • heating greenhouses water;
  • with the use of working (oil).

heating greenhouses water

The principles of such heating systems in greenhouses are similar. Simply used different raw materials for heating.

How to make heating yourself

To make the heating of the greenhouse with your own hands,You need to think about what will heat oil or water. This can be special boilers. Only here without a faulty supply of electricity can not do, since this type of equipment only works from it.

Pipes with water or oil are distributed throughoutperimeter of the structure. It is best if they are cast iron or simple metal. These materials get pretty warm, hold heat and give it away.

Council. All elements of the heating system must be welded together. Before pouring the liquid into the pipes, you need to check them for integrity.

Mandatory will be the installation of special pumping equipment for running the liquid throughout the system. Only this way, water or oil will evenly warm up.

Heating systems of factory production

At the moment, the greenhouse heating system canbe and factory production. It is based on a certain ready equipment, which is simply and quickly connected according to the prescribed instructions.

winter greenhouse heating

Council. It is not recommended to do all such connections on your own, as it is possible to make a mistake that will cause a breakdown of all equipment. It is best to invite a professional in this field.

Varieties of heating systems of factory production

To date, heating systems inThe greenhouse of factory production can be different. The most popular is the infrared heating of greenhouses. This method of heating has been used relatively recently, but has already won its supporters.

heating of the greenhouse in winter

The infrared heating of the greenhouse is most often chosen for heating the structure in the winter. For this there is special equipment.

At the moment there can be such heating systems:

  • intrasoil;
  • superficial.

The heating of the greenhouse in winter from these types is chosen on the basis of what plants are grown in the structure.

Council. If grown crops like excessive heat, then you can give preference to subsoil heating. In the other case, it is best not to risk, as the root system of culture can dry up and die.

Surface heating of the greenhouse in winter with the help ofInfrared radiation can be used in any design and for any culture. The most important thing is that inside there is an optimum temperature regime and humidity level.

How to connect a self-contained underground heating system

Many are interested in the question of how to make heating in a greenhouse on their own. It's pretty simple. You must first determine the equipment. It can be block or in the form of plates.

Council. It is best to give preference to infra-red plates for internal heating of the structure. They perform their functions more effectively.

Immediately need to conduct preparatory work. They include carrying electricity to the site. It is best to use a separate line for this to protect other equipment and wires from overheating and burnout.

It is mandatory to install a control panel on the greenhouse or next to this structure. It allows you to adjust the temperature and turn the system on or off.

All the plates are placed inside the ground at a depth,which should correspond to the size of the root system of the cultivated crop. It is best if they are 20-30 cm away from it.

Above them, the soil is already packed. Only here it is worth considering that infrared heating can not be used on soils with elements of charcoal. The ground will be greatly overheated, and the root system will simply burn out from such impact.greenhouse heating system


Heating systems can not only create a favorable microclimate inside the structure, but also damage the cultivated crop. The most difficult is to choose the optimal heating mode.

Also it should be noted that if in the greenhouse there areits own heating system, it should be regularly carried out ventilation. Especially if the heating of the greenhouse is made of polycarbonate, since this material reliably keeps the heated air inside.

Airing helps to remove from the greenhousewarm air. It can be carried out with the help of special equipment, which is installed in the construction itself and works automatically under certain settings, or manual ventilation, consisting in self-ventilation of the greenhouse by opening doors and windows.

Council. The windows in the greenhouse should be mandatory, as the heated air rises up and completely withdraw it from the greenhouse with a simple opening of the door does not work.

You can make the airing automatically. For this there is a special technique. It works from temperature sensors inside the greenhouse. As soon as the established heating mode is reached, the appliances for the door or vents are triggered and the structure begins to be ventilated.

When manual airing is worth considering that it is betterjust spend it in a warm time: late in the morning, at lunch. In the evening, the structure can be ventilated only when the hardening of the seedlings or the grown crop occurs.

There is another nuance. If there is no knowledge of how to connect the heating system, then it is better to rely on professionals in this field. Only they will be able to give guarantees for their work and execute them qualitatively and in the prescribed manner.

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