HBO for auto registration in traffic police 2018

The installation of gas equipment allows car owners to significantly save on fuel, the transition to gas for owners of commercial vehicles is particularly beneficial. The more urgent registration in the traffic police HBO on cars in 2018: how to go through this difficult procedure, how much will the vehicle conversion cost in total, what punishment threatens for using HBO to bypass the law.


New order: on what basis?

In January 2015, the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR TS 018 “On the safety of wheeled vehicles”, which the installation of gas equipment in Russia for the first time in Russia was officially recognized as a change in vehicle design, began to operate unexpectedly for motorists. And according to Russian laws, such changes should be registered in the traffic police with the re-issuance of two documents received earlier - TCP and registration certificates.

According to the approved traffic police order, before re-registering a car, you need to get permission for re-equipment, and for this you need photos of the vehicle without HBO.It turns out that it is necessary to dismantle it, undergo a check, a technical inspection and then reinstall it, and this is a powerful blow to the pocket.

The latest news on the registration of HBO caused a sigh of relief from the owners who converted cars until January 27, 2015 - they are not affected by the new order.

You do not need to be checked and be afraid of sanctions for violating also the owners of vehicles with factory gas equipment (which corresponds to the design documents for the car).

All other owners for an illegal change in the design of the vehicle face a fine of 500 rubles.
In addition, the operation of the car with HBO requires periodically to undergo regular inspections of gas equipment. Failure to pass a check within the deadline set by the schedule also provides for a 500-ruble fine.

Information on websites and forums of motorists, as if checking HBO and, accordingly, penalties postponed until 2018, is not true.

How much does legal HBO cost?

Installation of gas equipment with the issuance of the necessary documentation to the client in all regions and at different garages is different.

The price is just as different with the preliminary dismantling of gas equipment required to legitimize HBO.

The table shows the cost of only re-registration of the car after the conversion.

Vehicle inspection 720 rub.
Fee for design changes 800 rub.
Fee for re-registration of TCP 350 rub.
Fee for issuing a new certificate of registration of the vehicle 500 rub.
Total 2370 rub.

The complexity and shortcomings of the registration procedure have already forced many motorists to abandon the use of HBO and return to gasoline. Yet in 2018, the conversion of cars to gas fuel will be in demand, because gas is about two times cheaper than gasoline, therefore - HBO pays for itself quickly, and to owners of commercial vehicles is a direct benefit.

How to register: step by step instructions

Installation and self-design of HBO require from the owner of the vehicle a certain amount of time and effort. Step by step procedure looks like this:

  1. Contact a certified car service center engaged in the installation of gas equipment. Get a preliminary conclusion on the admissibility of auto conversion;
  2. Arrive at this car in the traffic police department, where there is a technical supervision service (having previously obtained the coordinates by phone), submit an application for refitting, attach the necessary documents (about ownership and registration of the car, plus a copy of the owner's passport) and provide the vehicle for inspection. The specialist of technical supervision will examine and take photos of the car;
  3. Return to the service station, which should not just install the equipment, but also issue a package of documents, including the Conclusion - a declaration of conformity with the ТР ТС 018 ТР and copies of certificates for HBO;
  4. Pass a vehicle inspection in which the converted vehicle will be photographed again. Get a diagnostic map, where all changes in the design of the vehicle are indicated;
  5. To pay the state duty for making changes in the design of the vehicle;
  6. Again contact the traffic police technical supervision service, obtain a certificate of compliance with the vehicle design safety requirements;
  7. Pay the state duty for changes in registration documents and issuance of a new certificate;
  8. With all photos, receipts and documents visit MREO. Apply for changes in registration documents in connection with changes in the design of the car;
  9. Pick up ready registration documents.

Some garages for an additional fee offer customers the registration of HBO in the "one window" - the company employees take the whole procedure of registration, and the owner of the car does not need to spend time visiting the traffic police.

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